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Monday, June 24, 2013

Queers: what are they, exactly?--and exactly what's the problem w. them and their life-style?

Problem With Queers?--They're Ultimately Pathologic, Psychotic, Anti-Social, Etc.
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 13)

So what again is the problem w. queers (and being queer)?--well, they're psychos, pathologically obsessed, but the trick and twist is they don't START OUT that way (absolutely psychotic, addicted, and pathologic), the queers and their sympathizers say, ohhhhhhhhhh nooooo--and it's actually interesting to analyze.

For obviously queers don't consider they START OUT as psychos.  At first, it's just ignorant, mindless "experimentation"--not unlike gambling and drinking.  For after all, mere drinking and gambling are not criminal behaviors, are they?

Thus queers begin w. narcissist indulgence and affectation, but then it always ends as pathologic obsession and psychosis.  For queers are merely addicts for sense-gratification--that's all they're looking for, thrills and kicks, no less than anyone else, and there's nothing wrong w. that, is there?

And often, as we see and hear, these queers insist they're "advanced-thinkers" and "progressives."  Queers, close buddies w. Jews, pretend they're libertarians, Republicans, and even Christians.

But note the fact remains the queer life-style is, ultimately, profoundly anti-social, anti-nature, and anti-rational--far more so than drinking and gambling, for examples.

And the REAL pt. is that society has the right and DUTY (for simple pupose of self-preservation) to discriminate against and in some cases, under certain circumstances, to out-lawing such corrupt, perverted, and putrid behavior as the queer life-style.

And queers then say they have the "right" to being queer, but then the problem is that society also has equal right to discriminating against them--same as they have right to discriminating against other behaviors, like drinking and gambling.

Further demonstrations of the queer mentality is idea that criticizing them and speaking the sad facts about them (like that they often end as "disease-magnets") is "hate" and hatred--typical of their propaganda and mentality.

But if one loves TRUTH shouldn't one hate lies?--doesn't it merely make sense?  Shouldn't one hate (within reason) murder and child-molesting?--isn't this merely natural and even rational?  For if one cannot hate, how can one love?--as they're mere reciprocal expressions of the same basic emotion.

So queers, sure, u can do what u want, long as it harms no one else.  And u can surely practice ur putrid pathologic activity w. ur fellow scum and perverts--BUT U BETTER KEEP IT IN THE "CLOSET," much as possible, 'cause we're gonna discriminate against u, as is our right and even duty for preservation of rational society and culture--no less than society naturally discriminates against other such anti-social behaviors, like excessive drinking and gambling.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Tower-of-Babel dis-unity of patriots against NWO Is Thematic, Predictable

Got this, below-copied, msg:

Well apollonian - we discovered you have your own blog and were copying our conversations from the PRIVATE SH forum.

I guess trust is only as good as the people you entrust it with. Obviously none of us know each other (or so we think) but we had developed a level of trust. I am appalled that you copied some of what I posted using my screenname as well.

I guess this is just another hard lesson to learn in life - DON'T TRUST ANYONE!



Greatest Necessity For Patriots Is Finding That Basic Unifying Principle
(Apollonian, 23 Jun 13)

Observe the (above) hysterical note, self-righteousness, and presumption: note she's "appalled."  Ho ho--are u really?--why are u "appalled"?--what was the grievous harm that u suffered?--so u "trusted," therefore I'm somehow obligated?--to what?--as if it's not allowed to quote u, eh?  Ho ho ho

But the presence of queers running rampant and dominating the culture/society does not leave u appalled?--queers and their defenders and sympathizers even on the "private SH forum."

Gad, but can't u see queers and metro-sexual puke (on the "left") are precisely integral part of the fundamental cultural problem?--they, along w. the Judeo-Christian (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists (on the "right") who suck-along w. Israel.

She fears to have her utterly innocuous statements made public, evidently, for some reason--as if anyone cares terribly about what she ever said or noted.

So much, evidently, for SandyHookTruthMessages--it was good for observing the intensive photo-shopping and green-screening for the mockingbird media, and it well enough connected this massive psy-ops activity for purposes of New World Order (NWO), etc.

The site and its counter-part, showed (and still shows, for the latter site) quite a bit how to observe, anticipate, and research this psy-ops activity, bringing the info to attn of many, indubitably.

