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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christian motif is invaluable for serious revolutionary purposes, capable of united gentiles for sentiment, but more too....

Christian Understanding Is Hegelian Opposite To Jew: Truth Vs. Lies; Objectivity Vs. Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 2 Nov 14)

Yes ex-pat (see below-copied), hist. is CYCLIC, and we're in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," formerly great, productive civilization having bred-up now too many inferiors, weaklings who never had to fight or work too hard, and who now run w. Jews--that's problem, Jews and their suck-alongs. (See my expo at

And yes, "Judeo-Christians" are hereticalists (traitors) who've taken-up the Jews' grasp and understanding--esp. in way of grossly mis-understood concept of "faith," the Jew understanding being one "believing"--as for Jews reality is subjective (whatever one wants it to be), thus "believing," and that "truth" is merely what u "believe" (truth = belief) within their subjectivist grasp--Jews being collectivist subjectivists.

(Thus Jews always defeat gentiles, Jews being innate, inveterate collectivists, while gentile subjectivists are always so individualist, nihilist, hence fall victim to organized, collectivistic Jews.)

Proper Christian understanding of "faith" is LOYALTY, that's all, and no "beleeeeeeeeeeevin'" will make anything true--as reality is objective, regardless of whatever "belief."

For remember most folks hang in the middle, not being too bright, and wait for leadership, there being only a few dedicated Christians.

To be sure, Jews are always minority too, along w. their suck-alongs among gentiles--like a huge criminal gang--and the mass of dis-organized, most often demoralized, gentiles are naturally intimidated and over-awed by this minority, led by Jews, highly organized.

Note if the gang of criminals is too large--against too few gentiles--then the whole purpose of exploitation is defeated--criminals MUST be minority in order to reap large enough profits.

Thus Christianity is good for UNITY of sentiment among the people, and all good things only come fm worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--no Christian can deny this, explicitly stated in Gosp.

And u can see thus, REASON is integral part of Holy Spirit, by which to grasp such truth (= Christ, only way to Godly happiness).

Thus basic conflict is Christian TRUTH, hence the objective reality which gives premise for any conclusion--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded in subjectivism--"anything goes." Jews don't hold to an objective reality. Thus Jews pretend to "good-evil" by which they intimidate and bribe the weak-minded.

That's why I emphasize Christianity in general first--people grasping that Jews HATE IT (Christianity), they hating objective reality, Christianity suffering--as Christ (= truth) on the Cross. But truth cannot be killed, and always resurrects (Easter Holy day).

Thus note Christian aestheticism, within which we find true Christian philosophy, upholds that basic, Western, Greek REASON, logic, science, etc.--contrary to the Judeo-Christian (JC) view--indeed, diametrically opposite, the JCs following the Jews conception for reality, hence "faith" as believing, rather than the proper LOYALTY.

Thus u see, there's no Pharisaist "good-evil" which beguiles so many, for Christianity holds we're all sinners, doomed to heck; only God's grace can save us--this is the fundamental contrast btwn Jew lies and Christian truth--WHICH WE CAN WELL, AND SHOULD, USE TO OUR ADVANTAGE.

Christianity then, properly understood, is NOT inimical to REASON, logic, etc.--only the Jew version/understanding of Christianity is what makes it seem mystic, natural for Jews as they recognize no objective, determinist (without perfect "free" will) reality--it all being subjective, what their rabbis say--hence requiring the false, anti-rationalist "faith" of "believing" which makes things come true, like w. children.

So u see, properly understood (which is difficult for many, one must acknowledge) Christianity is perfectly rational and consistent therewith, endorsing the objective reality, basis of TRUTH (= Christ)--against the Jew subjectivism, hence the organized, collectivist lies preached by Jews and their leaders.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------


While I do agree that your defense of Christianity as a religion of 'Truth' is something that should be reinforced by Christian pastors - it isn't.

Remember, that it was the fanatics of the early Christian church that stamped out heresy, including the worship of your avatar - Apollo- in the Romanized world. And, how much knowledge of our ancestors or knowledge that our ancestors knew was destroyed by their fanaticism of the 'one true way'? While I believe the right kind of Christianity can help our cause and put us back on the right track - I am not in favor of destroying the links that have been formed with various racial pagan groups just because they believe in a different form of God. If God made nature - then we can understand Him by observing or some would say, worshiping the powers of Nature. Furthermore, the Judeo-Christians are about as useful to the cause as a warm bucket of spit and I refuse to have anything to do with them.

All in all, this has been a lively debate but we need to keep our eyes on what we are talking about - the end of the U.S.A. and what we [as a race of white men and women] are going to do to prepare for the physical collapse of the world as we know it.

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