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Friday, January 27, 2017

Face facts, suckers: satanism and central-bank go together, and one feeds the other....

Get Clue, Fools: Central Bank, satanism--They Go Together, NECESSARILY, Morons
(Apollonian, 27 Jan 17)

Gee, the idiots wonder, how come there's such satanism in our face? Look at the pop-culture figure, going by name of "Madonna," brazenly flouts law, says she wants to bomb White House--nothing happens to the whore--and that's not all. Satanists rule--Jews rule. Jews = satanists (see for expo), but the stupid puke who so over-populate things presently refuse to heed the reality.

For if u can just print-up and digitalize nearly all the "currency" (not real money--see for expo) u want, what can u not do?--u become God, which is satanism by definition, which is what the central bank finally amounts to and gives us, satanism and death, as central bank is a fraud, pure and simple.

For the central bank is a monopoly, obviously, and it's out to destroy all opposition, hence all humanity. Thus cental bank and powers wants to feed everyone GMO poison food, poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, and toxic "chem-trails." And that's aside fm the monopolized mass-corp. Jews-media.

So now we have Trump attempting to work w. these satanist scum, the Jews, pretending u can have both at same time, Christianity (worship of truth) and satanism (Jews, lies).

People must realize and face facts: Trump is ultimately a loser, and if people are to be saved, they must do it themselves.

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