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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Christianity is anti-semitic--in favor of truth (= Christ, JOHN 14:6), objective reality (foundation/criterion of truth), hence reason as part of Holy Spirit--has been undermined by Jew notion of "faith" as "believing" when "faith" properly means LOYALTY....

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Christianity Properly Understood As Worship Of Truth, Reason Necessary Part Of Holy Spirit
(Apollonian, 26 Oct 14)

This has been fruitful dialectic indeed. Purpose of Christianity is to UNITE gentiles (anti-semites) at sentimental/emotional level.

And of course, Christianity should be understood--love/worship of truth (truth = Christ), Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

A great cleansing of present-day "Judeo-Christianity" is much-needed, esp. in way of understanding of "faith"--properly only meaning LOYALTY--but which has taken-on the Jew meaning of "believing" regardless and even against the facts of reality, necessary given the Jew understanding of truth which is anything they, esp. the rabbis, say it is, beginning w. Torah law, which is then "interpreted" by means of Talmud "oral" law, first in Mishnah part, then, this Mishnah interpretation "interpreted" once again in the Gemarah part of Talmud, ho ho ho--seriously--ck and for Talmudic expo.

Christianity has now taken on a distinct anti-rational under-tone for far too many gentiles, when it's actually worship of TRUTH against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded in subjectivism ("interpretation") for purpose of Jew interest.

Hence then proper Christian understanding is that ONLY by means of truth (= Christ, never forget) can any other value be achieved, not to mention Godly happiness.

Thus Christian truth necessarily upholds the OBJECTIVE reality as necessary criterion/premise for any truth--again, against Jew subjectivism.

And human reason is necessary part of Holy Spirit, along w. honesty and integrity, by which such truth is known and understood--something which is so utterly lost within present-day Christianity.

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