The sites (aforementioned) also demonstrated the half-baked nature, as I note, of these observers who decry the NWO but not the queer contingent which is obviously integral part of the NWO.  This half-baked condition also demonstrates the real predicament of the present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the patriot contingent dis-connected and in many cases at odds w. one another.

Thus Western "decline" is seen as most pathetic drowning and smothering of patriots fraught w. in-fighting, the only possible initiative left w. the NWO masterminds at the top, left to falling-out w. one another upon principle of "no honor among thieves."

The only thing left for patriots is to prepare for inevitable collapse of NWO (by means of the currency collapse of US Dollar) and uniting upon principle of Christianity which is first of all anti-semitic, people assured upon that basic, negative principle, Christianity standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).  Foremost immediate problem then is obvious hereticalists of JCs, foremost allies and cohorts among gentiles for Jews, zionists, neo-cons, etc.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Precious dialectic on subject of queers I was able to capture--this is all verbatim and un-edited for text

iseelies 12:43 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink
Makes you wonder about the INTENTIONAL single-shot deaths. No accident it is reported this way – probably to see if any backlash occurs based on ME’s original statements. If none, more ludicrous explanations will abound in future “tragedies”.
Yes, apollonian, people are simply sponges with no ability or desire to discern BS from truth, if it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. I have had it as well with GAY everything in my face. We can’t say GOD anywhere but we can have sin everywhere. I have even noticed the creeping weirdness in innocent shows like Family Feud. They ask the most outrageous, suggestive questions – I’m talking beastiality, masturbation, etc. No more wholesomeness in America – everything is perversion and if you’re not on board you’re the perverted one.

apollonian 1:18 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

Absolutely Isee: gays are REALLY UPPITY, in ur face. Gays are foremost front-line skirmishers for the New World Order, being militant, making demonstrations and demands, filing law-suits, etc. At 60 yrs of age, I assure u I well remember when they were mere skulking, furtive perverts and seducers of little, un-suspecting kiddoes (or others who are weak-minded, even if not children), afraid to let folks know they were “gay.” Not now though–they’re riding high–ho ho ho–I hope they’re having fun, ’cause it’s gonna end, soon, soon, never doubt.
But gays are relatively insignificant in the large scheme of things, the immediate and most critical enemies being the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who falsely say Christ was Jew, and support terror-state of Israel. It’s notable to observe gays are well infiltrated within these JCs–gays are infiltrated everywhere, one must note.
And never doubt, gays are of satan, father of lies, gays lying, pretending they’re consonant w. and loyal to rational society which originally gave them birth–they’re not as they’re AGAINST and at war w. reason and nature itself, not to mention being anti-human and anti-social.
For gays deliberately and consciously pursue what is ultimately a pathological obsession, it beginning in narcissist indulgence, pretending it’s “harmless” and “innocent,” never bothering to realize how anti-social it is. Gays always begin in this way, claiming ignorance and stupidity–which is actually true, but which then becomes psychotic obessesion–as we see. There are many other observations to be made about gays–like their givenness to drunkeness, anti-intellectualism, etc.
zemblanity12:15 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

One of the things that I like about this message forum is how civil people have been with one another. I’m all for free speech so say what you want. I just dont’ see what the point of bashing homosexuals has here.
  • apollonian 2:16 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies–truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • zemblanity12:20 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    I don’t agree with your “truth”.
  • apollonian 2:22 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    Fine: but if u were really honest, u’d say how and why–which u can’t do, can u? So if u’re really sooo . . . what?–incapable?–then why do u bother defending people without saying anything of substance?

  • zemblanity12:34 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    No, I just don’t see the purpose of discussing such an irrelevant (to this forum), divisive and controversial topic here so I feel no need to explain myself further to you. If you want to divide the small group of people that we are here with your comments about homosexuals, knock yourself out. I’ll just stop reading your posts.
  • apollonian 2:42 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    U don’t see the purpose?–that’s a lie, pure and simple–I explained it perfectly: gays are in forefront of New world order (NWO), ZOG, etc. And what’s purpose of this forum?–it’s specifically the multi-faceted psy-ops, esp. w. manipulations of images and articles for purposes in favor of NWO/ZOG.
  • “Divisiveness” is always the excuse pretext for censorship and suppression, isn’t it? Ho ho ho. U’ll stop reading posts?–ho ho ho–I doubt it, as u love to pretend to “defending” ur buddies who work for NWO/ZOG.

