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Thursday, October 16, 2014

How is it Jews rule, w. such un-spoken dominance--esp. when considering only few centuries ago when our people abused them so readily, so willingly, and w. such gusto?--sad, sad degenerate society ours has become that now honors kike filth....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Is It Good To Focus Too Much Upon "Trees"?
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 14)
Compass (see below-copied): what do u say to the immediate and obvious objection that u're focusing far too much upon details--the "trees"--and overlooking the "forest"?

Fetzer and Fox have excellent grasp on details, but even Fetzer fails to look properly for the forest--and it's not just "zionists"--it's Jews.

Isn't it simply the "BIG-LIE" that gov. is feeding us for 9/11?--and isn't this "big-lie" technique used for other things, instances, and events too?--like JFK assassination, Sandy Hoax, Boston bombing, and many others too.

How could 9/11 big-lie even BEGIN to getting past without the "mainstream" Jews-media?--and then there's the under-lying US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam behind it all.

I assure u Fetzer and Fox and many, many others too have quite sufficient grasp of more than enough details on 9/11--what's necessary is that INDUCTIVE LOGIC and generalizing for all the particular events--who/what is behind them?--Jews.

And then why/how do these Jews just skate past everyone--everyone so scared shitless to question these kikes?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  Jews, the elephant in the living-room no one wants to see first, eh?  Ho ho o ho ho ho ho.  Cowardly scum afraid of being POLITICALLY-INCORRECT, stupid, brainless puke.

And to think--only a few centuries ago, our people used to curse and abuse these filthy Jew monsters as they deserved--not nowadays--have u ever wondered why/how?--it has to do w. absolutely amazing change in culture, society, and psychology.

What a putrid, stinking "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, has taken place--and the dumbshits who've become the bulk of our people can't and won't even begin to try to figuring it out.  So naturally, the Jews perpetrate 9/11, knowing if anyone starts speaking real truth, kikes will then say, "uh uh--to suspect us is anti-semitism, u know," ho ho ho ho ho

So why shouldn't such scummy, cowardly filth be killed, enslaved, poisoned, and over-taxed?--just like the Jews are doing to them, laughing up their sleeves as they do so, ho ho ho ho ho ho

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

Simon Pimon said:

"Very good analyses there compass. Sadly it's all rubish. All you need to know is that the buildings were demoed under smoke and the media played a movie while it was happening. Center of operation was the WTC7, which was done with at the end."
Well, you and I know that, but what about everyone else?
The public accepts all the lies and the researchers are fighting with eachother. Even if someone wanted to know what really happened on 9/11, how are they going to sort out information from this hodgepodge of websites and You Tube videos?

I think bringing some organization to this material is a good idea and if someone edited a book stating just the facts in the case of 9/11, I would buy it. It would be a great reference book with everything in one place and referenced. A section could be devoted to theory--each group's interpretation of the evidence.

Elias Davidsson's work is a good place to start to get an idea of how the 9/11 lie has been sold to us without one shred of evidence by the US Government. It is they who are making the claim, therefore, the burden of proof in on them. Read how there is no evidence of hijackers boarding the flights, no boarding passes, no security camera photos of the hijackers, no original manifests, and no testimony from airline personnel who saw them off, etc.

There's pilot George Nelson on the absence of airplane parts unique to the 9/11 planes, not one of which was ever found. There is Phil Jayhan and Simon Shack with their discoveries--occupancy, victims, fraudulent videos, and so on--who have I left out?

There should be a section on all the drills going on. How many were there and who was involved. I like to believe the actors we see spouting the government propaganda were part of what they thought was a drill.

Please take time out from your free-associationism and bouncing off of the walls to think about putting together a book or pamphlet with this information. (I'd ask Fetzer and Fox to do it, but they fall into the category of theory and speculation and therefore are ignoring the facts in the case.)

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