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Saturday, November 29, 2014

"religion" (for practical purposes) of West?--just "BIG-LIES" built/predicated upon moralism and esp. "fear of the Jews"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (then deleted by troll admin) at comments,

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Jews & Jewwies Cannot Stand Truth--Anymore Than Dracula Can Abide Crucifix
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 14)

One-born-brainless (see below-copied) is typical Jewwy liar, probably a kike himself. There was no "smear"; I made an explicit argument, that being the Judaization of the culture and popular mentality, Christian establishment reflecting perfectly for the gross, horrific lack of anti-satanism, hence anti-semitism.

Thus the "religion" of present "Western," degenerate "culture," such as it is, is practically entirely Judaized, esp. by means of the BIG-LIE, this built upon the general "fear of the Jews," they going together so well, as we see.

So it isn't "assassination" at all, but rather accurate characterization, esp. when one considers the lies and false-hoods adduced by the Jewwy scum like afore-mentioned "compass/Joan Edwards," the brainless one, et al.

What I find most interesting is the more honest gentiles hardly bother commenting--it's almost ALL Jews and Jewwies pushing their idiot dis-info, ALWAYS attempting to deflecting attn. fm the Jews, including the Jewwy cohorts like the detached/dis-connected psycho, "brainless" one--if he isn't Jew himself.

Truth is truly hate to those who hate the truth--as we see fm all the Jews/Jewwies who post here. Why is apster so noxious to these scum and filth who otherwise inhabit this blog-space?--because these puke are pushing lies--and that's why they hate the mighty apster who crushes w. strong doses of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

So continue to suffer, stupid Jews and Jewwy filth, ho ho hoo hoo ho ho ho ho ho. I'm actually quite flattered the brainless one is so frustrated at apster TRUTH that he bothers to post his moronic protests at a blog where the owner, Fetzer, has made it clear he considers brainless one a "waste of humanity," ho ho ho ho ho. Brainless one, the Jewwy, is still obsessed, regardless, to having mighty apster censored, ho ho ho ho ho

------------------------------above by ap in response to below by "brainless"--------------------

OnebornfreeNovember 29, 2014 at 8:58 AM

Gary King said :"Attention all commenters, We are cleaning up our act by deleting any use of profanity or off topic comments"
Gary, where does repetitive, ongoing, attempted character assassination fit in with your "clean up" act?
For example, in this thread : "..esp. "compass/Joan Edwards are just Jewwy shills "
Are not such idiocies merely transparent attempts to smear certain posters, when the person making the smear has nothing substantial to offer as counter argument?
Do you really need that type of behavior here?
Furthermore, do not be fooled by idiotic claims to some imagined "free speech" . "right"[or whatever] here.
The first words of the 1st amendment to the US constitution simply say:
"Government shall make no law.....",
meaning that the Federal government [supposedly] cannot pass laws to restrict speech.
You however, are not the government, therefor, as moderator here you can restrict speech here [ a private forum], in any way you wish, yes?
Or do you intend to let certain cretins here continue to name-call and character assassinate on a daily basis because of their ongoing delusions about so-called "free speech"?
Enquiring minds want to know :-)
Regards, onebornfree

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