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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hope for white race, like human race itself, lies only in Christian revival....

Below-copied by ap first submitted and published (briefly, at least) at comments,

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Greg Johnson Is HOPELESS, Pathetic, Complete Failure For Interests Of Any Race, Not To Mention Whites
(Apollonian, 16 Nov 14)

I listened to this Greg Johnson interview--what an arid, rambling, self-pitying, pathetic, lamentation which only covers the symptoms of the Jew problem, bewailing the fate of stupid, brainless, corrupt whites--who used to have a country, like USA, now the Jew S A--and Greg Johnson clearly DOES NOT know why or how it happened, giving nothing in way of coherent history or analysis whatsoever.

And not a single, solitary word was mentioned about that which kept cultural cohesion for whites, the West, and the USA--CHRISTIANITY, simply a religious form of anti-satanism, anti-semitism. Poor Greg Johnson doesn't have the slightest, faintest clue--the guy is HOPELESS.

Johnson hasn't any idea of history, doesn't understand Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the CYCLIC nature and course of things, and he has no notion of the philosophic themes involved in culture of the West vs. Jews, Jews foremost satanists, criminals, subjectivists, and above all, Pharisaics who manipulate the masses and legions of schizoids bred-up by the earlier generations of a healthy culture and society.

Nor did Johnson mention the original American patiots, Christians all, who championed a limited gov. in accord w. rationalist constitution. Neither was there any mention of the Jews' foremost instrument, that COUNTERFEITING scam, US Federal Reserve Bank which is the engine of Jews' take-over. The entire interview was gross, miserable failure.

Thus Christianity defended the Aristotelian objective reality, basis and foundation for TRUTH--which Jews deny upon basis of moralism--what's "good," "good" then always serving Jews, Jews foremost arbiters of this fictional "good."

Thus even Christianity itself became Judaized, as we see today, establishment Christianity mere play-thing and instrument of Jews, Christianity which used to champion truth, hence a rational world, now understood by so many as mere mystic version of Judaism itself.

Specifically, establishment, Jew-dominated, evermore satanic Christianity now advocates the mystic "faith" of believing vs. the old Christian virtue of LOYALTY. And the Holy Spirit is smothered, the old Holy Spirit necessarily that reason and honesty which helps to apprehend TRUTH (= Christ, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6), foremost virtue for attainment of Godly happiness.

But it really seems presently as if all, including all attempts of reasoning, are doomed to irrelevance as the world spirals out-of-control, the Jews and Pharisaics leading the schizoid population in the perpetual warfare which will only achieve the massive, precipitate reduction of population, only the surviving remnant capable of reviving that original Christian rationalist inspiration which will have any chance of allowing another generation of civilization.

For only Christian rationalism, hence anti-semitism, anti-satanism will allow for preservation of any race, including the white race. For don't doubt, it's great struggle for any human survival, not to mention whites, in face of present satanism led by Jews. Only hope of humanity of any race is Christian TRUTH, honesty, and reason.

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