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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Christianity best understood in proper context, the opposite (Hegelian) anti-thesis, satanism....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Christianity In Cultural Perspective, Context, Hegelian Anti-Thesis To Satanism
(Apollonian, 31 Jan 17)

Hence then, to recap above general expo on Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to Godly happiness, one must remember such precious Christianity must be seen in proper context--against satanism, extreme subjectivism, rendering the hubristic false God.

Psychologically, one observes such satanism/subjectivism then is so often mere descent into gross psychosis, as in psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism.

BUT, observe how such subjectivism is made so serviceable for organized collectives, beginning w. such as the (free) masons, and most notoriously, Jews/Talmudists (distinguished fm Judeans, which equivocation Jews so often want to invite, induce, and suggest). See for expo on Talmud.

For note the historic attraction to war-gods, like the Babylonian Marduk. Jew God is just another of these war-gods, the purpose being warfare. And indeed, observe the Talmudic purpose and orientation: WAR AGAINST HUMANITY, reason, justice, etc.

So what then is it that most promotes such anti-human satanism/subjectivism?--"PROSPERITY" which then leads to the great hubris of the population, they pretending to godliness and ability to create reality, "moral virtue," and (non-existent) "good" by which one attains to heaven, capable of demanding a place fm God himself--Pelagian heresy, among Christians.

So this observing of satanism (extreme SUBJECTIVISM), but esp. the organized collectivist sort which makes it most practical and effective, is then the necessary context for Christianity. And the greater the satanist cultural impulse and effect, ONLY THEN does one see the corresponding imperative for Christian insight and virtue, the ethic following fm the metaphysical ideal and principle, OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality.

Thus for example, "pornography" is mere manifestation of the natural and innate human appetite and can only be MANAGED by means of human reason, for there's no "good-evil" in a determined, objective reality. Pornography then is how God tricks the human beast into reproduction, trigger for the emotional impulse, part of the necessary animal nature which must be properly integrated w. proper management, reason, etc.

And that "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, implanted within the young is the classic pretext for one's later satanism, narcissism, sociopathy, as it's later developed, promoted, and exploited by establishment satanists of the culture--as we see in present-day "Vatican" (not to be confused w. "church," properly understood), including present satanic pope, Bergoglio, pushing "climate-change" lies, world gov., etc.

And the ultimate LIE/fraud is the criminal enterprise known as CENTRAL-BANKING, legalized counterfeiting, by which politicians and judges, along w. everyone/everything else, are bought-up by the satanist masterminds at the top.

Thus there'd be no necessity of, or place for Christianity and its essential philosophy without the corresponding and complementary (Hegelian) anti-thesis, satanism, worship of lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), based upon extreme subjectivism, thus Talmudism, etc.

Thus we see Christianity vs. satanism in a veritable "Yin-Yang," alternating sort of relation, in accord w. Hegelian Thesis-antithesis, including the ancient notion of "oppositions" by Anaximander of Miletus, follower of Thales--it's finest sociologic description is surely Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Friday, January 27, 2017

Face facts, suckers: satanism and central-bank go together, and one feeds the other....

Get Clue, Fools: Central Bank, satanism--They Go Together, NECESSARILY, Morons
(Apollonian, 27 Jan 17)

Gee, the idiots wonder, how come there's such satanism in our face? Look at the pop-culture figure, going by name of "Madonna," brazenly flouts law, says she wants to bomb White House--nothing happens to the whore--and that's not all. Satanists rule--Jews rule. Jews = satanists (see for expo), but the stupid puke who so over-populate things presently refuse to heed the reality.

For if u can just print-up and digitalize nearly all the "currency" (not real money--see for expo) u want, what can u not do?--u become God, which is satanism by definition, which is what the central bank finally amounts to and gives us, satanism and death, as central bank is a fraud, pure and simple.

For the central bank is a monopoly, obviously, and it's out to destroy all opposition, hence all humanity. Thus cental bank and powers wants to feed everyone GMO poison food, poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, and toxic "chem-trails." And that's aside fm the monopolized mass-corp. Jews-media.

