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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Successful patriot plan only requires analysis, accurate observation--the REAL Christianity, anti-semitic and rationalist, needed at base of things....

[QUOTE=ExpatTarheel;531966]Welcome, GMO!
I have to agree with Vorlos - it has become very politically incorrect in the States for us whites [especially if you're a Southerner] to be proud of our heritage,....
How long will the white race exist on the North American continent?....
The simple fact is that unless something drastically changes, the elites have decided that the white population in the U.S. is to be the playthings of the muds. Unless whites [as a whole] take up arms and DO something to stop the train headed for them, the slow deterioration of the country that our ancestors built will continue. Once the U.S. collapses into ethnic warfare, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world descends into hell as well. However, anything is better than living in the multicultural, 'die-ver-$hitty' world that is being prepared for us by the global elite.[/QUOTE]

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Successful, Prospective Patriot Plan Only Requires Analysis, Based In Turn Upon Accurate Observation
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 14)

Yes ex-pat, ur analysis is accurate, but note hist. is CYCLIC--things must get evermore horrible before people get a clue about necessity of revolutionary change.  The short, immediate answer for patriots is nullification, states-rights, and secession, obvious remedies to obvious, evermore tyrannic central ZOG gov.  Note then the things which must, and are happening:

(a) First, the currency/economy must collapse--esp. the currency, evermore "inflated" (legalistically COUNTERFEITED).  Thus prices will go up and up and up until currency is altogether destroyed, requiring now reversion to commodity standard (gold/silver).  Problem is people literally don't understand money--it MUST be commodity-backed, PERIOD, but folks cannot and NEVER will understand, money being simply one of those ABSTRACT subject-matters which is too easily confused by clever rhetoricians.

(b) Meantime people must suffer far more horrendously than now--literal starvation and mass-murder has to happen (as presently in Ukraine, for example) before people, the survivors, flock to necessary leadership--which will be something relating to most basic EMOTIONS--like dear Christianity--trick is it must be the REAL thing, not the present horribly Judaized sort--esp. regarding "faith," the REAL thing being rationalist LOYALTY, not idiot, mystic, Judaic "beleeeeeeeevin'."

(c) Even w. above two conditions, note futher, a significant contingent of heretofore masterminds, fm top, must begin to in-fighting, this upon principle of "no honor among thieves," the masterminds taking alarm at the horrible rate of death and demise of gentiles, the dissident, erstwhile masterminds suspecting they too will be double-crossed by the more entrenched faction(s).

Examples of this rift among Jews and masterminds might be: (a) the leftist-type Jews behind Obola and United Nations, "climate-change" leftists, (b) the more "rightist" -oriented and -styled who back terror-state of Isreal--OR, (c) quite possibly, the lower-level Jews (who are still amazingly rich) who back "libertarian"-types such as Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones.

(d) Thus patriots MUST coalesce and continue efforts to unite upon fundamental premises/principles, the EASIEST, SIMPLEST being that afore-mentioned, basic Christianity, the REAL Christianity, anti-semitic and rationalist, NOT the mystic sort which prevails presently, so putridly favorable to Jews and terror-state of Israel.  This REAL Christianity isn't really difficult to grasp and sell--that's why u need to get a basic understanding simply for purpose of under-mining the present establishment

Get it?--we need the rationalist Christianity against the prevailing, Jew-friendly MYSTIC sort.  It really is a matter of reason vs. mysticism--Christian objectivity (truth = Christ) vs. Jew lies founded upon subjectivism, esp. in guise of moralism/Pharisaism.

And note the serious, raging success of Christians against the OVERT, in-ur-face, outright, EXPLICIT satanism that's going on in the Jew-owned music industry, esp. within the "hip-hop" section.  U-tube vids by Christians exposing this satanism are getting tens, even hundreds of thousands of hits--see White Rabbit, Vigilant Christian, and KJ Ozborne--this is genuine success which patriots should heed and build upon.  Take good care, and keep up ur excellent spirit.


  1. Originally Posted by ExpatTarheel View Post

    I agree with you 100%. Whites, as a whole, have it way too easy and unfortunately, it's going to have to get much worse before it gets better. The problem that I'm seeing here in the good ol' EUSSR is that the smaller Euro countries, like Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are being targeted by the Jews for extermination of their specific genome - which is something that must not be allowed, hence the comment of 'drastic change'.

    For some bizarre reason that is beyond all comprehension or logic, Sweden has allowed the Yikes to completely take over the political establishment and push for the importation of more muds from Apefreaka and the Mud-dle East, with the resulting crime and pestilence that that importation of beasts brings.

    If, and only if, Christians revert back to the anti-mystical form of Christianity and jettison the 'Jew' form of Christianity will it get better. However, reading a post by vorlos on the 'Natiionalism' subforum gave me pause for thought. Christianity, at least as its currently practiced, is all about 'brotherhood', i.e. treating niggers, Yikes, and other muds like your 'brother' and 'sister', hence the term 'brother in Christ'. If that's the case, then, most contemporary Christians are lost causes because they are too blinded by their religion to see that the muds are not our 'brothers' but our enemies, with all that that entails.

    Actually, I think that 'infighting' among the left has already started and this is where the ideology of the left starts to commit intellectual hari-kiri. The left loves 'diversity' but since the muds they import from Apefreaka and other $hitholes are mostly Mudslims [at least in Europe], who hate 'diversity' they are planting the seeds for their own destruction. Most of these Mudslims hate the Yikes, and as we know, you can't have diversity without the Tribe to 'guide' every diverse ethnic group. So, eventually, once everything gets horribly bad, the muds will show their true colors and start chimping out and the Tribe will have a heck of a hard time keeping them in line. That's when the real fun begins.

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    1. One Shouldn't Under-Estimate Non-Whites, Who Are Heavily Oppressed By Jews
      (Apollonian, 22 Nov 14)

      Ex-pat: note the primary, foremost enemy, by far and without the slightest hesitation of a doubt is the Jew. Jews control the money-supply, thus, as u can see by my cultural analysis at, they lead their collaborators, the JCs on the "right" and homosexuals and "climate-change" advocates on the "left." But this leadership of Jews will only continue long as the currency holds-up.

      Meantime, Jews continue to intimidate and terrorize practically all the rest of the otherwise non-commited folks in the middle, btwn hard-core anti-semitic Christians (still very few in number) and Jews and masterminds themselves (still a minority).

      But never doubt lots and lots of non-whites are not necessarily anti-white, many many of them grasping the satanic nature of Jews, and grasping the Jew identity at head of the present in-ur-face satanist movement.

      That's why Christianity and the original American idea of local gov. is so potentially effective, all gentiles, including the non-whites capable of a loose, but still effective alliance based upon this principle of local gov. and racial pride and identity--at same time as alliance against satanists and Jews.

      Note also the multi-cultural situation in Roman emp. at time of St. Constantine whence gentiles united upon precisely same principles as I indicate, even though they didn't have the American example, obviously.

      So non-whites should be encouraged upon that basic rationalist, Christian impulse, all gentiles united against satanists and Jews. A good concept to utilize is idea that Judaism = satanism, even though not all Jews may be active satanists, like they're not all outright communists.

      Satanism of course is extreme subjectivism and hubris, the satanists pretending to perfectly "free" will (HUBRIS) in god-like fashion, always beginning upon premise of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism) which so much fascinates the weaklings generated fm the formerly "prosperous" (Western) society.