  • zemblanity13:17 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    I don’t agree that “the gays” are at the forefront of the NWO. I believe that greed, power lust and evil are the forefront for the NWO. Pure and simple. Ho. Ho. Ho.
  • lynne03123:33 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    I would prefer we move away from the gay bashing too. They don’t bother me in the least – live and let live is how I feel about it. I do however hate that the media is always pushing it – they especially love transgender stories lately. Why? What is the goal? I’m tired of it.

  • Apster responds to "zem," above
    Okay "zem," at least u attempt to trying to presenting some kind of argument, pathetic and counter-factual as it obviously is. So here, it's easy, I simply confront u w. the pure and eminently well-known facts: gays are notoriously "left"-wing, close associates of the NWO/ZOG. Gays are also notoriously and even infamously anti-Christian--which is actually just TREASON. USA is Christian country, made by and for Christians--PERIOD--which gays are desperately against.
    Otherwise, ur general argument, above, such as it is, also fails for ur invokation of "evil" which doesn't exist, only reason vs. insanity.
    Overall, "zem," I gotta observe, u really seem to be very weak sort of person, esp. intellectually, and u're even given to outright lying when u defend gays, saying they're NOT at forefront, etc., I note there are some gays who suck along w. Ron Paul, but then there are gays in the Rep. party too, also even pretending to be "Christians," as in w. the JCs as I noted--Ted Haggard being a famous example, among others.
    Gays start out as contrarians, pretending to be "different" fm what they understand as "conventional" and even, to them, boring. So then gays begin to defending being gay and homosexuality, this out of understandable ignorance--lots of people do this--they're actually challenging the establishment to providing them w. sound arguments against the queer life-style--which many, many--even most--Christian folk CANNOT DO, most people being weak at rationality in general.
    Unfortunately then, gays (or at first proto-gays) take this incompetence of Christians as gross failure and even justification for following the gay life-style and mentality, and soon enough, as I note, what began as narcissistic indulgence turns into a an abiding OBSESSION and addiction.
    Thus gays end addicted to crass sense-gratification and anti-intellectualism, becoming gross criminals even, looking-for seduction of young kids who are relatively defenseless, and worst of all, defending those who actually are child-molestors.
    Active gays often become prostitutes who then spread diseases--disease magnets, as I noted.
    So gays are thus definitively exposed as the anti-social, anti-Christ, anti-rational enemies of humanity, truth, and God THAT THEY'VE ALWAYS been held to being by all cultures of all races of people, all throughout history--these are the facts, not merely "bashing."
    apollonian 3:45 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    Lynne: HONESTLY–I don’t mean to be “bashing”–I hope u can understand this. I actually agree w. u that discourse ought not to reduce to mere “bashing.” Rather, I sincerely try to bring to ur attn straight and pertinent facts.
    And if u want the discussion ended, that's fine w. me. I just never want anyone to think Christianity is without perfect and eminently sufficient justification for dis-approval of these gays--that's why I defended the WBC the other night, not that I entirely agreed w. WBC's reasoning/theology
    allisatx 3:54 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink
    We baby boomers once we are somewhat awake can really see this (after a lot of thinking and watching the media work) because we remember a time before the programing was so blatant and obvious.
    apster responds:
    Yes alli: not sure exactly what u're referring to. Never forget the basic, tragic nature of life, the essential sinfulness of humanity, etc.--the great historian, Oswald Spengler ("Decline of the West"), theorized it all took a large, general CYCLIC nature, culture and civilization first building and rising, whence homosexuality is roundly dis-approved, then the culture peaks and begins to "decline" whence the homosexuals absolutely run riot.
    zemblanity13:59 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink

    Wow, appollonian. I’m not trying to get into a debate over homosexuality with you. I haven’t presented any arguments regarding this topic because I have no desire to even get into it with you or anyone else. I have no interest in changing anyone’s mind regarding their beliefs. Don’t like gay people? Think they are evil sinners? No problem. I don’t care. Live and let live. I was just pointing out that this may not be the best place for your anti gay rants filled with hateful and ignorant remarks. You have taken to bashing me as well. “weak minded, a liar, anti-intellectual” Really? It must get lonely up there on your high horse. So much drivel.
    apster responds:

    Well "zem": at this pt. I've made my arguments, haven't I?--and so have u, haven't u?--and now we can let folks judge, eh? Ho ho ho

    You?--u just want to make statements without backing them up, that's all. This is absolutely perfect place, good as any other.

