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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9/11 events must merely be placed in historic context to be understood--ZOG rules

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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History Requires Events Placed In CONTEXT
(Apollonian, 14 Oct 14)

Compass: u bring up excellent questions, indeed (see below-copied).

(a) Not only were WTC bldgs. filled w. asbestos, but I understand the bldgs. were also corroded by the "galvanic" process, the aluminum cladding on the outside attached directly to the steel (setting-up a faint electric current, enhancing the rusting process).

WTC bldgs. were reputedly scheduled for demolition, but it would have cost a billion dollars.

(b) Evidently some planes took-off w. people in them and didn't land anywhere, the people not hrd fm again.  The perps needed to have SOME casualties, some people who actually disappeared, evidently.

(c) Note people don't "make money" writing books without offering some value, info, entertainment, or whatever.

(d) Israelis will do WHATEVER advances their interests, as they've demonstrated, w. all their assets, including the "Jews-media," and they evidently have calculated that one horrific incident will follow another, causing goyim suckers to forget about the previous incident--as now w. ebola plague threatening to turn into pandemic, etc.

So, as w. all historic events, eras, and episodes, history being (1) deterministic, (2) hence CYCLIC, u merely need put things in CONTEXT.  This is era of hegemonic CENTRAL-BANKING, arising definitively fm Napoleonic era, owning EVERYTHING and nearly everyone.

There are sociologic-psychologic aspects too which I touch-upon above, satanic Jews & collaborators vs. Christians, most of the rest in the middle.

Note further, the Jew vs. Christian issue is parallel w. subjectivism and moralism/Pharisaism vs. the objective-determinist view.  Most people are heavily affected and intimidated by moralism/Pharisaism--this is how their emotions are leveraged and manipulated--and Christians of today are still struggling against this moralistic/subjectivist circumstance.

Finally, observe 9/11, like JFK assassination and Sandy Hook fraud, is ANOTHER instance of the "BIG-LIE" whence people are intimidated to fooling themselves, fearing to face the alternative truth--like that their own gov. is criminal conspiracy.

Remember most people have great difficulty w. thinking--like regarding determinism vs. free will, central-banking, etc.  Thus far Jew satanists have succeeded, but when US Dollar finally collapses they will lose their foremost practical weapon and it will be different ball-game--a different era.

------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------
A few questions on the Teheran Conference attended by Kevin Barrett. (How interesting to know the ADL is always on the job trying to incriminate anyone who would speak his truth on Israel. So many lives/careers haves been ruined such as those of Jim Traficant, Cynthia McKinney, Randy Weaver, people at Waco, etc.)

How does Kevin Barrett know 3,000 were killed in the WTC on 9/11?

Do you really believe the Israelis et al would nuke the WTC with the tenants at work there most of whom were CIA and other government employees? Why are so many records missing on these people whose families received millions in government compensation?

Ellen Mariani's husband was alleged to be on flight UA175. Since we know there were no planes and no hijackings on 9/11, how could anyone have been killed on that flight?

Isn't it time to look at the evidence and decide what really happened or will this be another money-making conspiracy for would-be authors as in the JFK case?

All that happened was a controlled demolition. They wanted to destroy those buildings because they were obsolete and filled with asbestos. They decided to kill two birds with one stone by making the CD look like a terrorist attack.

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