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Monday, May 29, 2017

Kikes continue to push establishment of their filthy, satanic state-religion, enforced by central bank....

Establishment Of State satanist Religion: Enforcement Of Holohoax Lies
(Apollonian, 29 May 17)

Observe the two recent stories, (a) kikes move to remove David Irving's books fm Manchester (UK) University library,, and (b) ADL op, Jon Vick, agitating for Google to censor holohoax exposers, like Irving, fm their search results,

So these kikes CONTINUE to work to making holohoax lies effective state religion forced upon the people, and don't doubt there's excellent chance kikes will succeed, at least to an extent, as they control the central bank, literally legalized counterfeiting (see for expo on central banking).

But of course, central bank is criminal enterprise and doomed to failure--no wonder Jews are associated w. lies and lying like holohoax. But it, this attempt by kikes, goes to show how the satanic state/empire works to ensconce itself, insinuating itself within people's minds and sentiment.

And the danger is in the attempt to establish the satanic state, the people and humanity will be exterminated--which is what would be deserved if such satanism was successfully established. The people's attn. then is stimulated and alerted by this satanic attempt as we see, Jew filth attempting to extort the Brits in Manchester and exhorting cooperation of their fellows at Jew-gle (Google)--which is surely an embarrassment for Jew-gle, though they'll go ahead and do it, thus losing business and respect as they do so--which is why they (Jew-gle) work to make themselves evermore monopolist cartel w. help of their friends in politics and banking.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ever hrd of "Cui bono"?--who benefits?--look around u, suckers; who's winning everywhere u look, fools?--satanists and Jews--who's losing?--all humanity is losing, morons--does this suggest any conclusion(s)?....

Who's Winning, Everywhere?--satanists And Jews, That's All--Who's Losing?--All Humanity: Get Clue, Suckers
(Apollonian, 23 May 17)

Look around, look EVERYWHERE, fools--who's winning, who's losing? Well, the satanists and Jews (they're same thing, remember, Jews just a particular form of the general thing, Jews most organized, most successful--see for expo) are winning--everywhere, anywhere. Sure, there's still lots of resistance, but now, who's losing?--EVERYONE, all gentile humanity is losing, Christians and Mooselmen, everyone. Is there any conclusion to be drawn?--any observation(s) to be made?--ho ho ho ho ho

So how is this?--Jews and satanists winning, everywhere, humanity LOSING everywhere, though, thanks to God, there's still significant resistance in many places.

Well, (a) Jews/satanists' great weapon/instrument continues to function, though it may be on last legs, the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting machine (see for expo on central-banking). (b) There's still lots of stupid, brainless, over-populated morons who suck-along and assist kikes/Satanists--like the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalist scum, heretics, and traitors. (c) The establishment Christian churches all still suck-along w. Jews/satanists, being totally sold-out, bought, bribed, and owned by Jews/satanists.

So remember, something's got to give, sometime, and the Jews/satanists are SUBJECTIVISTS, of extremist sort, who consider reality is mere product of consciousness, making themselves God, creator of reality. The satanist leaders then intimidate and lead the larger cadre of suck-alongs, everyone else being dis-united, confused, and diverted, many of the over-populated morons not even aware there's problem, the morons totally fascinated by the false-reality induced by such as TV, "bread and circuses."

But obviously, the anti-thesis to this satanic subjectivism is the objective reality, a necessary assumption, and idea of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), such truth necessarily dependent and based upon that prior objective reality. So Christians and establishment Christianity has obviously totally forgotten these necessary precepts of the original Christianity.

And the pretext to subjectivism then is fallacious/delusionary "good-evil," Pelagian heresy in Christianity, taught to the people as children at early age, which is necessarily founded upon subjectivism--and this is how subjectivism, thus satanism gets its toe-hold in popular consciousness. And most of the people NEVER, ever recover fm this early programming for non-existent "good-evil" and perfectly "free" will, which legitimizes subjectivism, hence satanism.

Other problems are equivocation fallacy regarding word, "faith," for example, which really and properly only means LOYALTY, not idiot, subjectivistic, beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'. Believing something DOES NOT make it true.

