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Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Big-Lie" is only used up when reduced-to-absurd--as in "loss" of e-mails by IRS, ho ho ho ho--plain moronic lies, known by everyone....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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What's CONFIRMATION Of "Big-Lie" & Technique?--When It's Used Too Much, Reduced To Absurdity, Now Plain To Everyone
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 14)

The facts which give one confidence one's thesis is correct--as about the BIG-LIE technique used by ZOG--is known w. confidence when this lying is used SO MUCH that it's seen and acknowledged, EVEN BY THE LIARS THEMSELVES, thus losing its effect--reduction-ad-absurdum.

Now where and how is this "reduction-to-absurdity" plainly observed?--the obvious lies regarding "loss" of the e-mails of the IRS, ho ho ho ho ho--which now everyone knows.

And note: this IRS scandal is just ONE of a number of scandals, entailing the BIG-LIE, including the DELIBERATE murder of the US Ambassador to Libya, who objected to arming of ISIS/ISIL/al-Qaeda, who knew all about what was going-on, transferring arms fm Libya to Syria, etc.

For next, we're going to see air-liners shot out of the sky in Europe and soon enough USA too--these will be used to enhance police-state and take-down of Internet.

Most poignantly, presently, bringing-in of "illegal" and foreign invaders fm other countries by the millions, these to be used, first, as voters for the Democrats, this now so reduced-to-absurdity that these foreigners and conspiracy to abet their invasion has been lately complicated by the importation of truly fearsome diseases, at least one of them a literal bio-weapon, patented, and designed to kill by race, specifically blacks--who will still cheerfully vote Democrat, no doubt.  Illegals will also be used as military enforcement of ZOG and Jew world order dictatorship.

Above illegal importation of enemy races and invaders and diseases is in addition to the plainly fraudulent electronic voting, keeping Democrats in office and/or replacing them only w. Jew-friendly Republicans, opponents of the T-party, for further example.

Establishment of police-state by means of thugs-with-badges, now being militarized, is yet another primary element of the complex of BIG-LIES, excuse being "terrorism."

Finally, the people will begin to have it dawn upon them all the "terror" is and was done ZOG and Israel, CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6, etc., including 9/11, "synthetically" manufactured, as in Sandy Hoax, along w. all the other fake shootings.

Never forget all the satanistic terror and murder of citizens, rule-of-law, and culture is enabled, (a) for practical purposes, by the US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--the criminal CRUX to the entire degenerate empire in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, (b) the society so heavily affected by the mass of inferiors and weaklings who are persuaded (c) by means of the child's "good-evil" Pharisaism--"good" as u obey the Jews and satanists, "bad" if u're found to be dis-obedient, anti-semitic, "racist," etc.

Ultimate economic collapse then will be the final reduction-to-absurd for ZOG which will then call in UN troops, esp. Chinese who are persuaded they own USA for all the bad debt they were persuaded to buy and subsidize.

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