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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

satanism: ruthlessly murdering the people; must now depend on people themselves to un-do it, to counter-act it, as churches are controlled by satanists....

Grim satanic Afliction Of People, Culture Must Be Treated From Grass-Roots
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 17)

Observe how pathetically USA and its people are so horribly victimized by satanism (extreme subjectivism). CIA murderers and criminals thus direct Hollywood and the mass corp. Jews-media to dis-inform and mis-lead USA and its huge masses of morons, scum, and puke (over-population). The ever-centralizing and -growing monopolistic monster, led by central-bank, pushes diseases, poison drugs, poison food, poison "chem-trails," etc. to mass-murder the people.

After all, that's how u KNOW the over-populated puke and filth, called "the people," are soooo stupid: they allow themselves to be exterminated and slaughtered like cattle. Just ck into Agenda-21 and -30.

Note Christian church is supposed to defend against this satanism (empire of lies), but not only doesn't, "churches" are totally controlled by satanists and Jews (as Jews are most organized and best-led), and actually help the satanists, the present Jesuit pope (Bergoglio) of Rome pushing "climate-change" lies, world gov., etc.

The irony and tragedy is this satanic conspiracy is soooo visible, blatant, plain, and evident--as by means of the "pizza-gate" scandal which exposes them red-handed discussing the child-trafficking for purposes of ritualist murders, etc. Jews-media then is observed blatantly trying to cover it up, make excuses, divert and distract, etc.--all right in the very faces of people, the stupid scum, the dumbasses not wanting to believe the painful facts--as if now the facts might just go away as in the child's subjectivist mentality.

(a) So it's necessary the people, US, do this exposure of satanism, EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, subjectivism being "philosophy" that all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, thus making themselves God, creator of "reality." This subjectivism is then basis of lies and lying, the lies then presented as if they're real thing, pretending to objective in nature. Note liars don't have to use word, "objective," just "real" or "true."

(b) Most effective subjectivists/satanists are the collectivist subjectivists, like Jews and masons, as they're most organized and well-led and -directed. Primary weapon then for satanists is their central-bank mechanism which legally counterfeits the currency, not real "money"--which money must be commodity, gold/silver being best. By means then, of this central-banking satanists literally own and control everyone and everything, and anyone not co-operating is killed (or ridiculed or ignored).

(c) HOW then does subjectivism/satanism gain its legitimacy, currency, credibility, and power, such as it is?--by means of programming the young there's "good-evil" which is non-existent, as there's obviously no criterion, no perfectly "free" human will in an objective, determined world in accord w. absolute cause-effect, the will of God. And unfortunately, as we see, so many, perhaps most, poor folks NEVER RECOVER fm this early programming about fallacious, delusionary "good-evil."

Such then is the tremendous power of such fallacious, non-existent, delusionary "good-evil" which so easily controls and affects minds of soooo many fools.

Thus reality must be understood, including our manner of thinking about it, thought and the chain of reasoning always necessarily beginning in ASSUMPTION(s), there being only the objective nature, or not, the alternative being mysticism or subjectivism, none of it provable as they're necessarily FIRST premises, but the alternatives, mysticism or subjectivism, easily reduced-to-absurd.

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