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Friday, October 3, 2014

Good dialectic on Jew-Expulsions, how and why they necessarily occur throughout hist....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Note Basic Thesis: Jews Are Talmudists, Hence Criminals--PERIOD
(Apollonian, 3 Oct 14)

Remember what Jews are: TALMUDISTS, hence psychopaths, murderers, and criminals. So NATURALLY, they'll be kicked-out of every and any decent land, country, and nation sooner or later--it's a CYCLIC process, according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

And if kikes WEREN'T kicked-out, it's only because there weren't any living there in that country--or perhaps, there weren't enough there to be addressed except by means of the normal criminal laws.

But note the typical technique, historically, for Jews--they always get in w. the incumbent government, the monarchs of the old days, the "democracies" (ho ho ho) of modern days, and they institute fiat-money systems and "central-banking" which despoils the people. After awhile, the people become fed-up and begin to threaten the establishment, which tries to hold-out for a time, but finally must toss the Jews to the proverbial "wolves," the top-level Jews then tossing the lower-level Jews, ho ho ho ho ho.

How does fiat-money work?--simple: (a) inflation of the money supply increases loans--WHETHER AT "INTEREST" OR NOT, it doesn't matter--(b) the increased money supply leads ADDITIONALLY to price-inflation. (c) So, to stop the price-inflation, eventually the constant increase of money-supply must stop, (d) causing "deflation" and thus making payment for enhanced amount of loans less possible, causing bankruptcies and defaults, (e) the people now losing their collateral and property.

And note again, this deflation and defaulting upon the loans happens REGARDLESS of any "interest" charges. "Interest" is actually a red-herring in the fiat-money debacle.

But u get the general idea: Jews, following their TALMUD, are essentially anti-human monsters and criminals, PERIOD, and it's only matter of time before the broad public reacts against them, the corrupt governments at first trying to defend Jews, but then, finally, bowing to inexorable pressure, having to remove them, one way or another.

--------------------------above by ap in dialectic w. below-copied-------------------------

well you should be kicked out of Ireland, if there are any of you inbred jews there that is. Anyways, you never answered my question a while back about homo jews...

Do you or do you not eat each others excrement(shit) as a gesture of engagement and love in the gay jewish community?

This is a very serious question and a very persistent rumor. There is your chance to set the record straight(<--lol a="" being="" br="" cock-sucking="" kike.="" you="">
Say hi to your mom(your mother).


Regarding Scotland, there might not have been any kikes living there--which is almost too bad as then they couldn't be expelled, eh? Hoh o ho ho ho hoo

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"While England during the Middle Ages had state persecution of the Jews, culminating in the Edict of Expulsion of 1290 (Jews may have fled to Scotland at this time[2]) there was never a corresponding expulsion from Scotland, suggesting either greater tolerance or the simple fact that Jews may not have been resident. The eminent Scottish-Jewish scholar David Daiches wrote in his autobiographical Two Worlds: An Edinburgh Jewish Childhood that there are grounds for stating that Scotland is the only European country that has no history of state persecution of Jews."

Ho ho oh hoho--kike-w.-a-thousand-names strikes-out again, ho ho ho ho ho

"The Jews of this period probably resided in or near Dublin. In the Dublin White Book of 1241 there is a grant of land containing various prohibitions against its sale or disposition by the grantee. Part of the prohibition reads “vel in Judaismo ponere”. The last mention of Jews in the “Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland” appears about 1286. When the expulsion from England took place (1290), the Irish Jews had doubtless to go as well."

--------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-------------------

"he doesn't know...are hated by all peoples, having been kicked-out of every country on earth, "

You lying bastard moron!!! LOL

When have Jews ever been "kicked out" of Scotland?

When have Jews ever been "kicked out" of Ireland?

Get your facts right!!

You lying ho ho ho
bastard asshole!!


---------------------------------------------above by kike in response to below-----------------

Jews Like To Play "Who's Kidding Who?"
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 14)

Note the moron asks "what's deal w. Jews," ho ho ho ho ho--as if the fool can't figure out Jews are the problem--along w. their suck-alongs, like the moron himself, ho ho ho ho.

Moron can't figure-out Jews run the Fed COUNTERFEITING scam, dominating all organized crime in Jew S A and entire world, all politics and hence business and industrial activity.

Moron isn't aware, evidently, of Israel's latest mass-murder of Palestinians, etc., the stupid puke, pretending to such idiotic ignorance--like he doesn't know kikes are hated by all peoples, having been kicked-out of every country on earth, etc. Ho ho ho ho--But he's "not" a Jew, nooooo, ho ho ho ho ho

Moron Doesn't Know About Satanists Called "Jews"
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 14)

Well Jews are liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), who worship lies, and so if u were Jew, u wouldn't hesitate to lie, would u?

U're "not a Jew"?--then why are u defending them, pretending to ignorance?--don't u think u should find out what u're talking about?

U say u've read lots of my notes--in that case u ought to know what I say is problem w. kikes--they're satanists in accord w. their filthy Talmud--got it? Q.E.D.

So now all u gotta do is ck-up on Talmud, where it says Christ was rightfully executed, that it's ok to lie to and murder gentiles, etc.

See for Talmudic expo, also Also ck, ho ho ho ho ho ho

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

What is apsterian's deal with the Jews? Does Jim endorse these views so prevalent on the comment section of this blog? I assume he must not mind as they show up in the comments after every show on here and he hasn't said anything. And, just to preempt the predictable response--no, I am not a Jew.

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