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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Are people really so ignorant of Jew-domination of this putrid satanic culture in "Decline of the West"?....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jew Subject Well Discussed With Allen
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 14)

Prof. Fetzer: I think it was good thing when that cowardly, fawning weakling, Richie Allen, mentioned that, gee whiz, but certain authors at VT "verge" upon anti-Semitism, u thereupon began something of a forthright and significant analysis.

But first, notice, observe, and consider Richie Allen, the typical, slimey gentile flunky falling and flopping about for paying due obeisance and deference to these monstrous, satanistic REFUGEES, vagabonds, and criminals, hated by all humanity, these Jews who gloat in their filthy Talmud over having killed Christ--how does this happen?--and note it happens all the time, nowadays--what does this say about our putrid, stinking, degenerate culture?

And u, Prof. Fetzer, much then proceed to going and playing this game, insisting upon phony distinction of "zionism" as if it's any essentially diff. fm Talmud.

WHY DON'T U SIMPLY EXAMINE THE TALMUD, for goodness sakes?--and this is aside fm all history which confirms the monstrous, satanist nature of Jews and Judaism.

But we see u're actually quite well-trained, aren't u?--having gone through a full career in public edjumacation, w. numerous books still on the market, that market so much held hostage by these satanistic monsters.

Do u think Jews are impressed w. the supposed distinction u make regarding zionists?--I assure u they're NOT.

Isn't it interesting so many--practically all--people, esp. those w. any significant property or "social-standing," are so THOROUGHLY, absolutely terrified to speak truth about these Jew monsters?--who yet pretend they're sooooo "liberal" and "progressive" and ESPECIALLY, sooooo self-confident (hey, they "got it made," eh?)--that they're not concerned about Jews and things which might well be done against them by these Jew monsters?

So that's what is surely one of the great tragedies of this present time and culture regarding these Jew monsters--I guess it's confirmed once again, as long as people enjoy a significant measure of bread & circuses they're willing to overlook this TREMENDOUS and EPIC cultural domination of satanism inflicted and enforced by these Jew monsters.

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