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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Anti-Christ, not wanting to admit to satanism, pathetically reduced to pranking, attempting to make joke as he strives to fooling himself....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"American's 'Journey'" In Crisis For Identity
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 2017)

Mr. Goody tells us, above, "no comprendo," Jan 4, 2017, 6:34:00 PM. So what's going on now, Mr. Goody?--has ur site turned into a prank site?--u're just pulling everyone's leg?--but we KNOW u're anti-Christ, without doubt--that's certainly not mere "prank."

U just don't want to admit u're satanist, eh? Pretending now u can't see diff. btwn Christian and satanist?--but that would be just toooooooo stupid, eh?--got to be a prank, eh?

Seems now u're scraping bottom of the barrel for ideas, Mr. Goody. Who/what are u?--we KNOW u're anti-Christ. And we KNOW u don't have guts, or even intelligence, to admit u're satanist, as u don't want to admit to crass subjectivism for ur philosophy.

So it looks like u're stuck for simple idea of IDENTITY--who/what are u, scum?

Such then is tragic course of "American's Journey": the poor fool is confronted for his basic philosophy, such as it is, or lack thereof. Mr. Goody wants to pretend to "good," but lacks a foundation, and doesn't want to admit to satanic extreme subjectivism, psychotically pretending he can't tell diff. btwn such subjectivism and Christian truth ideal.

What a pathetic liar, serving to show what committed liars do, in the end, merely struggling to deceive oneself--which isn't always too easy thing to do. But Mr. Goody is dedicated, determined liar--why we suspected him for being a Jew.

So tell us, Mr. Goody, how does a brainless, cowardly buffoon like urself, who doesn't want to admit u're satanist, continue to pretend u're some sort of "moral" judge who criticizes Christians, when u can't tell, as u say, diff. btwn Christianity and satanism?

And the pt. is, how do u expect ANYONE to respect u when u play the ignorant buffoon who doesn't "comprehend," and can't tell diff. btwn Christian and satanist? So is buffoonery the final destination for "American's Journey"?--tell us, Mr. Goody, o ho ho hoho ho

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