    Truth is hate to those who hate the truth, verily.
    iseelies4:13 pm on June 19, 2013Permalink
    Wow – I really did not mean for my comment to take this direction. My only point is that they have bombarded us with the gay lifestyle to the point that they treat heterosexuals as not normal. To prove the idocy of this, there is a Petition on the WH website to prevent heterosexual males from driving because females distract them too much. I kid you not.

    apster responds:
    Yes, but Isee: surely u can see how ZOG/NWO has things so confused for folks--the "tower-of-Babel" complex, everyone talking past one another, things soooooo hopeless, seemingly complex, the gentiles most brilliantly subverted, fighting one-another so predictably.

    True patriots GOTTA face-up to the cultural problems and circumstances in order to begin to having serious chance to survive and fight-back.

    And dear Christianity shows the way, Christ's very purpose as guide and shepard: Thus it's TRUTH vs. lies, hence the objective reality vs. subjectivism, lies, and esp. the false "good-evil" heresy.

    Mysticism: what is it?--why is it done?--and how--and specifically, numerology

    Mysticism: It's Basic Nature, The How And Why For It
    (Apollonian, 19 Jun 13)

    It's simple--and actually well known. The Talmudists (especially Kabbalists) have a well-known, notorious, absolute, psychopathic obsession w. numerology, numbers, numbers, numbers, insisting it all means something though never being able to say how w. any coherent precision.
    Okay?--so now u know all u need to know. If u want to know why they "believe" in this numerological crap--U'RE NEVER NEVER NEVER going to know anything of any definiteness--they don't want u to know--they don't know themselves.
    U understand MYSTICISM?--it's ultimately anti-Christ crap and puke. Mysticism by definition is UN-KNOWABLE, get it?--u can't know, and can NEVER know anything. Yet, u, as mystic, are supposed nonetheless to worship this putrid, idiotic filth.
    Note mysticism as general style is NOT necessarily anti-Christ, reason being most people are incompetent and utterly at a loss when it comes to intellect, logic, and reason, etc., poor fools and morons--mostly, they just end-up fooling themselves, I'm sorry to say. Hence Christianity never holds the mystic style itself as a sin.
    But, u see, these mystics--esp. the satanists at the top--want u thing THINK they know something "great and powerful"--when they don't--THIS IS THEIR WHOLE GAME. U need to figure this out.  All they want to do is to literally mystify u, getting u to question ur own knowledge of things (which isn't actually a bad thing--BUT they want u to be rendered incapable of any ultimate serious knowledge, u the victim left in a permanent state of incompetence and demoralization), imagining that these satanic scum actually know something when they really know nothing.
    The object of the mystics is to get fools, suckers, and victims to become fascinated--like the cobra out of the basket which is mesmerized by the person playing the flute. It's now known, I understand, the cobra cannot actually make out any music--it's just rather hypnotized by the flowing movements of the person playing the flute.
    So u're absolutely right to take note of this idiotic numerology these scum love to flaunt--but don't think there's any necessary real method or definite conclusion of substance to be observed--these are just satanistic puke who urgently need to be exterminated. Unfortunately, in the usual scheme of things, historically, satanists are often successful in getting the mass of brainless weaklings and morons to allow themselves to be killed, slaughtered, and wiped-out, this being way the world is rid of over-populated inferiors.
    ------------above essay by ap in response to below-copied------------------
    zemblanity1 9:52 pm on June 18, 2013Permalink | Reply | Follow
    I wonder if the constant use of the number 26 is related to the “26 Broadway” address in NYC which was the headquarters for Standard Oil owned by John D. Rockefeller? The address is famously tied to the Rockefellers. I was watching a documentary about the family and that address popped out. Just a thought.
    iseelies 10:12 pm on June 18, 2013Permalink
    • Lynne had mentioned at one time that the 26 number may be tied to the UN in some respect. I did a little searching on the member countries and did discover that 17 countries were admitted to the UN on 12/14/55 – may just be a coincidence.
      I also wonder why they always use 13, 26 & 52 in their stories – all divisible by 13 – still trying to figure that nonsense out.
    • columjaddica 10:16 pm on June 18, 2013 Permalink

      Hard to say where the numbers significance originated from, but yeah I’m sure that all of these appearances of it are intentional.

