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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Phil. prof. needs to exert his craft, GENERALIZE fm particulars to Jewwy, degenerate ZOG culture of BIG-LIES and psy-ops, one after another, after another....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Must GENERALIZE From Particulars--BIG-LIES Within The Psy-Ops Culture In Spenglerian "Decline"
(Apollonian, 1 Nov 14)

Well, I listened to the shows w. interest, as usual. Fetzer was the interviewee in the first show, being questioned for various details about several events, JFK, RFK, 9/11, etc., and our good prof. was quite coherent and even lucid, answering in detail very precisely, and I thought the show went well.

But the second show, w. Mr. Mariano was a complete disaster, this time Fetzer the interviewer. Un-fortunately Fetzer allowed the interviewee, Mariano, to speak at horrible, incoherent, stream-of-conscious length, Mariano extremely in-coherent, starting a sentence, but then stopping half-way to start yet another sentence, ending up delivering a terrible non-sensical jumble of haltering half-sentences and rambling.

Evidently, Fetzer knew what Mariano was talking about, and was content to let Mariano continue babbling, not realizing Mariano made little sense to people out in the listening audience--a VERY poor performance for a structured interview by our good Prof.

So the second show, w. Mariano, was about 9/11, but beyond that it was impossible to discern what info was produced, Mariano just rambling and babbling so miserably--though he himself seemed to think he was putting things soooo dramatically.

Fetzer should have been much more like the Prof. he used to be and kept Mariano to much simpler, shorter answers, NOT allowing the horrific in-coherent sort of babbling and rambling which was delivered and presented.

Mariano doesn't really seem to be too bright, and I can't imagine he's ever going to accomplish anything at all whatsoever--he can't even speak w. simple noun, verb, object pattern, though he thinks he's soooo clever.

Prof. Fetzer needs to grasp that he's making HUGE mistake in BASIC philosophic concept, allowing himself to be immersed and submerged with the mass of trivia, details, and tid-bits about 9/11, utterly FAILING to heed to the larger context and view of whole FOREST.

The problem is the culture of PSY-OPS, making use of one BIG-LIE after another, after another, ZOG simply consolidating its empire both in USA and also against the world for Jew world order--and note it isn't just "Zionists"--it's the entire JEWWY way and manner of reality, entailing subjectivism and esp. Pharisaist "good-evil."

Primary, practical instrument for ZOG is the "central-banking" and fiat-money criminal enterprise mechanism which then finances and runs the Jews-media BIG-LIE machine by which all the "terror" is manufactured, spun, presented, twisted, manipulated, etc. within mind of the public, this then supplemented by public edjumacation, entertainment, etc., along w. "bread & circuses" and including not least the established "Christian" institutions.

Fetzer must begin to applying his philosophic craft, trade, and profession--and generalizing for the broad view by which the CONTEXT is apprehended for view and examination--the corrupt, degenerate culture in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," featuring BIG-LIE, psy-ops, one big-lie after another, after another.

Politically, the various states of USA must begin to asserting Constitutional and states' rights, nullifying the central Fed. gov. and it's police-state, dictatorship, and gross criminal corruption--this has to take place at grass-roots, of course, and basic Christianity must OPPOSE the fetid Jew, hence MORALISTIC influence which is so all-powerful and dominant, allowing it to put over these putrid psy-ops and BIG-LIES.

Essentially, all Fetzer would have to do is to emphasize this BIG-LIE psy-ops quality common to all the "events," merely pt-ing out the Jews-media and Fed COUNTERFEIT scam which enables it all.


  1. Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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    Jewwy Pharisaism Itself Major Part Of Under-Lying Psy-Ops
    (Apollonian, 1 Nov 14)

    To give a simple example for the sheer putridity of afore-mentioned Jewwy subjectivism & Pharisaism in degenerate "Decline of the West," just consider the heavy Jew involvement in 9/11 which indicates their blatant, obvious conspiracy and culpability:

    Thus Jew Silverstein colludes w. his Zionist buddies controlling NY/New Jersey Port Authority, putting-down 14 million dollars or so to buy WTC bldgs.--and quickly netting several billions in the insurance scam, this when there were no planes & no trials bringing evidence, the litigation controlled by Jew judge Helverstein who cited one of the lawyers for "anti-semitism" when it was pt'd out Helverstein's son was Israeli lawyer for one of the Jew security firms for the Boston/Newark airports of origination.

    Jew Dept. of Justice AG, Chertoff, saw to it Israeli MOSSAD agents, seen dancing after pre-positioning for "documenting the event," were sent safely back to Israel.

    Jew director of 9/11 commission, Zelikow, colleague of Rice, the Nat. security advisor, covered-up and obstructed info and justice.

    And the pt., of course, is when one pt.s out OBVIOUS Jew involvement in the conspiracy, the objection is made that Jews cannot be suspected as that would be "anti-semitic," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

    And observe then how the great masses of well-trained morons and advanced-thinking moralistics, "progressives," and "liberals" of the society, led by Jews-media, go along so cheerfully--after all, to suspect Jews is "conspiracy theory," in any case, and that's not for such "advanced thinkers."

  2. Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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    Jew World Order Empire NECESSITATES "Terror" Mentality As Excuse/Pretext, Thus Psy-Ops And BIG-LIES Campaign, Never-Ending
    (Apollonian, 1 Nov 14)

    Oh, and don't forget the Jew-owners and MOSSAD agents behind the P-Tech programming corp. which inserted the soft-wear which put the phony drill blips on the ATC screens for 9/11.

    ZOG and MOSSAD run ALL the "terror" incidents, FBI behind the first WTC bombing(s) of 1993. Israel murdered 34 US Navy sailors on USS Liberty in 1967.

    ZOG SPLC and ADL were PROVEN to be behind OKC Bombing of 1995--Operation "Gladio" known NATO terror-murders of European citizens.

    Jews-media, ZOG, politicians, public-edjumacation, and even establishment, Judaized "Christianity" also set-up the people mentally for all the "terror," not to mention the police-state now bolstering ZOG dictatorship and Jew-world-order mass-murder in Muslim lands, also now Africa.

    So u see, u have MORE THAN ENOUGH "evidence" and particulars to generalize to the necessary thesis for ZOG empire and campaign of terror and ever-increasing dictatorship.

    And as US Dollar and economy CONTINUES to collapse less and less people will be willing to go along w. ZOG's protesting "conspiracy theories."

    ZOG actually most fears the people applying simple INDUCTIVE logic, upon Jew World Order conspiracy and active measures, easily demonstrated for all necessary particulars.

    Philosophy Prof. easily proves, demonstrates--it's only matter now of RHETORIC and persuasion, not even facts, which facts are easily proven, present, obvious.