So the people need UNITY of anti-satanist, hence anti-semitic sort. See and for expo on Judaism which is mere particular form of Satanism. Judaism, leading element of satanism, must be totally and completely WIPED-OUT. Such UNITY of proper, rationalist Christian ideal must obtain, along then w. such practical measures as real commodity-based money, hence gold/silver, states rights, nullification, and secession.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

OBVIOUS Trump conspiracy w. kike filth (Israel) to setting-up Saudi for big hit on Iran, removal of free I-net....

Obvious Trump Conspiracy: Setting-Up With Israelis And Saudis To Hit Iran, Remove Free I-Net, Ajax Jewns ( Sucking-Along
(Apollonian, 21 May 17)

Observe the big, OBVIOUS conspiracy being set-up by Trump--actually by his Jew/Israeli handlers. There's horrific economic disaster on-going, even as we speak, this is the economic back-ground. For there's TWO large things Jews/Israelis want: (a) Israelis want a big hit on Iran, (b) Jews, not just Israelis, want the I-net totally controlled and censored. Free I-net has not been kind to Jews over these last few yrs, esp. since 9/11.

Such then is the import of the present Trump visit to Saudi, this even in the midst of the gross criminal Saudi war against Yemen, including mass-murders of Yemeni civilians. For Trump and Israel want to prop the Saudi base to Petro-dollar, the dollar yet doomed regardless. Fact is Saudis are stealing the oil reserves belonging to Yemen. And kike filth, including Trump, want to set-up Saudi for heavier military opposition/conflict w. Iran, Saudis as base for US strikes if necessary.

And note the continuing circumstances: (a) Jew S A is still illegally engaged in Syria, following Jew instructions, these instructions relayed by Trump's slimey little son-in-law, Kushner.

(b) Trump continues to relay his idiot lies about "terrorism," "Islamic extremism," etc., at same time complaining about "fake-news." For ALL "TERRORISM" IS EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, etc. Some of these "terror" incidents are just total hoaxes, like the Sandy hoax--which, u notice, Trump continues to covering-up for Jews, "globalists," and leftists. And actually, there seem to have been some subsequent deaths connected w. the Sandy hoax, but these were surely renegades threatening to divulge information.

Note also Trump, or esp. the Jews behind him, continue to cover-up all the criminal aspects of Obola, a total fraud w. the phony b. certificate, also phony soc.-sec. number, the criminal IRS scandal w. Lois Lerner against the T-party people, not to mention the arming of the Mexican drug cartels by the ATF. Observe how they've covered-up Pizza-gate.

All the rest of the balderdash and "controversy," including esp. that Yankee-sympathizing hillbilly, who says South was wrong for seceding fm USA back in 1860s, Ajax Jewns (, is cover and diversion, setting-up for the further false-flags planned in way of "domestic disturbances," engineered, master-minded, organized, and funded by G. Soros, past collaborator w. Trump and Kushner, these to serve as excuse/pretext for suppression/censorship of the free I-net. REMOVAL OF I-NET IS KEY for Jews, never forget--a big goal of theirs, which they've decided is best done by Trump, rather than globalists/leftists.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Morons of Jew S A gotta face-up to reality, somehow, some way: the satanic disaster and the Jew problem; real Christian unity only comes after....

Trump Problem?--It's A Jew Problem, Suckers--FACE IT, Fools
(Apollonian, 20 May 17)

Well, here Jew S A is, utterly stymied, in the lull before proverbial "storm," the storm which will consist of horrendous economic disasters, an entire series, coming up, no doubt, and we get, as confirmation, a story now fm, "...Trump under attack fm own staff" (see

But of course, after all, didn't Trump sell his soul to kike filth of Israel, to whom he's beholden?--and isn't he utterly and totally compromised even by his own family, his own children?--like Ivanka and her treacherous husband, Trump's son-in-law, Kushner? And all this was Trump's own doing--it was, after all, the only way to beat the "globalists," evidently.

