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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Apster puts the issue to Fetzer: isn't Judaism = Talmudism = satanism?--yes or no?....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Prof. Fetzer FAILS For (a) Proper Induction, (b) Examination Of Satanic Essence Of Talmud
(Apollonian, 14 Oct 14)

Prof. Fetzer: I always make it a pt. to have listened to enough of the show before I comment, so I submit u're just obviously dead wrong about Jewdy Wood having to say exactly, precisely "how" it was done for the DEW--she actually has done lots to say what happened, and she shows the evidence for it.

She then induces fm the evidence that the weapon had to have been DEW for best conclusion in all science.  It's like seeing a corpse w. gun-shot wounds, and then concluding it must have been some sort of gun which was responsible--how is this so difficult?

So there is evidence for DEW, at least on some scale, as demonstrated in work of John Hutchison, I understand.

Yet, one might well also conclude--by means of INDUCTION--it could have been nukes--it could have been a great combination of all, including nano-thermite too.

But surely, one thing I think u're falling-down badly about is for generalization upon the details.  For observe all these false-flags and psy-ops entail "BIG-LIE" technique--see Wikipedia for good expo.

So how then does this BIG-LIE technique work?--what's necessary context?--doesn't it require heavily regimented and highly-controlled mass-corp. "news"-media?

Further, doesn't the control have to extend to public edjumacation, all the politicians, judges, bureaucrats, police, et al.?--and HOW could this be possible without such mechanism as central-banking institution like US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING w. it's literally, nearly infinite funds?

I don't think u can deny this process of INDUCTION is (a) necessary part of process, and (b) what is grossly missing.

U then insist upon ONLY considering "zionists" WITHOUT considering nature of Talmud itself.

U don't seem to want to consider the intensity of the large conspiracy to be SATANISTIC--hence founded upon a philosophic principle of extreme subjectivism, hence moralism, these satanists manipulating things to extent of effectively controlling all established Christian institutions, not only afore-mentioned mass-media, politicians, judges, public edjumacation, etc.

Thus the people, in accord w. BIG-LIE technique and principle FEAR to consider an otherwise quite plausible alternative--THEIR OWN GOV. as only possible culprit, this including the satanist element so hostile to the people's Christianity, pushing "gay-rights," now working to inflict plagues upon the people, like present "ebola" incursion, and others too, this by means of imposing illegal alien invaders, and lately (G-20 meeting) preparing for "bail-ins," etc.

Finally, and again, u FAIL not only for this necessary INDUCTION, upon principle of obvious BIG-LIE technique, this in accord w. the satanistic principle of the Talmud, the specific equation being: Judaism = Talmudism = Satanism

So Prof. Fetzer, in conclusion, the clinching task for u as philosopher and scientist is to examine and conclude upon the satanist nature of Talmud--and this is actually SIMPLE thing to do--WHY are u deliberately failing to do this?

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