So now we have Trump attempting to work w. these satanist scum, the Jews, pretending u can have both at same time, Christianity (worship of truth) and satanism (Jews, lies).

People must realize and face facts: Trump is ultimately a loser, and if people are to be saved, they must do it themselves.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

satanism: ruthlessly murdering the people; must now depend on people themselves to un-do it, to counter-act it, as churches are controlled by satanists....

Grim satanic Afliction Of People, Culture Must Be Treated From Grass-Roots
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 17)

Observe how pathetically USA and its people are so horribly victimized by satanism (extreme subjectivism). CIA murderers and criminals thus direct Hollywood and the mass corp. Jews-media to dis-inform and mis-lead USA and its huge masses of morons, scum, and puke (over-population). The ever-centralizing and -growing monopolistic monster, led by central-bank, pushes diseases, poison drugs, poison food, poison "chem-trails," etc. to mass-murder the people.

After all, that's how u KNOW the over-populated puke and filth, called "the people," are soooo stupid: they allow themselves to be exterminated and slaughtered like cattle. Just ck into Agenda-21 and -30.

Note Christian church is supposed to defend against this satanism (empire of lies), but not only doesn't, "churches" are totally controlled by satanists and Jews (as Jews are most organized and best-led), and actually help the satanists, the present Jesuit pope (Bergoglio) of Rome pushing "climate-change" lies, world gov., etc.

The irony and tragedy is this satanic conspiracy is soooo visible, blatant, plain, and evident--as by means of the "pizza-gate" scandal which exposes them red-handed discussing the child-trafficking for purposes of ritualist murders, etc. Jews-media then is observed blatantly trying to cover it up, make excuses, divert and distract, etc.--all right in the very faces of people, the stupid scum, the dumbasses not wanting to believe the painful facts--as if now the facts might just go away as in the child's subjectivist mentality.

(a) So it's necessary the people, US, do this exposure of satanism, EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, subjectivism being "philosophy" that all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, thus making themselves God, creator of "reality." This subjectivism is then basis of lies and lying, the lies then presented as if they're real thing, pretending to objective in nature. Note liars don't have to use word, "objective," just "real" or "true."

(b) Most effective subjectivists/satanists are the collectivist subjectivists, like Jews and masons, as they're most organized and well-led and -directed. Primary weapon then for satanists is their central-bank mechanism which legally counterfeits the currency, not real "money"--which money must be commodity, gold/silver being best. By means then, of this central-banking satanists literally own and control everyone and everything, and anyone not co-operating is killed (or ridiculed or ignored).

(c) HOW then does subjectivism/satanism gain its legitimacy, currency, credibility, and power, such as it is?--by means of programming the young there's "good-evil" which is non-existent, as there's obviously no criterion, no perfectly "free" human will in an objective, determined world in accord w. absolute cause-effect, the will of God. And unfortunately, as we see, so many, perhaps most, poor folks NEVER RECOVER fm this early programming about fallacious, delusionary "good-evil."

Such then is the tremendous power of such fallacious, non-existent, delusionary "good-evil" which so easily controls and affects minds of soooo many fools.

Thus reality must be understood, including our manner of thinking about it, thought and the chain of reasoning always necessarily beginning in ASSUMPTION(s), there being only the objective nature, or not, the alternative being mysticism or subjectivism, none of it provable as they're necessarily FIRST premises, but the alternatives, mysticism or subjectivism, easily reduced-to-absurd.

Friday, January 20, 2017

"Pizza-gate" pt.s-up the real cultural/political struggle--against satanism....

War Against Globalism Is War Against satanism; Significance Of Pizza-Gate
(Apollonian, 20 Jan 17)

What's presently happening, politically and culturally, as with Trump?--well, he's jumping into the midst of the present war against satanism being so desperately fought by people of Jew S A--which used to be USA. And the war is now being mediated by those Jews who are allied w. Trump, who backed him. Thus we have an effective war of factions of the top satanic masterminds, which is inevitable, considering there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

But meantime, aside fm Trump and the top masterminds, the people, us, are still intensively engaged, and we've already scored significant victories, like victory of Trump against hitlery, against the odds, and the satanists are fighting back quite intensively.

