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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reason doesn't defend Jews--it indicts and prosecutes such satanic psychopaths and monsters who pretend they're God....

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God Hates Jews--Provides Reason To Protect Humanity Against Jews
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 14)

Ho ho ho--apster is affirming God--it's Jack Rabbit who wants to pretend to Godliness himself, insisting upon what's "good" or "moral," or "Constitutional," etc., as if he's God determining reality.

Humans act in their interest, this in accord w. reason.  So the Constitution is the social-compact/contract by which the people protect themselves, invoking "natural rights," these pertaining ONLY to those within the contract--and against enemies, who are outside the contract.

So the social contract/Constitution is something in way of weapon/tool by which to insure the survival of the people.

And there are lots of things inimical to human survival--starvation, plague, enemy humans, wild animals, etc.

So the social contract is seen as instrument enhancing survival, as I say, enabling the economic production and technical means to providing food and medicine, etc., army and navy to protect against outside enemies--and criminals like Jews, Jews criminals by their very own admission (in effect), as in Talmud.

Jack Rabbit has this obsessive compulsion to playing "protector" "big-bro." for Jews--almost as if he thinks God will give him brownie pt.s, the Jews laughing up their sleeves.

Jack Rabbit: observe the very purpose of reason, soc. contract, and Constitution is TO PROTECT AGAINST Jews, and by protecting Jews u're enemy of God, reason, soc. contract, and Constitution.  I told u and told u to ck the Talmud--this is essential to Jews, by definition.  It's not my fault if u REFUSE to heed reality (God).

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