So hitlery was defeated at the cost of ever-greater prostitution of Jew S A to Israel. But the price is now Israel will preserve the "globalists," guilty of the Sandy-hoax ("Sandy Hook"), guilty of the Seth Rich murder--which is coming-out now even regardless Jews trying to cover it up.

See folks, Jew S A is doomed as they've also sold soul to kike filth, and until Americans realize what they're up against--SATANISM--they're going to continue to fail and flounder, flop and fizzle. For this is the next necessary step: facing-up to the satanic monster--the Jews, not just "Zionists," but Jews, suckers.

Only after Americans realize the satanic problem in its fullness will they have a chance to recover--(a) the satanic disaster, and (b) the Jew, esp. the Israeli problem--they all go together, naturally and necessarily.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hoffman continues his idiot, Jew-friendly lying, desperate to pretending to being "good," etc....

Below-copied essay submitted, but probably not to be published, ho ho ho ho, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-all-cost.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Poor Hoffman: Continues His Lying, Treason, Cowardice
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Well, Hoffman, time again to take u to task for ur latest lies--even though u're surely right, so far as u go, at the end of ur piece, about the great divide being btwn truth and lies, but u don't and never give the WHY and how to this truth vs. lies, and hence, why and how u urself are such a lying liar who lies, as bad as any Jew--as in ur idiot book, "Usury...." For truth is necessarily premised upon the objective reality--whatever is reflected accurately by such reality is truth--truth is dependent and based upon that PRIOR objective (hence God-created) reality. U, Hoffman, are a SUBJECTIVIST as u pretend to "good-evil" Pelagianism, hence a liar.

So ur notes are interesting regarding English King, Charles II, beginning the large Jew immigration, but then u go astray, as usual, when u say Belloc was "usurer," but this is false, as "usury" could only be destructive under regime of central-banking (see and fiat-money, as I've noted over and again. And what actually do u know about "usury," as u fault Belloc?

For u don't understand basic economics, Hoffman, and less do u understand the subject of money. For a real (hence commodity-based) money system well and easily provides for lending at interest, and the Italians and Pope of the time are to be commended for revising and approving such lending at interest which greatly advanced Western civilization.

Next, u start to talking (writing) about Hitler, and u say Germans, "[t]hey lost the war mainly because they were burdened with the policies of obstinate and obtuse German generals." But fact is Germans were victims of a large conspiracy of Jew-bankers, along w. their suck-alongs among the goyim, naturally, who wanted, (a) Palestine, (b) League of Nations, (c) bolshevist Russia. And fact is Bolsheviks were heavily involved in Germany. So dear unc' Adolf is proven correct and justified once again, despite the lies of a filthy hereticalist, ignorant liar like u, Hoffman.

U say, "[b]ut of his [Hitler's] claim (and it was hardly his alone) that Germany had lost the war because of a Judaic “stab in the back,” there was almost no evidence." But fact is, Hoffman, u're just a Jew-serving liar, and u don't really look for the actual, real truth of things. Not only are u a liar, Hoffman, but u're a traitor to gentile humanity, desperately making excuses for ur Jewwy clients by whom u're intimidated so miserably, u cowardly scum--people see this cowardice on ur part, Hoffman, and it's what always works against u, rightfully so.

Hoffman mentions, "Talmud-despising German Judaics." But first there's obvious problem of presumption on part of the hereticalist, cowardly traitor and liar, Hoffman. And further, if they're soo "despising" of the filthy Talmud, then why do they still call themselves "Judaics," Hoffman? For no decent human being identifies with, and would call himself a Jew--may as well call himself a satanist, or psychopath, or child-molester. To say they're Jew is to show loyalty to the race, hence the culture, hence the Talmud, pure and simple.

So if u're for the truth, Hoffman, u'd withdraw ur stupid, lying book, "Usury...," but u won't, BECAUSE U'RE A LIAR. People see, eventually, the truth about u, Hoffman, a cowardly, ignorant, traitorous, willful, hereticalist liar, as in case of ur idiot book. And people are rightly disgusted by ur putrid, traitorous sucking-up to Jew monsters, Hoffman. I see little hope for u, buddy.

Trump's problems are all self-inflicted when he put his interests in hands of Jews, promising to serve Israel--and now look how Jews are serving him, the fool....