So the fight, culturally and politically, demands the evermore free market against the Jew world order (JWO) oligarchs who've heretofore put into place the world gov. and monopolization of the economy, as we've seen. This movement for economic freedom has excellent prospects which Trump seems to back genuinely, and the satanists and JWO are absolutely and rightly panicked.

The problem for obstruction of this freedom movement is the JWO starting wars, and regarding Trump, it will entail Israel and such as moving their capital fm Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Aside fm the psychotic, psychopathic Jews (which is always a redundancy), the freedom movement has great prospects, and it will entail such as reducing ZOG spending, curtailing the wars and war-spending, but further, institution of real money (gold/silver), and enforcement/observing 10th Amendment, states rights.

Then there are smaller issues, easily understood, like the rights of families to home-school, reduction of ZOG influence upon "edjumacation," ho ho ho ho, the right of people to not have themselves murdered by means of the poison vaccines, the right to not be poisoned by GMO foods.

Then there's PIZZA-GATE, suckers--this is a huge sore-spot and weak-pt. regarding satanists, ho o ho ho ho ho--where the war against satanism is most blatant.

So it's the continuing war against satanism and the more and better people understand such satanism, extreme subjectivism, the better things will go. And PIZZA-GATE dramatizes the Satanism most poignantly. With Jews u lose. In a way, Trump is snake-bitten to extent he's committed to Jew filth--which he undoubtedly is. And the entire cultural trick for successful war against satanism is in understanding the real Christianity as absolutely anti-semitic, Christ = truth, getting rid of Jews and their filthy influence--as in PIZZA-GATE.

Thus people will profit and prosper to extent they see war against satanism is war against Jews. Nothing dramatizes this war better than pizza-gate. With Trump one important faction of these Jews and satanists have been decisively beaten. Further success against satanism only requires further progress against Jews, the other factions of Jews.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Things going soooo bad for ZOG, Jew world order, CIA, HOW could they NOT work to killing Trump?....

Why CIA, ZOG, Jew World Order MUST, Will Attempt To Kill Trump
(Apollonian, 17 Jan 17)

CIA, Jew world order (JWO), and ZOG must and will attempt to killing Trump as (a) Trump has blasphemed (literally), when he said, "nationalism, not globalism will be our credo"--that's enough right there, but Trump has said other similar things too.

(b) Trump will un-cover ZOG's arming, building-up of terrorists like ISIS, murder of Qadaffi (of Libya), murder of Stevens the ambassador, will also un-cover such as Sandy hoax and other such-like manufactured "events."

(c) Trump has already said he'd investigate hitlery and pizza-gate, will un-cover, expose facts--which are already practically common knowledge, but most significantly, will not work hard to continue cover-up.

(d) Observe Trump calling-out CNN the other day, explicitly saying they're "fake-news"--this is another fatal exposure for ZOG/JWO.

(e) In fact, that's the problem for ZOG and JWO: Trump simply won't continue working for them as intensively as it is necessary, and as Obola and Clintons did--that's also enough, right there. For it's extremely questionable ZOG could survive even had hitlery won.

(f) Everything is coming apart for horrific, satanic conspiracy of ZOG and JWO, and only a major war could possibly delay it, even for a short while. So spread the word and pray for Trump.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

People better start getting smart--to save their idiot lives, ho ho ho ho....

U Poor, Stupid Puke: U Are Being Murdered, War Waged Against U Dumb Scum--Wake-Up, Fools!
(Apollonian, 15 Jan 17)

Well, pizza-gate is, thanks to Jew-tube (in all irony, ho ho ho ho), evermore known, and satanism and child-trafficking are now generally apparent to great numbers of people. Will the dumb scum--the "people"--wake-up to the obvious facts?--ho ho ho ho ho--probably not, eh?--that's how stupid people are, such TV addicts the morons have become, eh?--ho ho ho ho.