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    The role of Obongo in metro-sexual culture: Obongo NOTHING but figure-head, mouth-piece, front-man

    Two-Track Leadership For Metro-Sexual Culture
    (Apollonian, 16 Jun 13)

    A. The Metro-Sexual Culture

    What's the sort of leadership for our present dictatorship of metro-sexual culture, featuring Obongo?  Well, Obongo is really just a front-man who reads fm a tele-prompter, not actually a "leader" who has any real say for things--but Obongo is important nonetheless as he's a kind of psychologic treatment, the leader and spokesman for metro-sexual morons and goons, u see.  Obongo is a "leader" in same way one uses a sheep to get the other sheep to follow along.

    And for a great picture of the actual culture we're presented, I just saw the movie, "Olympus Has Fallen"; it's just a long shoot-em-up, action-flick about the "evil" N. Koreans (again--they were also villains in recent "Red Dawn" movie too) who take over the White House in Wash. DC and capture the Presidente.  The hero, who rescues the Pres., etc., is married to a nurse who has to deal w. wounded & bloody folks, and I thought, wow, this is a movie for Crisis Actors, by golly.

    And indeed, the movie is all about metro-sexual culture: the hero, a white guy who stabs the bad-guys in the head, etc., works for a black lady, Angela Basset, as his boss (of the Secret Service), and when the Pres. is captured, the Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman) becomes head honcho--metro sexual culture wherein everyone is sooooooo "liberated" and "progressive," and they're not "trendy" anymore because hey, it's now the norm, right?  And everyone acts soooo "normal," comfortable, and at-ease about the metro-sexual way things are (in the movie).

    Only thing is, the morons don't realize in such idiot metro-sexual culture, people are going to end-up one color, that of a light brown or khaki, I'd say--and that makes me want to puke.

    B. The Two-Track Leadership

    So the policy and execution thereof for the nation of such metro-sexual culture/mentality, ostensibly led by Obongo, is actually conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderberg, Obongo just an actor/figure-head who makes speeches, interposes, and covers for afore-mentioned real controllers.

    An example is the recent hit done on the American Ambassador in Libya, Stevens, who seems to have been an inconvenient witness (who was then eliminated) to the arming of al qaeda "terrorists" w. heat-seeker anti-aircraft missiles which will soon be used in USA and Europe to cause terror downing of airliners pretext for martial-law.  Obongo wasn't in on any of the real deliberations for this hit, only informed of it afterwards and told what to say, scripted for him on the tele-prompter, as usual.

    Thus the two-track leadership: Obongo gets out and blabbers and lies for the metro-sexuals and their agents in the mass-corp. media, while the real policy of the nation is made and executed by others operating fm behind the scenes--the CFR/Trilateralists/Bilderbergers intent upon AGENDA-21 genocide, GMO food poisoning of the people, etc.

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Jewwy moron insists problems w. Jew S A are caused primarily by "Vatican"--but does "Vatican" got nukes?

    ...[/QUOTE]  [See]

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Jews Are Primary Disease In Western "Decline"--Obviously
    (Apollonian, 14 Jun 13)

    "Ytkm" is proven, demonstrated, Jewwy, queer liar, always defending the Jews, equating them w. gentiles, like the "vatican" which is actually owned/controlled by Jews.

    (a) But ask urself: does "vatican" possess nuclear weapons?

    (b) Most of all, does "vatican" control the all-important US Federal Reserve Bank, legalized COUNTERFEIT scam--which (necessarily) controls everything else?

    Jewwy queer, "ytkm," has been informed and confronted w. these un-assailable, over-powering facts over and again, and he just ignores it all like the typical, Jew-friendly, Jew-serving accomplice and shabbat-goy he really is, so eagerly and forthrightly, though he pretends to criticising them.  See [url][/url], [url][/url], and [url][/url].  In other posts, Jewwy liar, "ytkm" said it was left and muzzies who were at bottom of it all, regarding troubles of the Christian West, see [url][/url].  And there are many similar such posts and threads on "Disagreements" forum.

    Of course Jews couldn't do things totally by themselves, undoubtedly they need collaborators and accomplices.

