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Friday, November 7, 2014

Yes indeed, it looks like we're headed for serious CATASTROPHE--as there's just too many stupid puke--who just have to die-out--like the niggeress, Oprah says about whites, ho ho ho....

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satanic Eruption In CYCLIC Spenglerian "Western Decline" Must Be Grasped
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 14)

Yes, ms (see below-copied), I agree and sympathize ("damn shame"). But note what's happened--US was genuine success--till the war btwn states, 150 yrs ago, when it was destroyed for political, cultural base. But the economic base was still going strong--so that economics continued for its amazing productivity even till this day, though fading quick now, the currency collapsing even as we speak. Not just disaster, but absolute catastrophe beckons.

U gotta remember then a successful generation of pioneers--like the original American founders will thereupon breed-up following generations which tend to becoming quite degenerate, corrupt, and perverse--this is where we are now, I'm afraid, and the ancient Roman cultural example is yet another, even classic case-in-pt. for the CYCLIC nature of history whence corruption follows the beginning generation.

Thus we suffer now fm a veritable SATANISTIC regime--these aren't just criminals or mere corrupt politicians, but highly organized CULT, not merely "gang."

I've tried to explain this out-right satanist regime and philosophy to "Jack Rabbit" here, how it follows in the CYCLIC hist. course of things, but he just scoffs, pretending, in the typical manner he knows-it-all--precisely what the satanists want and need in order to thrive.

As I note, the following generations fm original pioneers are horrific weaklings and inferiors in spirit, not having to fight and work like the originals did--and these are much the problem, running "interference" for the top satanists who rule and run things.

Thus satanists will continue to succeed long as their funny-money "central-banking" continues, capable of paying-off their LEGIONS of inferiors and weaklings who keep them in power.

"Jack Rabbit's," and many, many others, greatest problem is he cannot even begin to conceive to imagining these satanists or their necessary conditions for ruling--he rather continues with the very "good-evil" child's conception of things, mouthing platitudes and cliché's about the "individual rights" of the satanic psychopaths, not realizing these psychopaths have FORFEITED their "rights." Ck my expo at

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msamericaNov 6, 2014, 9:37:00 AM

yeah, i drew my line at the cop who stomped the parakeet to death...because he felt threatened. i call bull**** on ALL of it but no one is listening. most people are in for a big hurt. damn shame, i tell ya'...damn shame.

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