It's literally death-worship, just as Ayn Rand noted in "Atlas Shrugged," the children taken fm the scum and morons--"the people," so sheep-like and lobotomized by the TV, ho ho ho ho.

And now we see all the instruments of the satanists, esp. the Jews-media, and now such as the satanic CIA, are working intensively against Trump--it's WAR, morons--get a clue.

So if the puke DO kill Trump, at least people should know what satanism is: extreme subjectivism, dumbasses. Need more expo?--then READ, u stupid puke--read the essays on this site, morons, and try to grow some brains, fools. It's only ur moronic lives at stake, idiots.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mr. Goody, inveterate prankster, anti-Christ, but willing tool, dupe, useful idiot for satanists....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody: Psychologic Assessment Of Inveterate Prankster
(Apollonian, 14 Jan 17)

Thus I think u're mostly just random, dumbass, typical anti-Christ moron who thinks u're smart, friend of kikes, etc.--not so much an outright, convicted satanist--typical prankster, shallow-minded fool, who enjoys his pranking, thinking he's soooo clever, as so typical.

But, like I say, u're the sort of willing tool, dupe, and useful idiot for the satanists--that's how I assess u.

And the other thing is u are seriously psychotic for ur obsessive passive-aggressive evasion and schizoidal manifestations, not to mention inferiority-complex which u seem to have for Christians/Christianity.

Such then is the destination of "American's Journey"--rather satanistic pranking, but on a low-level, u being pretty far-gone into psychosis, endless passive-aggression, schizoidalness, inferiority-complex, etc.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now that folks are getting hip to problem of poison vaccines pushed by medical monopoly, do u think they might start to seeing the central-bank monopolists behind it all?....

Isn't The Game OBVIOUS?--Creation Of Monopolist Dictatorship Over Whole World
(Apollonian, 12 Jan 17)

Well now, we see quite a few people are gratified Trump has appointed RFK Jr. to look into the poison vaccines, enforced by the gov. (hint: it's a gov.-enforced monopoly). And if u don't get ur kids inflicted w. poison vaccines, u could lose the kids to the state (as in California) which will then give kids to child molesters and pedophiles. And u can't sue the vaccine manufacturers--they have "immunity" given them by the politicians they've bribed.

Then there's the GMO monopoly by which poison food is pushed on the people--genocide by "slow-kill" method.

Note also the "Big Pharma" monopoly which pays doctors to push drugs on people--similar to pushing un-needed surgery--and keeping free market drugs illegal--which only provides for a monopolist market for those illegal free market drugs, like cannabis, LSD, morphine, etc.

So one sees the blatant MONOPOLY over medicine and medical services, ever-growing and -expanding. And of course, there's the Jews-media monopoly which opposes what they arbitrarily call "fake-news," which "fake-news" is any info the monopolist establishment doesn't like, which it will say is "terrorism."

So how/why is it so difficult to observe and verify this monopolization--of everything, by a truly totalitarian gov.?

And finally, is it soooo goddam difficult to see what's behind this large, overall movement for totalitarian monopolization?--which, it so happens, also sees to the total mass murder of the citizens (according to "Agenda-21")? So WHAT ELSE is behind this monopolization, as of medical affairs, the press, food, etc., but the GODDAM CENTRAL-BANK, suckers? See for expo on central-bank.

What's the "central-bank"?--it's legalized counterfeiting of the currency, not real "money," which real money must be commodity, hence gold/silver, not capable of being counterfeited.

So why can't people see these satanic murderers simply make use of central-banking to enforce and enable their general monopolization of EVERYTHING ELSE, literally? For by means of this same legalized counterfeiting, these satanists buy all politicians and judges on their way to buying everything and everyone else too.

And if these stupid sons-of-bitches (the "people") can't see what's going on w. this general monopolization, then doesn't it mean they NEED extermination for excessive stupidity?--seriously. I mean if u're soooooooooooo goddam stupid to such a degree, doesn't that mean u're begging for extermination?--don't u DESERVE it?