    And thus, as I've explained innumerable times in my essays, when gentiles become especially corrupt in the inevitable CYCLE of history, they lend themselves to influence of Jews, foremost liars (esp. subjectivists and moralists [Pharisees]):

    "For ye [Christ speaking to the Pharisees] are sons of ur father, satan, who was a liar and murderer fm the beginning.  For there is no truth in him [satan] and when he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of himself [subjectivism], and his work ye shall do" (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    Thus the gentiles lend themselves to the influence and leadership of the Jews as society steadily degenerates in the CYCLIC course of things, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  And the Jews thereupon come to absolutely rule such criminal-dominated society, Jews being top criminals, Jews being MOST cohesive, organized, and connected criminals.

    So my pt. is that if people are suffering fm a disease--like typhus, say--task is to eradicate the disease, typhus.

    And my pt. is Jews are a disease, much like typhus.  Sure, gentiles allow themselves to become un-healthy and sickly so as to become then subject and susceptible to the Jew disease, but obvious task and solution is to remove and eradicate the disease--removing the Jews then cuts "head" off the proverbial "snake," so that then mopping-up the erstwhile criminal gentile accomplices, now dis-organized without their Jew leadership, will be much easier task.  And this, fore-going, has been explained to the Jewwy queer, ytkm, numerous times (again, see notes, above).

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Everything is Rigged in subjectivist universe/mentality--that's why u got this NSA spying, as revealed by Snowden

    In Subjectivist Universe/Mentality, EVERYTHING Is Rigged, Necessarily
    (Apollonian, 13 Jun 13)
    Everything–BUT EVERYTHING–and I mean, everything at all, whatsoever, is rigged, rigged, rigged, rigged–get it? See
    So u see–now u understand why dear powers GOTTA have this all-encompassing spying, and eavesdropping, and “surveillance,” and over-sight, ho ho ho–in order to know how to tweak and manipulate things.

    And that’s why u got Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon, etc., so as to manufacture the stories and “news,” and “events” which then stimulate the paid-for and paid-off “politicians” and judges w. endless printed-up money to doing whatever is needed to keep the suckers in line.

    Bought-and-paid-for “news”-media is just another element and factor in the PSY-OPS–along w. public edjumacation and “entertainment,” etc.

    “Un-regulated info” (see Hitlery Clinton) that u get on internet is just an obvious problemo which they’re working on–heretofore, these psychopaths thought they could “treat” and neutralize it in a convenient way.

    It's no-brainer that Ed Snowden is hero and patriot--why else would Jew-suckalongs like Boehner and King, et al., be screaming?

    Snowden Must OBVIOUSLY Be Viewed As Hero, Patriot

    (Apollonian, 13 Jun 13)

    New Polls: Americans Decry NSA Spying, View Snowden as a Patriot:

    Snowden OBVIOUSLY should be viewed as patriot and hero, given the significance of info he’s divulged and made public–we see now we’re confronted by traitorous gov. of criminal spies, grossly violating the US Constitution and, of course, LYING about it–these people (King, Boehner, Rogers, Feinstein, et al.) need to be publically EXECUTED, pure and simple. Naturally the scum are calling Snowden the traitor.

    Don’t u realize we could easily now go back and see if Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza EVER made any telephone calls to anyone? Ho ho ho ho

    So of course and OBVIOUSLY, Adam & Nancy Lanza NEVER EXISTED–never COULD have existed–TOTALLY impossible. And imagine how many OTHER crimes can now be exposed EASILY. People need to start thinking.

    Only way Snowden would be traitor or agent-provocateur is if he was hiding something–in way of “limited hang-out.” Get a clue, folks.

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    Patriots must keep general principles firmly in mind--"News" is all psy-ops and lies, Jews the "only game in town"

    Keep General Principles Simple, At Forefront Of Mind
    (Apollonian, 10 Jun 13)

    Well, remember: if u want to keep some sort of a mind or mentality, STAY-OUT of gov.public "schools" (idiot-factories).  Getting GED isn't that difficult, eh?  Otherwise, remember what u've been demonstrating for us, good editor--EVERYTHING is a psy-op--everything.

    Long as their funny-money (US Dollar, Euro to lesser extent) retains "reserve-currency" status, they can still do anything, though it is said we're now well into "stag-flation" phase, and it's requiring ever-greater doses of "quantitative easing" (inflation & debt) to maintain semblance of usual mammonist "prosperity"--it really isn't un-like drug-addiction, the present addiction to inflation and money-printing, requiring ever-greater doses (until we're dead, eh?).

