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Friday, November 7, 2014

Culture of "BIG-LIE" has practical components (like central-banking), but also more abstract components, precedents, never doubt....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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The Culture Of The "BIG-LIE" In Our "Faces"--Mass Death Beckoning
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 14)

So thus and therefore, as we proceed here in glorious inductive manner, we first (a) observe the various events in proper scientific manner, JFK, RFK, and all the other assassinations, MLK, Malcolm X, and numerous others, along w. all the various "events," Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombing, etc., and (b) we note the "BIG-LIE" psy-ops component, always common to every event.

(c) Then we observe the mass-corp. Jews-media and (d) the central-banking instrument, and we see now the CONCRETE instruments in-play and at-work, commanding and dominating the culture--now mere empire of criminals.

(e) And now, for more ABSTRACT considerations, we observe then the larger culture of BIG-LIES, the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--for we only now have to explain how such a criminal fraud as central-banking is allowed and tolerated--no less than Jews who were always, rightly and understandably, hated and despised by our dear ancestors, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

(f) For Jews are Talmudists, hence criminals and satanists--which truth the poor people have forgotten.

What then was one serious and disastrous development in the culture of the West which allowed for emergence and now dominance of these Jew monsters and psychopaths?--it was the irrationalist, subjectivism and MORALISM/Pharisaism, esp. of Immanuel Kant in late 18th cent. which signaled end of the otherwise glorious "Enlightenment" era which ensued fm the German Thirty Years War.

And note it wasn't long after Kant, Hegel came along w. his ideas of the absolute state worship, then Marx, then in quick succession the American "Civil War" consolidation of gov., overthrow of states-rights, the socialist-collectivist legislation in Bismarck's Germany, and finally outright bolshevism of Soviet Union, this last funded by the Jew bankers of the West, esp. by means of the criminal central-banking.

(g) Meantime, observe what happened to Christianity which became evermore wholly Judaized and streamlined consistent w. the Kantian MORALISM/Pharisaism, esp. for the mystic emphasis upon "faith" as "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

Thus w. the Jew version of "faith" as "believing," Christianity took on that thematic Jew hubris and subjectivism against its native and essential objective-orientation for TRUTH (= Christ), this to accommodate the Kantian MORALISM/Pharisaism which inexorably insinuated itself within both culture and Christian practice.

Such then was/is the progress of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the West degenerating to tolerance of Jew psychopaths and criminals, this Jew criminality consolidating evermore w. that central-banking ultimate weapon.

(h) And now we see the horrific rise of organized satanism, as in modern music industry, totally controlled by Jews, naturally--which satanism of course cannot advance too overtly as it's quickly enough recognized and identified for what it is.

Yet the satanism is actively practiced in the deliberate mass-murder of the citizens as by slow-kill methods in toxic vaccines, poisoned food and food additives, GMOs, aspartame, and glyphosphate pesticides, "chem-trail" poisoning, and even nuclear radiation poisoning, including depleted uranium, etc.

(i) Thus we see satanism cannot become TOO prominent, though it is demonstrably there.  But what is prominent is the horrifically compromised and perverted, establishment Christianity, so disgustingly Judaized, like the thoroughly corrupt, homosexual and pedophilic "Vatican," rejected by evermore folks, there being little left in way of culture but for a generalized "Fear of the Jews" along w. the putrid, general "politically-correct" MORALISM/Pharisaism, much in secular guise, and then afore-mentioned corrosively toxic satanism held and practiced by a select minority.

Such then is the large culture of the "BIG-LIE" fostered, manipulated, exerted, and applied by the Jew world order, the practical engine being the criminal central-banking and COUNTERFEITING--it's necessary, logical goal, consistent w. the satanic Talmud, is extermination of humanity and it's culture of reason and the original Christianity.  Lots of people, inferiors and weaklings who've been formerly bred-up, must and will surely die, but TRUTH (= Christ) will never die, but will resurrect, as we celebrate at Easter Holy Day, never doubt.  Amen.

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