Well, guess what, sucker?--extermination is what happens, according to Darwin, anyway--the "weak fall by the wayside"--it's simply inevitable. People might work to saving some of the dumb-****s, but after a certain pt., too much stupidity MUST lead to extinction--it will happen, guaranteed, suckers.

But the poor, dumb bastards won't and can't see what's going-on and -down until they see people being killed on a mass scale, evidently--that's why they're such stupid, brainless puke.

And thus we see the purpose and place of the satanists, central-bankers, and counterfeiters: they're God's way of eliminating, removing, and de-populating the earth of excessive numbers of stupid, brainless bastards, scum, and puke who beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeev there's "free lunch"--just print-up currency (not real "money," again), eh?--the magic solution for everything. Stupid scum think "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'" makes it come true.

These satanists and bankers then are thus merely like diseases, like typhus, leprosy, and plague--they take-out the over-populated weaklings, pure and simple. They're not "evil," as they (satanists) sincerely think, in their way, they're doing right and good; they live by lies and lying, including lying to themselves (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Anti-Christ, not wanting to admit to satanism, pathetically reduced to pranking, attempting to make joke as he strives to fooling himself....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"American's 'Journey'" In Crisis For Identity
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 2017)

Mr. Goody tells us, above, "no comprendo," Jan 4, 2017, 6:34:00 PM. So what's going on now, Mr. Goody?--has ur site turned into a prank site?--u're just pulling everyone's leg?--but we KNOW u're anti-Christ, without doubt--that's certainly not mere "prank."

U just don't want to admit u're satanist, eh? Pretending now u can't see diff. btwn Christian and satanist?--but that would be just toooooooo stupid, eh?--got to be a prank, eh?

Seems now u're scraping bottom of the barrel for ideas, Mr. Goody. Who/what are u?--we KNOW u're anti-Christ. And we KNOW u don't have guts, or even intelligence, to admit u're satanist, as u don't want to admit to crass subjectivism for ur philosophy.

So it looks like u're stuck for simple idea of IDENTITY--who/what are u, scum?

Such then is tragic course of "American's Journey": the poor fool is confronted for his basic philosophy, such as it is, or lack thereof. Mr. Goody wants to pretend to "good," but lacks a foundation, and doesn't want to admit to satanic extreme subjectivism, psychotically pretending he can't tell diff. btwn such subjectivism and Christian truth ideal.

What a pathetic liar, serving to show what committed liars do, in the end, merely struggling to deceive oneself--which isn't always too easy thing to do. But Mr. Goody is dedicated, determined liar--why we suspected him for being a Jew.

So tell us, Mr. Goody, how does a brainless, cowardly buffoon like urself, who doesn't want to admit u're satanist, continue to pretend u're some sort of "moral" judge who criticizes Christians, when u can't tell, as u say, diff. btwn Christianity and satanism?

And the pt. is, how do u expect ANYONE to respect u when u play the ignorant buffoon who doesn't "comprehend," and can't tell diff. btwn Christian and satanist? So is buffoonery the final destination for "American's Journey"?--tell us, Mr. Goody, o ho ho hoho ho

Sunday, January 1, 2017

satanic little dupe of a hack analyzed, exposed, living in his own little world, fooling himself....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody's Determined March And Descent Into Madness, Psychosis, Hubris
(Apollonian, 1 Jan 2017)

I thought I'd address Mr. Goody's lies in somewhat greater detail. Mr. Goody writes, just above, "You offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up." Notice Mr. Goody can't generalize or sum-up regarding his so-called "points" he "brought up." And observe also, fm above, he said something similar:

Mr. Goody says: "The chemtrails - I noticed you side-stepped that and other important topics - as usual." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Dec 26, 2016, 4:41:00 PM

But what is ur article really about, Mr. Goody?--it's really just a rambling patch-work of jumbled-together topics, right?--"chem-trails" being only one of them, right?

