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Monday, October 27, 2014

Billionaires conspiring in practically PLAIN SIGHT--but "move along; there's nothing to see here," ho ho ho ho

Billionaires In Favor Of Fascist Overthrow Of US Constitution
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 14)

Just a few notes on a recent event, a school shooting which took place in Wash. state, this w. the election coming-up in a week and a half.  See  Well there were a few things that happened along w. the "event," the so-called "shooting."

(a) a school-safety drill

(b) about an hr after the alleged shooting, an anti-gun agit-prop group, "Moms Demand Action (for gun sense in America)," funded by Bloomberg, had an ad up on the I-net on the shooting and need for dis-arming the suckers.

(c) And, oh yeah--Bloomberg, kike mayor of NY and Gates, the Microsoft poison vaccinator mass-murderer, just so-happen to have millions invested on the vote up-coming for a gun-control measure.

Notice how the super-rich, like Gates and Bloomberg, multi-billionaires, co-operate soooo helpfully to overthrow the Constitution and the natural right of the people to defend themselves?  Warren Buffet is yet another fm that crowd of super-rich, funding this attempted overthrow.  These billionaires are ones benefitting fm economic collapse of USA.

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