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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Christian REVOLUTION: what it means, how it must arise, the circumstances....

The Basic Opposition: Christian Truth Founded In Objectivity Vs. Pharisaic Lies Founded In Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 14 Oct 14)

Yes indeed: it will require another Christian revolution as early 4th cent.--things typically have to get sooooooooooooo bad that the top master-minds begin to falling-out w. one another, and only in this way will the remnant of the people, led by true patriots be able to act effectively.

So we must understand we (a) need a plan; (b) before we arrive at "the plan," we need accurate ANALYSIS of what has taken place--(c) which requires examination/observation of reality which is objective, hence determinist (no perfectly "free" will), hence CYCLIC.

Thus the satanists have taken over, taking advantage of the stupid, schizoid people who've gone along--these are suckers who believe in perfectly "free" human will, and thus fallacious "good-evil" which is taught to all children, only the smartest of whom grow to understand there is NO "good-evil," we all being sinners, in accord w. St. Paul.

So it will take time to overcome the advantages of the satanists who still enjoy US Dollar as reserve currency, able then to buy everything and everybody w. only few exceptions--only when Dollar has fallen will patriots begin to having chance.

Meantime we must preach the REAL Christianity, but then WHAT is that?--it must follow fm New Test., a tried and true formula--it now only needs be understood.

Hence we can start for this understanding by observing Christ preached original law of Moses, seeking to change not a "jot or tittle," but clarifying and re-stating. Thus Christ denounced the Pharisees as liars who rendered word of God "of none effect," mis-leading the people; Pharisees then killed Christ like they strive to kill truth itself.

And indeed we see Christ = TRUTH first and most, above all/any other precept, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, and anything that's "good" (in sense of desirable) only comes after this TRUTH, the "only way" to Godly happiness.

Truth then necessarily implies the OBJECTIVE (also, "God-created") reality, basis for "truth," this AGAINST the Pharisaic subjectivism whence truth, including the original word of God, as in Torah, is only what rabbis say it is--SUBJECTIVISM.

Thus we begin to see the basic Hegelian-type anti-thematic principles, Christian truth and objectivity vs. Pharisaic lies built on subjectivism. This then is the basic principles of that opposition btwn Christianity and Pharisaist SATANISM.

For note the satanist insists he's God (extreme subjectivism, reality a product of his mind)--in case of Jews, they preach a collective (all Jews) Godliness, the rabbis having a preferred position for "interpretation." Thus Christ denounced the lies of the Pharisees who lied to their own people--lying EVEN to themselves.

Such then is beginnings of basic analysis upon which Christian patriots must PLAN. Holy Spirit consists of Reason and Honesty--by which to grasp TRUTH = Christ.

Jews will be extremely vulnerable when Dollar collapses; meantime, we must work to preach the real Christianity, esp. against the Jews FOREMOST allies and accomplices, the "Judeo-Christian" (JCs--see and for best expo) hereticalists, the most powerful single interest-group among gentiles, getting huge funding fm their pay-masters, the Jews--this is not difficult thing to do, actually, so Christians can be encouraged as they have effective plan built upon accurate ANALYSIS.

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