Ajax Jewns (, Neo-Cons, Rinos Flustered Over Trump's Inevitable, Continuing Flops, Floundering
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Ajax Jewns (, Jewwy flunkey, was in fine style, riding high yest., 15 May 17, on his show (see when a call came in at 2 hrs 15 mins into the show (see link), asking why doesn't Trump stop w. all the "chem-trails"? Jewns then starts stuttering about, making excuses for his Jewwy hero, Trump. Jewns and his buddies, Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich, soon enough, during the show, start into agitation against Reince Priebus, Trump's Chief of Staff, talking about how Priebus is subverting and betraying the Pres.

But the simple fact is Trump merely gets what he asked for, Trump, after all, mere flunkey and servant for Jews, as he's effectively admitted, proven by his idiot, totally, grossly illegal "tomahawk" stike on Syria, at behest of Israel, and despite the brilliant campaign lie about "America first." So when Trump defers to the Jews, it isn't Priebus's fault that Trump falters and is made to look the fool. And of course the "chem-trails" continue, as that's the "program" deep-state and Jews have put in place, and the Jew masters of Trump see to it that it, the "chem-trailing" continues.

Meantime, of course, Jew S A and Trump continues to serve Israel in the middle east, continuing to aid terrorists fighting against the Russian-assisted Syrian, Assad gov., Trump lying, babbling about "terrorism," when all the terrorism is done by MOSSAD and Jew S A, NATO, etc.

So the people have excellent opportunity to taking note of things regarding the complete and continuing Jew hi-jacking of US gov. and policy, Israel in perfect co-ordination w. rest of "deep-state," Trump doing what he's told, even as he looks the fool, as he deserves. For Trump doesn't oppose deep-state or "globalists" as he sucks-along w. Jews.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Apster attempts to lend order, sense to the metaphysical understanding....

Below-copied dialectic by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

garegin Dean Jackson • 3 hours ago

Materialism has been shown to be patently false by both Rothbard and Mises. If idealogy comes from tools where do the tools come from?

Apster then responded:

Metaphysical Confusion Is Rife
(Apollonian, 14 May 17)

Wtf are u talking about?--do u mean "dialectic of materialism"?--determinism against "free will"? Note this is the classic dichotomy of basic metaphysical premises, objectivity (immanence) of Aristotle, vs. the "transcendentalism" (subjectivism) of Plato--these are necessarily ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be proven or dis-proven, for there are necessarily no prior premises--these are the very first, most basic.

So neither Mises nor Rothbard could possibly have "shown" determinism (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" will) to being true or false--u simply pick-out what u want for ur purposes. U need determinism (absolute cause-effect) for science, but then for "good-evil" by which u program and condition the masses of people, u need subjectivism.

Problem w. subjectivism is the extreme form of it is satanism, idea that mind/consciousness creates reality, making the subject God, which was integral part to Immanuel Kant's pretended "insight" for his Neo-Platonism by which he strove to impose the "morality" of self-sacrifice, another implication of satanism, as we see, for inducing the masses to commit suicide--all for the greater good, of course.

-------------in response to above by ap, I soon got below-copied-------------

freeharmonics apollonian • 16 minutes ago

Marxism is the philosophy of leftism from metaphysics all the way through to political economy. Leftism is collectivist materialism as opposed to rightism, which is individualist idealism.

The belief that material forces are the cause of ideas leads to determinism. If all is material, then all is determined by physical laws. So the economic base determines the ideological superstructure. The metaphysical basis of this is atheism-pantheism. The belief that the economic base brings about ideas is simply applying consistently materialist metaphysics, which says that consciousness comes from the material. Materialism holds that ideas are subordinate to the material.

On the other hand, rightism holds that the material is subordinate to ideas. So rather than the economic base bringing about beliefs and ideas on morality, religion, social and economic relations, etc, beliefs and ideas bring about the material conditions. These ideas are not determined but are the product of free will of the spirit. The metaphysical basis of this is God. The consciousness of God brings about the material world.

