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Friday, October 3, 2014

Jews desperately swarming Fetzer's blog to subvert discussion/analysis of the "BIG-LIE" culture, ho ho ho ho ho

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jews Desperate To Divert Analysis Of Cultural Problem--Including Especially Jew Criminals At Center Of All
(Apollonian, 3 Oct 14)

Joannie the Jew (see below-copied) makes 6th jew source working for censorship of Fetzer blog, we see, complaining about "Jew-bashing," hoho ho ho hoo ho ho.

But Joannie-the-Jew: IF u really have a substantial comment on Mr. Duff's info, then go ahead and make it--BUT U REALLY HAVE NOTHING, right?--it's all just a pretext for the censorship and confusion u Jews want to enforce by agitating Prof. Fetzer.

We see further ur Jewwy aim, Joannie the Jew, u want to distract the discussion/dialectic upon minute details, focusing on the "trees" in order to lose sight of the larger Jewwy "forest."

For as I've noted, 9/11, JFK assassination, Sandy Hook, etc., are all instances of THE "BIG-LIE" pushed, promoted, defended, and foisted by u Jews, including esp. ur Jews-media.

Question is HOW these 'big-lies" all obtain in first-place and succeed as they have, and the answer has to do w. Oswald Spengler and "Decline of the West"--how does this cultural "decline" and condition obtain?

And I actually pt. out several things, aside fm (a) the objective, determinist, hence necessarily CYCLIC nature of reality: (b) first the condition of HUBRIS and "sin" among humans which reaches critical stage during such cultural "declines," this HUBRIS exploited by (c) Jew subjectivists and moralism/Pharisaism--all of this as matter of general PRINCIPLE, a matter of logical INDUCTION--which I suggest Prof. Fetzer somewhat over-looks.

(d) Then there's the definitive CAPTURE of the large culture in Spenglerian "decline" by means of the Jews' legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, central-banking and fiat-money--all these factors being the larger circumstances to specific "BIG-LIES" of 9/11, JFK, Sandy Hook, etc.

(e) Jew CAPTURE of culture then extends to the very Christianity of the people which was originally designed as protection against u Jews--which I note u attempted to mis-represent as being merely about "love" for first, basic principle, ho ho ho ho ho ho

(f) Thus for gentiles to be able to survive and have chance to prevail against u Jew monsters they must regain and revive that ORIGINAL Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any and against u Jew liars (JOHN 8:44), murderers, psychopaths, and master-criminals.

And of course, I'm flattered u Jews have become SO DESPERATE for censorship of this necessary cultural analysis which considers the larger view, taking specific instances of "BIG-LIES," JFK, 9/11, and Sandy Hook, etc., in perspective.

Naturally Jews, like Joannie, "one-born-brainless," et al., want to do anything to distract/divert fm this larger cultural view--as by focusing-in on particular "trees" to avoid view of larger cultural "forest."

----------------------------above by ap in response to below-------------------------------

Jim, why even bother to have guests when the comment section is turned into a one-man "Jew"-bashing forum?
Every topic is twisted to become a Jewish problem by this insane poster. Would it be possible to put aside some space to allow comment on the actual topic, in this case, some really weird remarks by Gordon Duff?

I'd like to hear more about Duff's allegation the Soviet Union's economy was brought down by Ronnie Reagan and CIA director William Casey, Marlboro cigarettes and Russian vodka which was somehow turned into 17 trillion dollars which disappeared, stolen by the Bush family. I'd like to hear more about Duff's relationship to the aerospace industry and its relationship with DynCorp

How about a few stock tips while he's at it? Do you know that if you had bought OSI Systems, symbol OSIS, Chertoff's body scanner company following 9/11, you would have made 700% return?

Able Danger proves the CIA set up all the accused Muslims of 9/11. What about the Moussaoui trial tried with "stipulations"? Is this "20th hijacker" still in prison? Like Ruby, he asked to be heard in Washington.

Please elaborate on what we heard in that podcast. Or maybe its better not to talk about it.

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