    And it's still same old "good-cops vs. bad-cops," the top-most (a) rich Jews of "leftist" CFR/Trilateralist/Bilderberg who want to exterminate the world populations via AGENDA-21, led by their front-man, Obongo, vs. (b) the "conservative," slightly lower-level Jews (who are still incredibly rich compared to gentiles) who back Israeli terror-state, who want to keep victims around to continue parasitizing (zionist/"neo-cons"), these led by Alexei Jones and Ron Paul.

    U gotta realize us gentiles are TOTALLY out of the picture, pathetically left to mere hoping top masterminds fall-out w. one another on principle of "no honor among thieves"--so far ahead of everyone else Jews in general are (Jews' closest suck-alongs, queers on the left and "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists on the "right" merely do what they're told).  That's why I support Alexei Jones--but ONLY so far, and always w. firm proviso that Alexei and his traitor Jew-friendly faction will have to be exterminated in their turn--we must simply continue to striving to survive.

    U gotta realize the absolute HORROR of the whole, general situation: WE'RE DOOMED, period--we can only hope to survive the falling-out of the masterminds and encouraging them to continue fighting amongst themselves, the puke.

    We (gentiles led by Christians) can and will only have serious chance to fighting-back WHEN AND ONLY WHEN US Dollar finally collapses--this will take some time yet, and it will be absolutely catastrophic, never doubt--there will be food-shortages and starvation, only this starvation and horror will (a) remove the weaklings and traitors among gentiles (esp. the metro-sexual filth), and (b) galvanize the rest of the goons, morons, and scum to accepting heroic Christian leadership, this on the general model of heroic soldier-of-God, dear unc' Adolf Hitler--FACE UP to it, comrades--this is what's coming to a theater near you.

    Thus I highly recommend accepting and preaching a RATIONALIST "Christianity" simply, first, and primarily as way/means of relating and sympathizing w. the rest of our gentile compatriots--u don't have to get "religious," and u SHOULD NOT, by any means, become mystic.  Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other ideals, including idiot "love" or brainless "faith" of beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin' in moronic anti-rationalist notions.  Thus Christian heroes fight satanic lies (JOHN 8:44).

    CONCLUSION: God helps those who help themselves.  Immediate enemies to remove, neutralize, and exterminate are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who back terror-state of Israel and say Christ was Jew (there being great diff. btwn Judean and Jew, never forget).  The JCs are the single most powerful interest group among gentiles, don't doubt.  Thus patriots PREPARE by cultivating this anti-semitic Christianity--if u ain't anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, pilgrim.  If u aren't anti-semitic, u're not even human, comrade--and I'm NOT kidding.  This is war, suckers; make no mistake.

    Friday, June 7, 2013

    The way CYCLIC history is working

    * * * * * * * * *
    The Course And Basics Of Present Historic, CYCLIC Decline/Downturn
    (Apollonian, 7 Jun 13)
    Well of course, it's irresponsible--to say the least. It's idiotic; it's moronic. It's not only stupid--it's profoundly, SATANIC--satanically perverse. It's irrational--for the sake of irrationality--such is satanism, after all. And we've always been warned fm New Testament Book of Revelations. For Revelations reminds us that history is CYCLIC.

    But then, what did u expect?
    People need to finally figure out (which they never will--until many if not most of these stupid scum are DEAD): if u allow these MONSTERS and psychopaths to (legally) COUNTERFEIT the money supply, this by means of US Federal Reserve Bank--don't u realize what u're doing?--u're allowing these people to be the very closest thing to GOD--literally.
    They just print-up all the money they like (practically--for there are ultimate limits) or want or need, and u can't figure out why they think they're God? With this money they just print-up they can do anything--own all politicians and judges--and practically EVERYONE and everything w. only very, very few exceptions.
    Okay?--and things are just gonna get worse and worse and worse (face-up to it, suckers)--and more and more and more people are gonna die--and it's just gonna keep going on UNTIL the currency collapses in hyper-inflation--that's the ONLY way this satanic corruption and horror is going to end.  And I won't be surprised if, by that time (currency collapse), most people in the world will be DEAD.
    For humans DON'T HAVE A PERFECTLY "FREE" WILL--and NOTHING is going to stop this insanity and satanism--why?--because THERE'S TOO MANY STUPID SCUM and (over-populated) puke who've been bred-up through the generations--in USA, at least since the Civil War, destruction of states rights (hence destruction of USA and its Constitution).
    Such is determinist "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--humans have NO (perfectly) "free" will to really do anything about it--the CYCLE just has to play itself out. The "forest-fire" must simply burn itself out--that's all that can happen, all that will happen.

