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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apsterian dialectic w. rationalistic; considers the proper Christian concept of "FAITH" vs. the corrupt Judaic understanding--a very incisive moment of dialectic....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Reality Is Objective; History Is Cyclic
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

See  In short: note the Jew, foremost subjectivist, moralist-Pharisaist, collectivist THRIVES when culture is in downward, "decline" stage of coming-apart--"Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--after gentiles have become corrupt, effete, and caught-up in Jewwy-style Pharisaism, pretending to "good-evil," sanctimony, hubris.

Gentiles and Christians must simply re-discover the REAL Christianity which worships TRUTH = Christ (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which necessarily entails objective, Aristotelian reality as necessary premise/criteria for such truth--against Jew lies, subjectivism, and moralism/Pharisaism, these being the Hegelian opposites.

Christian soldiers can take heart fm historic example of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. who revived the moribund culture of the time, at least briefly.

--------------------------below-copied in response to above by ap--------------------------------

If you told me leprechauns jumped out of your ass, yet could mount an effective campaign to slay the beast, I would follow you to the end. However, I can take stock in the ass-jumping wee about as well as I can Christianity. Christianity is, itself, a device, not much different than the CFR or the Fed. Read CAESAR'S MESSIAH. I've never changed the mind of a religious fanatic yet but the truth is laid out right there if you're so inclined to read it.

--------------------------------below by ap in response to above--------------------------------------

Christianity: Much Corrupted In Degenerate Culture Too Affected By Satanism, Mysticism
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

Are u sure u really understand what Christianity is?--it was designed as anti-Semitism--and it's ONLY thing that's EVER worked against Jews.

Thus Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precept, truth only possible by means of an OBJECTIVE reality serving as criterion/premise.

Note most folks have difficulty grasping formal logic, science, or reason--SOOOO they make use of leadership and "religion" such as Christianity.

I haven't read "Caesar's Messiah," but I HAVE listened to the author (forgot his name right at the moment) fm several vids on U-tube, and I assure u he hasn't a clue as to what Christianity is or is designed to be.

U gotta realize Christianity is simply an aesthetic presentation of a genuine philosophic world-view and philosophy--designed, as I note, to oppose and rebut Pharisaism.

If what u're against is the mysticism and irrational "fanaticism" many so-called "Christians" feature, I agree, BUT note that mysticism WAS NOT the original or basic purpose or meaning.

Christianity, properly understood and treated is BRILLIANT means of UNITING gentiles for sentiment and emotion against the Jew/Jewwy/satanist enemy, let me assure u

Don't forget one of the worst things Judaism does is it corrupts weak Christians--as to getting them to adopting the Jew "faith"--which is precisely the sort of fanaticism u indicate.

For "faith," properly understood according to Christian reason merely means LOYALTY, that's all. Christ (= Truth, don't forget) doesn't want u to accept as truth stupid crap that doesn't make sense--JEWS DO THIS, and unfortunately too many "Christians" of the half-baked sort have adopted this moronic Jew conception of such moronic "faith."

---------------------------------below-copied in response to above by ap-------------------------------

Joseph Atwill's book is the most important book I've ever read. For less than $20, I can't think of a better purchase. Atwill is a genius. Some of the arguments are very simple to grasp. Some of them will take a great deal of work on reader's part but the logic is always solid. If you're eager for the truth, read the book.

I often see Christians shy from material, such as this. They think it might shake their belief. To me, that just goes to show how wafer thin their belief is to begin. It tells me they're knowingly believing something that better logic would tell them not to.

I have no idea what type of Christianity to which you must be referring. Literally, faith means groundless belief and Christianity is a faith.

------------------------------below-copied by ap in response to above--------------------------------

Real Christianity Easily Understood
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

Allison: "faith" only means LOYALTY, according to Christ and St. Paul, but note again, as I indicated above, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--this Christian thesis meant and designed to OPPOSE Pharisees and their thematic LYING (JOHN 8:44).

Thus Christianity directly and necessarily implies an OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian (or "God-created") reality which then serves as basis/criterion for such TRUTH.

When u say, "[L]iterally, faith means groundless belief...," note u're referring to the Jew conception, which was, unfortunately, adopted by SOME later "Christians," and indeed, many so-called "Christians" to this day--BUT that is not the real or original Christian conception.

Christianity is a "faith" as it's something to be loyal to.

Observe also no possible "good" or benevolent God would demand "belief" in nonsense which cannot be proven--ONLY A DEVIL WOULD demand such stupidity--and Pharisaism/Talmudism/Judaism is literally Satanism which demands u "believe" lies, e.g., that Jews are "chosen," etc.

Atwill does NOT understand Christianity, and if his "arguments are very simple to grasp," then I challenge u to simply state the arguments urself, off top of ur own "head," so to speak.

For if u pretend u understand Atwill's "arguments," u ought to know what they are on ur own knowledge, right?

Ask urself, Allison, why shouldn't Christians "shy" fm things which u urself cannot explain?--if u say Atwill's work is "most important book," then why can't u say what it's about in ur own words?--is it because u don't understand what the book says or is about?

--------------------------------below-copied in response to above by ap------------------------------

LOL You're attacking Atwill's book on my ability to summarize it? Let me just share one of the really neat features of the book. But, no, I honestly cannot do the book justice buy summarizing it. Here's a couple of nuggets I can still remember. I read it last probably about five years ago.

There are certain parts of the Bible which have never made sense... to anyone. There are other parts of the Bible which seem to contradict one another. But once you get Atwill's explanation, it all falls into place. No contradictions. No mysterious passages.

Atwill also explains that the Bible cannot be deciphered without the Josephus history. According to Atwill, the Bible had ALWAYS been consumed with the Josephus history as a companion until I think he said around 1800. The Josephus history is not an accurate history. But the Josephus history is an absolute requirement for understanding what the Bible is... and what it is not.

You owe it to yourself. Read this book. You can afford the $15.

-------------------------------below-copied by ap in response to above----------------------------

Bible Is Aesthetics, Literature, By Way Of Teaching Philosophy, Etc.
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

Allison: I wasn't lying when I told u I watched/listened to Atwill on a few U-tube vids--I was not impressed.

Why read a book which u couldn't understand well enough to be able to say anything substantial about? U don't demonstrate that u actually learned anything fm Atwill's work.

Allison: Bible, but esp. New Test., IS LITERATURE--it tells a story, get it?--that's all it wants to do, all it tries to do--get a clue.

The Biblic philosophy is delivered in form of literature--okay?--it's philosophy in form of AESTHETICS--it's not necessarily meant to be taken literally.

But u gotta realize MOST PEOPLE CANNOT HANDLE FORMAL LOGIC or science--either then or even today. Folks, for the most part, need what they can understand of philosophy in form of art--aesthetics--STORIES--why can't u grasp this?

Ok?--so Christ came (so the story goes) to preaching the original Mosaic law, clarifying, illustrating, and in some cases re-stating (a).

(b) Further, Christ did this preaching in order to warn the people about the Pharisees who mis-represented and tried to HI-JACK the Torah law, Christ denouncing these Pharisees who made the law of God "to be of none-effect"--see Gosp. MATT, entire chapter 23.

(c) So the Pharisees decided to murder Christ like they imagine they can lie and murder the truth--BUT which truth always outs and "resurrects" in the end. Christ = truth, this against Jew lies and their subjectivism whence they purport to "interpreting" the original Mosaic, Torah law.

So u see, Christianity (a) is founded in literature, (b) teaching a significant philosophy, truth the only way to Godly happiness, (c) in contrast/opposition to Hegelian anti-thesis preached by Pharisees, lies by way of conquest in war.

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