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Friday, November 28, 2014

Remember: a blog featuring dis-info is a trolling device, if nothing else, the chief troll being the blog-owner/administrator....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Jews: Leaders Of satanism, Primary Cultural Problem
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 14)

Gary: u should simply RESPECT FREE SPEECH and its svc to truth.

Note we've established Fetzer is mere gate-keeper for Jews and that many if not most of the "regular" posters to this blog, esp. "compass/Joan Edwards are just Jewwy shills working to deflect attn. fm Jews. The MOSSAD Jew who posts w. dozens and dozens of diff. monikers is yet another shill.

Fetzer is actually quite incompetent for his gross inability to INDUCE fm the various details to larger conclusions, like about Jews. Indeed, Fetzer seems to want to AVOID even the topic of induction.

And Gary, u need to figure-out that all ur details and tid-bits are pretty useless and forgettable unless u can organize them by means of induction and more general headings. Note then u could begin to organizing ur general headings and see what inductions thereupon can made fm those.

Thus the most notable observation to be made fm Fetzer's blog and activity therein is the intense, even desperate Jew activity in way of deflecting the crushing conclusions, observations, and inductions of the few Christians who occasionally post, aside fm mighty apster, future saint, undoubtedly, who is tireless.

And who is the master "troll" of Fetzer's blog?--ironically, it's noneother than Fetzer himself who massively supplements the several Jews and Jewwies who regularly troll and disrupt w. their dis-info.

Presently, the greatest tactic of dis-info is deflection of all criticism of Jews upon Israel subject which is mere pretext then for protestations of non-anti-semitism, anti-semitism being disapproved and dis-allowed.

Most of all, the all-important theme of satanism is ignored, satanism the very fundamental problem of the culture, satanism always being promoted by the Jews, even if not all Jews are very active satanists. For satanism is obviously the primary organizing principle for the MASSIVE corruption which is involved in such instances as JFK assassination, 9/11, and Sandy Hoax.

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