    The ONLY thing that might be possible is something like what happened in a previous CYCLIC, historic down-turn, as Roman empire declined--the amazing, even miraculous, though brief, upsurge in Roman times by St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.

    But this Christian-styled "upsurge" requires so many predicates and necessities that it's extremely questionable if it can or will happen--though it's the only chance for survival of humanity and its civilization, I'm afraid.
    CONCLUSION: So u morons, scum, and puke really ought to just run for the hills, I suggest, and pray ur soul to the Lord--'cause u ain't got a snow-ball's chance in heck, the way u're going, pretending u have a "free" will, ho ho ho. Myself?--I'm committed to staying and fighting like true, proper Christian soldier--and first thing we need to doing is to REMOVING traitors who pretend they're "Christian," who have a perfectly "free" will (like to being "good"), and that u morons can change anything, like by means of ur idiot "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'," ho ho ho.

    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Historical survey of descent of cultural ideal, corruption, "Decline of the West"--present (sad) state-of-affairs

    Present-Day State Of The Culture: Jews--The Only Game In Town
    (Apollonian, 1 Jun 13)
    Of course, I've noted before: present day social reality and culture is a TOTAL JEW enterprise (Jews understood strictly as Talmudists, followers of the Pharisees who put Christ/TRUTH to death, according to New Test.). For Jews control the ULTIMATE WEAPON, the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam which allows Jews and cohorts to owning/controlling everything and everyone w. only few exceptions.
    Note then, Christ and Christianity stands for the OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) reality, necessary criterion of any TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH ideal/value, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6. Hence Christianity opposes, in Hegelian anti-thetical style, Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews then standing for WHATEVER (lies) keeps Jews on top, ruling the roost--even to extent of sacrificing and expending the lower-level Jews.
    So there u have the basic metaphysical (i.e., regarding nature of reality) opposites: OBJECTIVE vs. subjective--these then have necessary ETHICAL (and political) consequences/implications.
    Thus Christian (objective) reality necessitates DETERMINISM--no perfectly "free" human will--only God's will prevails, always, in all things. Hence there's NO "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy); humans are sinners, always have been, always will be, and only God's grace can possibly get us into heaven.
    Jew subjectivism (lies) insists upon a perfectly "free" human will, co-equal w. God's--in fact, according to Jew Talmud, the only reason God exists was/is to create his irresistable love-object, Jews, whom God worships.
    Thus Jews insist upon "good-evil"--meaning serving and upholding Jews above all/anything else, no matter what (lies) it takes--EVEN lying to oneself, which lying, in fact, is what Jews do to themselves. But remember, in a subjective reality there's NO criterion, no truth, and anything could be true if u only WANT it to be--which is why Jews say u gotta have "faith" of the sort of BELEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIN', by which "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'" u make whatever u want to be true--u become God (or co-equal thereto).
    Thus note: Jews effectively make themselves to be God--by means of this corrupted concept of "faith." For true Christians "faith" only properly means LOYALTY.
    Thus, as the original Christian civilization/culture (fm Roman times) became corrupted in inevitable HUBRIS (beginning in Renaissance), Christians evermore took on the Jew ideas of corrupt "faith" (whence one makes oneself God) and it's vehicle, "good-evil" heresy.
    The practical effect then and now, in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, is institution of the present fiat-money (legalized COUNTERFEITING) institution which we know today as US Federal Reserve Bank (and equivalents) which just prints-up (nearly) endless amounts of funny-money--and which gives the powers nearly God-like power, they (Jews and accomplices) now owning and controlling practically everything and everybody.
    So the "only game in town" now is the battle among the Jews at the top, as I noted above, the "leftist"-atheist -styled Jews of CFR/Trilateralist/Bilderberg vs. the "conservative" mystic-"religious" -types which include present "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists, as noted.
    Such is the sad, truly horrible and tragic state-of-affairs for gentiles and true Christians--we now can only hope to benefit fm inevitable falling-out among the topmost criminals, the Jews, upon principle of "no honor among thieves."
    The "leftist" Jews want to essentially exterminate most of human-kind by means of AGENDA-21; the "conservative"-mystic/"religious" Jews want to keep us around so they can continue to parasitize as they've done so successfully since Renaissance/Reformation--such is the movie presently playing at a theatre near you.