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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't obsess on 9/11 (too much, anyway), 'cause nothing will come of it long as kikes continue to control politics, legal system--we need regime-change....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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9/11: Just One Of A Number Of Psy-Ops
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 14)

Oh--and note, u're NEVER NEVER NEVER going to make anything out of this about the faked vid evidence (see above ref.) by Jews-media and their owners/controllers--because Jews OWN all the politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc.

9/11 is just one item in a long train of psy-ops--which included first WTC bombing(s) back in '93, the OKC bombing, Sandy Hoax, Bost. bombing, etc.--they're psy-ops, managed, instigated, and exploited by Jew world order.

The only, best, and real opportunity to overthrow ZOG will come when and as US Dollar continues its collapse. QE 4 is up-coming, ho ho ho ho--this will lead to yet MORE inflation, further collapse.

Further, the patriot opposition must, most of all, work for UNITY by means of rationalist, anti-Semitic Christianity.

Don't forget: there are NOT specific "perpetrators" for 9/11--it's the ENTIRE regime, all the parts working together--that's what u and we are up against. U need to getting a serious clue about things regarding ZOG.

Fetzer is supposed to be a philosophical--so he's supposed, by means of INDUCTION, to be able to seeing a pattern for all these particular events, JFK assassination, 9/11, etc.--what's his problem? Answer: Jew worship/fear/terror is so sublimely infused within--he imagines it's sufficient to being anti-Zionist--he can't figure out that's half-baked, FAILURE--which actually communicates fear of kikes.

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