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Monday, October 27, 2014

9/11 placed in context, by means of Inductive logic, one in series of BIG-LIES psy-ops....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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For 9/11, Inductive Logic, And Context, Apsterian Succeeds Most Excellently
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 14)

The question is where and how to place whatever hope, and I clearly pt. out the magnificent example of St. Constantine, Christian reason and anti-semitism.

The Jews?--well, are they satanists who follow the Talmud, by definition?--along w. those racially related?--a race and religion of criminality, at war against humanity?--is there any doubt of this after watching the recent mass-murder of Palestinians in Gaza?--and cui bono?--didn't ur buddy Netanyahu admit 9/11 was good for Israel?  And so the simple, obvious question is don't Jews, satanists and psychopathic criminals by their very religion, DESERVE the "blame"?--by all the facts, logic, and circumstances?

Didn't Jew Chertoff send back to Israel the "dancing Israelis" and other Jews who were arrested under highly suspicious circumstances?

Didn't Jew-tool, Giuliani, see to destruction of evidence?  And didn't Jew Judge Helverstein see to suppression of litigation involving victims' families?--even seeing to the citing of the lawyer of one of the family members for "anti-semitism" when his blatant conflict of interest was pt'd out?--his son was lawyer for one of the Jew security firms at airports.

Didn't Jew Silverstein admit to "pulling" of WTC Bldg 7, for example?  Didn't Jew Zelikow see to cover-up for 9/11 commission?

And isn't the Jew-run Central-banking primary instrument for funding/financing of all organized crime, including the 9/11 mass-murders?--and doesn't this include the Jews-media for the cover-up and psy-ops?

So Jew culpability would seem to be simple, obvious prima facie conclusion which Jews fail to dis-prove, right?--what other conclusion is possible in all logic and reason?

U can't figure-out HOW the Jews carried it off?--it's not my fault u're a Jew-friendly liar and/or a fool, is it?--why do u insist on being and acting as Jews' lawyer at every step and instance of the crime?--who's fault is that?

Certain things are hopeless, but others aren't.  Ur likelihood for achieving honest grasp of the 9/11 circumstances and facts does seem pretty hopeless--9/11 was a battle lost, which u want to keep under wraps w. ur diversions and lies, but the overall war against satanism and Jews isn't lost as 9/11 is seen in proper context, as just another Jewwy BIG-LIE, among many others, which u want to cover-up by diverting and distracting upon details and trivia and the idea that, no matter what, we can't think of blaming Jew psychopaths and satanists, oh no.

So I think I'm simply being realistic, not hopeless at all, really, for the longer term and overall view of context regarding 9/11--it's certain Jews were masterminds responsible for 9/11 crime, but to know all the details, these Jews must be defeated in course of general cultural warfare which requires we heed to the cultural/historic/sociologic circumstances--US Dollar must collapse, for one thing, removing a primary weapon of Jews, and that's just one condition, as I note.

And I don't deny Jews need accomplices among the goyim--this also is necessary task of analysis to be grasped and accomplished, and observing ur obstructionism, dis-info, and subversion while at same time u pretending to seeking truth is another thing to be observed, as I've done.  Why are u complaining about my success?--u should be telling me, I've done outstanding good work for analysis, back-ground, and context, placing things in perspective for proper, most accurate understanding, ho hoo ho ho.  I take ur words as back-hand compliment, thank u very much.

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

"And thus we observe it's a thoroughly corrupt, degenerate culture and society in general, truly the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--and there's no hope--this forest fire is now soooooooo big, the fire sooooooo hot, that NOTHING can stop it, and it now can only burn itself out."

Thanks for being so up-beat, Apsterian/ It's hopeless! Why bother trying to figure out how the culprits carried this off? Just blame it on the Jews, the Fed, etc.

--------------------------------------above in response to below-copied by ap-------------------------

9/11 Was Only One Of An Entire, On-Going Series Of satanic Psy-Ops And Big-Lies Within Horrendous Cultural Decline
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 14)

I saw (finally) Simian the shack's vid (forgot the title), very well done, I thought--very persuasive for fakery. But question is still regarding how much was faked, how much is real. Legally, I understand there's strong presumption that if some is faked it's all faked.

And yes, once one reflects upon the planes melting into the bldg., one must realize that's NOT possible in the real world--there would be large crashing and a lot of debris falling down--NOT like we saw on vids, the plane just disappearing into bldg.--totally impossible.

So obviously, we know it was their program and purpose to persuade us the people that planes DID indeed crash into bldgs.

So, conclusion must be that it's PSY-OPS--WHO could possibly do this?--NO ONE BUT Jews and their Jews-media, this overseen by the topmost masters behind central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING.

And the technique is known as the "BIG-LIE" (see Wikipedia for good expo)--a lie so massive and outrageous that the people themselves quail to imagine it was done by our dear gov. and trusted scum who are running it--so people end-up lying to themselves--fooling themselves, forcing themselves to accept the gov. lies, repressing the horrible idea that they're being played for suckers.

But our dear people are well-trained in this self-deception, going wayyyyyyyy back--back to WWI sinking of Lusitania, to WWII FDR conducting war against Germany, supplying Britain and Russia against law, etc.--not to mention the assassinations of 60s, Malcolm X, JFK, et al.--to Ruby Ridge, first WTC bombing, and OKC bombing, etc.

What's the BIGGEST of the big-lies?--it's the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam that makes all the rest possible, financing EVERYTHING, allowing these master criminals to literally owning everything and everybody, politicians, judges, bureaucrats--EVERYONE--because even Ron Paul has to worry about assassination.

And thus we observe it's a thoroughly corrupt, degenerate culture and society in general, truly the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--and there's no hope--this forest fire is now soooooooo big, the fire sooooooo hot, that NOTHING can stop it, and it now can only burn itself out.

And our only hope is example of original Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by our dear St. Constantine the Great whence the then similarly moribund Roman emp. was revived, briefly.

Christians only have to realize HOW established Christianity has been hi-jacked by Jews, Christianity so pathetically now mis-understood--as if it's mere variation/version of Judaic satanism--when it was/is properly meant to OPPOSE Judaism/Satanism.

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