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Friday, January 20, 2017

"Pizza-gate" pt.s-up the real cultural/political struggle--against satanism....

War Against Globalism Is War Against satanism; Significance Of Pizza-Gate
(Apollonian, 20 Jan 17)

What's presently happening, politically and culturally, as with Trump?--well, he's jumping into the midst of the present war against satanism being so desperately fought by people of Jew S A--which used to be USA. And the war is now being mediated by those Jews who are allied w. Trump, who backed him. Thus we have an effective war of factions of the top satanic masterminds, which is inevitable, considering there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

But meantime, aside fm Trump and the top masterminds, the people, us, are still intensively engaged, and we've already scored significant victories, like victory of Trump against hitlery, against the odds, and the satanists are fighting back quite intensively.

So the fight, culturally and politically, demands the evermore free market against the Jew world order (JWO) oligarchs who've heretofore put into place the world gov. and monopolization of the economy, as we've seen. This movement for economic freedom has excellent prospects which Trump seems to back genuinely, and the satanists and JWO are absolutely and rightly panicked.

The problem for obstruction of this freedom movement is the JWO starting wars, and regarding Trump, it will entail Israel and such as moving their capital fm Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Aside fm the psychotic, psychopathic Jews (which is always a redundancy), the freedom movement has great prospects, and it will entail such as reducing ZOG spending, curtailing the wars and war-spending, but further, institution of real money (gold/silver), and enforcement/observing 10th Amendment, states rights.

Then there are smaller issues, easily understood, like the rights of families to home-school, reduction of ZOG influence upon "edjumacation," ho ho ho ho, the right of people to not have themselves murdered by means of the poison vaccines, the right to not be poisoned by GMO foods.

Then there's PIZZA-GATE, suckers--this is a huge sore-spot and weak-pt. regarding satanists, ho o ho ho ho ho--where the war against satanism is most blatant.

So it's the continuing war against satanism and the more and better people understand such satanism, extreme subjectivism, the better things will go. And PIZZA-GATE dramatizes the Satanism most poignantly. With Jews u lose. In a way, Trump is snake-bitten to extent he's committed to Jew filth--which he undoubtedly is. And the entire cultural trick for successful war against satanism is in understanding the real Christianity as absolutely anti-semitic, Christ = truth, getting rid of Jews and their filthy influence--as in PIZZA-GATE.

Thus people will profit and prosper to extent they see war against satanism is war against Jews. Nothing dramatizes this war better than pizza-gate. With Trump one important faction of these Jews and satanists have been decisively beaten. Further success against satanism only requires further progress against Jews, the other factions of Jews.

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