We notice u intersperse ur writing w. artsy-craftsy interludes regarding the goings-on at the coffee shop, beginning and end, and two places in btwn, eh?

So u complain about "chem-trails," and speculate and comment upon circumstances, and after ur first artsy-craftsy interlude u comment briefly upon "Scientific American" article, Snowden, and whistle-blowers, make ur notes about "reconciliation," division, and "hatred of the enemy" in ur questioning "a group of veterans," and 9/11.

Suddenly then, ur psychotic rambling shifts, and u begin talking about Trump, ho ho ho oho, also Limbaugh and Hannity, and u get to ur second artsy-craftsy interlude--all "stream-of-consciousness" artsy-craftsiness w. u, eh Mr. Goody?

Then u start ur idiot rambling up again for ur final section w. "DIVISION AMERICA" heading, mentioning Trump, autism, and hypodermic shots, and there u trail-off, hardly mentioning anything more about "chem-trails," ho o ho ho ho ho

So u give us no conclusions, no summing-up, just a bunch of rambling, mentioning various topics and dropping a few names, interspersed w. ur artsy-craftsy coffee shop notes, ho ho ho ho

So we see just the sort of pretentious, psychotic liar u are, Mr. Goody, pretending u talk about any "important pt.s," making no general conclusions fm the items and details u bring-up.

Thus we see u really only want to PRETEND u're making any serious critique. And when I pt. out the satanist culture which is responsible for the mass-murder, one-world gov. pushing pop.-reduction, Agenda-21, and poisoned vaccines, u just lie and say I'm ignoring ur "points," ho ho ho ho--when u really say nothing, making no substantial conclusions, as we see.

Then u have the gall to write, when I call u out for ur empty, pointless babbling and rambling, "Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like ****ing BUGS you dumb sunnuvabitch. Get that through your ****ing head.

"If you cannot understand that - try looking up "Chemtrails" in the Bible your poor sap."

Hoho ho ho ho ho oho--who do u think u're kidding, u utterly psychotic tool, dupe and useful idiot, suck-along working for satanists? Ho ho ho ho ho

Such then is Mr. Goody's "American's Journey" into pretension, madness, and psychosis, eh Mr. Goody?--it's all just an effort to fooling urself, eh?--u don't fool too many others, do u? Ho ho ho ho oho

----------------above in response to below-copied by Mr. Goody----------------

Anonymous Jan 1, 2017, 3:37:00 PM


I object to dumb-****s like you.

As far as cornfusion it's a better state of mind than where you are blabbing about nothing.

You offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up.

Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like ****ing BUGS you dumb sunnuvabitch. Get that through your ****ing head.

If you cannot understand that - try looking up "Chemtrails" in the Bible your poor sap.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

---------------Below-copied is ap's immediate response to above-------------

Mr. Goody: EXPOSED
(Apollonian, 1 Jan 2017)

Mr. Goody writes, "Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like ****ing BUGS...." And I then rejoined, doesn't afore-mentioned Agenda-21 advocate population-reduction?

And I took note of the chem-spraying as early as my note to u, above, of Dec 26, 2016, 6:09:00 PM, 6th paragraph, sucker--can u read?--what's ur problem?

And we noted that's one of ur psychotic, passive-aggressive symptoms, isn't it?--u forget so easily and readily what was just written to u. Who's the "dumb sunnuvabitch" and the "dumb-****"?

But we get it, Mr. Goody: u're a psycho, is what's the problem, subjectivistic, subject to satanic manipulation, and well-versed in ways of passive-aggression, evasion, and outright lying (pretending u're "American" when u're actually anti-Christian as u express and essentially admit).

U say I "offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up," but this is another lie of urs as I pt. out EXACTLY who's doing the "chem-spraying" and why they do it, (a), and (b) I show historically and sociologically exactly how this has all come-about.

So u see, Mr. Goody, how u're now exposed for all the world to see, eh? U'RE THE PROBLEM, sucker, willing tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for the satanists who are themselves now exposed in "pizza-gate," right?