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Monday, October 13, 2014

Focusing on "zionist" mere half-baked, limited hang-out substitute for real, serious examination of murderous, satanic Talmud....

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Fetzer Must Get Beyond Mere, Idiot Zionism
(Apollonian, 13 Oct 14)

K. Barrett talked about his paper on how the morons of Jew S A continue to go along w. ZOG and all the Jew-serving lies--a subject very well-taken, indeed.

But then Barrett presents far too over-elaborate analysis, and out-of-context too.

I submit one must begin w. basic metaphysics and then work in to details, the objective, hence determined reality, hence CYCLIC phase of history, "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the West continuing w. its "prosperity"--only at the end of the CYCLE whence Jews have taken-over the culture--Jews, along w. their accomplices/collaborators who push the general Platonic subjectivism and Kantian-type moralism.

So as long as US Dollar retains reserve-currency status, Jews and ZOG can continue to fund their imperialist wars and its lying, supported by bread & circuses, Jews having effectively co-opted the Christian establishment.

Thus only minorities support kikes and Israel, though they're fully-funded; the opposition is minority, not funded at all, and even beset by IRS and ZOG police-state.  MOST of the people are in the middle, thumbs up their behind, watching all the football games, bread & circuses, etc.

These people in the middle just go along, hoping and praying their "leaders" (ZOG) isn't lying to them, ho hoo hoh o oh ho ho

Fetzer and Barrett are used by ZOG to cow these poor victims in the middle, Fetzer pretending merely to being anti-Zionist, over-looking Jews and their Talmud.  Barrett is just a joke, being Islamic himself.

What Fetzer must do (which he won't, of course) in order to have more serious impact is to EXAMINE THE TALMUD, and the effect upon the phony and half-baked "Christians."

By taking the cowardly way, as he does presently, and only denouncing "Zionism," Fetzer only helps and encourages the poor fools in the afore-mentioned "middle" to remain secure in their ignorance, fearful as it is.

So Fetzer can't bring himself to embrace Christianity for its proper and thematic anti-Semitism, but at least he could expose in more matter-of-fact way satanic Judaism and the murderous Talmud.

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