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Monday, January 16, 2017

Things going soooo bad for ZOG, Jew world order, CIA, HOW could they NOT work to killing Trump?....

Why CIA, ZOG, Jew World Order MUST, Will Attempt To Kill Trump
(Apollonian, 17 Jan 17)

CIA, Jew world order (JWO), and ZOG must and will attempt to killing Trump as (a) Trump has blasphemed (literally), when he said, "nationalism, not globalism will be our credo"--that's enough right there, but Trump has said other similar things too.

(b) Trump will un-cover ZOG's arming, building-up of terrorists like ISIS, murder of Qadaffi (of Libya), murder of Stevens the ambassador, will also un-cover such as Sandy hoax and other such-like manufactured "events."

(c) Trump has already said he'd investigate hitlery and pizza-gate, will un-cover, expose facts--which are already practically common knowledge, but most significantly, will not work hard to continue cover-up.

(d) Observe Trump calling-out CNN the other day, explicitly saying they're "fake-news"--this is another fatal exposure for ZOG/JWO.

(e) In fact, that's the problem for ZOG and JWO: Trump simply won't continue working for them as intensively as it is necessary, and as Obola and Clintons did--that's also enough, right there. For it's extremely questionable ZOG could survive even had hitlery won.

(f) Everything is coming apart for horrific, satanic conspiracy of ZOG and JWO, and only a major war could possibly delay it, even for a short while. So spread the word and pray for Trump.

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