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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Doubt psy-ops by Jews-media and ZOG?--note entire Jew world order is one big psy-ops right at the very base foundation, to begin with....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Merely Observe: The Entire Culture Of Jew World Order Is A PSY-OP, Don't Doubt
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 14)

Note w. the controlled Jews-media (except for that pesky I-net--which is in their cross-hairs), the ENTIRE culture is a psy-ops, steadily steered to United Nations Jew World Order.

Doubt it?--observe the present Jew "ebola Czar," Jew named Klain, explicitly says Africa (and Asia) are "over-populated"--do u grasp that? So much for Obola's respect for black folks who he expects will continue voting for Democrats, ho ho ho ho ho.

Such then is the Psy-Ops culture w. the controlled Jews-media executing one psy-ops after another, after another--is there ANYTHING that's not psy-ops?

And it's all done by means of the control of the money-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING of US Federal Reserve Bank, w. nearly INFINITE resource of funding/financing--it's why Jew S A, allied w. NATO enforcers and suck-alongs fm Europe slaughtering anyone who dares to avoid the Petro-dollar (having to use US Dollar for any oil sales)--like Iraq and Libya, Iran on the dock.

Thus by means of this nearly infinite funding of anything, Jews and accomplices own/control all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, police--but most sadly, also establishment "Christianity" which is/was the last line of defense against Jew satanism, Jews & accomplices making themselves God, declaring what's "good & evil"--organized, established Pharisaism.

So u see the Jew control/mastery over the corrupted, degenerate culture/society of pampered, perverted goons, queers, and scum addicted to "bread & circuses": (a) Pharisaist "good-evil" and subjectivism in the SPIRITUAL realm, and (b) fiat-money central-banking in the practical/existential realm--controlling EVERYTHING, and everyone--even Ron Paul having to worry about assassination, like late Sen. Paul Wellstone.

Only hope for the people, the survivors, is (a) currency/economic collapse, stripping the top psychopaths of ability to pay assassins, and (b) people prepared w. the REAL, hence anti-semitic, Christianity which unites the remnants of gentile population

And the MODEL for this Christian revolution is glorious episode of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., which briefly, at least, revived the then moribund Roman emp. of the time.

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