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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ZOG so desperate to deflect, divert fm JFK assassination, they bring up LBJ--who was kike himself, ho ho ho ho--so then they have to go to more lengths, ho ho ho ho

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Nelson Dis-Info Falsifies Real LBJ Story
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

Gary: don't get me wrong--I'm not against u at all, and I'm sure u mainly wanted to let Nelson freely make his case regarding LBJ, so u just didn't press him for the Jew-connections and details thereto.
I'm against Nelson who's PLAINLY hiding and even denying the HUGE LBJ-Jew connection and implications.  Don't forget LBJ began his political career as assistant to the Jew, Kleberg--there's actually a whole story about the Jews and cryptos of state of Texas which Nelson totally and deliberately overlooks, obviously.

So note, as Mike Collins Piper brings-out in his book, "Final Judgment," Ben-Gurion and Israel were against JFK fm beginning, and now it only required the CFR, masters of the CIA and everyone else, to decide JFK's fate.

Kennedy then antagonized CFR when he issued the silver certificates fm US Treasury dept., a commodity-backed currency--ABSOLUTELY FATAL for implications to the topmost criminal enterprise of all culture, the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank--see

And of course the other major affront to CFR was balking at the Vietnam quagmire by which Jew S A was to be bogged-down while USSR and China were to be built-up, USA evermore crippled and deconstructed in face of growing, ever-consolidating world dictatorship under United Nations--which UN JFK actually wasn't against.

Thus the leftist, elitist Jews of CFR became committed w. the Zionist Jews, who later built-up their own constituent interest-group, like "neo-con," "rightist"-styled Judeo-Christians (JCs--see and for expo on JCs) of modern day for decisive, definitive overthrow of gentile, Christian remnant of Jew S A, already horribly crippled for cultural integrity by the War btwn states of hundred yrs earlier, and institution of central-banking in 1913, the income-tax, etc.

Yet a further anti-American act fostered by LBJ when he took office was the 1965 immigration act which led to flooding of USA w. non-European aliens, further Balkanizing the country for confusion and overthrow of original culture and legal institutions.

JFK assassination, covered by absolute Jews-media control and influence, actually then set-up later OKC bombing, the WTC bombing of 1993, and 9/11, one disaster distracting fm the previous one, leading inexorably to present police state, heavily armed, the US Constitution relegated to irrelevance in face of ZOG terror and recent release of bio-weapons, US Dollar and economy getting ready for catastrophic collapse.  God help USA and Christian people.

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