If you look at Rand's philosophy, her metaphysics was leftist atheistic materialism. This view believes that everything which exists in the natural world is the result of mindless, purposeless, amoral material forces. Since everything in the universe is finite, they must resort to epistemological and metaphysical collectivism to explain the eternal existence. However, once passed metaphysics, Rand then, without explanation, jumps from the collectivist mindless materialist world to a reality of free will where ideas determine material conditions and objective morality exists. This all the while now claiming that there are no collective entities. So Rand's atheistic metaphysics is the leftist round hole that she tried to put much of the rest of her square rightist philosophy into. You cannot base a rightist philosophy on a leftist metaphysics.

---------------ap responded to above w. below-copied---------------

apollonian > freeharmonics • an hour ago

Well, "freeharmonics," I find this all very interesting that u write here, some of it even starting to somewhat making some sense, but it really is just a jumbled bunch of babbling, and note, u give no references for any of ur assertions. But as a former student of Rand's works, I can assure u u know very little about Rand who is strict follower of Aristotle, another u know very little about. U also know very little of Hans Herman Hoppe who the Austrians here have high regard for, so now how can I conclude this?--I'm not sure that I can, except to say reason depends upon logic and non-contradiction, in accord w. Hoppe, and u don't seem to grasp even this basic thing, non-contradiction depending upon the objective, hence determined reality, determinism defined as absolute cause-effect, if u only ck any dictionary. But like I say, I do find ur stuff interesting.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Present-day economists fail to note the satanic stage of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, then deleted by kike filth, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Economics Is Surely Useful; It's Economists Who Lose Perspective For Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 12 May 17)

Well, to listen (read) to Salerno, Meltzer, Keynes, and even the Austrians rather suffer fm being too much into the weeds and proverbial "trees," failing to see the larger "forest"--the forest of larger, most tragic corruption and CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West." For isn't central-banking just literally legalized counterfeiting?--and isn't that criminal enterprise and gross corruption? Yes, but the MASSES of fools of "the people" demand this sort of corruption and criminal manipulation is the excuse.

So the problem is economists, and other social-scientists, like Meltzer, have been by-passed by the times in which the "deep-state" is found heavily involved in the satanistic mass-murder of the people in accord w. "Agenda-21" and -2030, "population-reduction," this by means of poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, poisoned, fluorididated water supplies, poison "chem-trails," etc. Thus people like Meltzer, Salerno, Keynesians, and "Austrians" are all rather irrelevant as they totally mis-understand basic cultural issues which at least Oswald Spengler understood and analyzed in useful way for people today.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fundamental concepts being overlooked....

Below-copied by ap first submitted, but deleted by kike scum, at comments,

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Mises Institute.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Face-Up To Real Cultural Conflict: Subjectivism Vs. Objectivity
(Apollonian, 10 May 17)

Noah, buddy: we're prisoners of TRUSTS, monopolies, cartels--just like the car insurance was forced upon drivers decades ago. And now the soc. media are enforcing PC, "Soc. Justice," censorship, etc., on Twitter, Jew-tube, and farce-book ( too)--don't u get it?--the "NGOs," in form of corporations which now dominate mere nations (as in that old Wm. Holden movie, "Network").

And note how all of it, "corporatism," follows fm the central-banking trust/monopoly/cartel, exclusive right to legally counterfeiting the currency--central-bank the lead trust/monopoly/cartel, corporation--simply a criminal, satanic enterprise. It was all inevitable fm 1865, never doubt--and the onset of Immanuel Kant fm 18th cent.

But further, and most of all, note it's literally SATANISM which is taking-over, satanism being the extreme form of subjectivism by which mind/consciousness poses as creator of reality, satanism a more organized, collectivistic form of this otherwise psychotic thought-pattern. Christianity was and still is the traditional defense of the culture and people, and it's this basic clash/conflict of founding principle which is at issue: subjectivism/satanism vs. the objective determinist (no perfectly "free" will).

U gotta face up to this huge cultural problem. Satan himself may not exist, but satanism un-questionably not only exists, but presently DOMINATES and rules. People gotta open their eyes to save their lives.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

noah • 2 hours ago

"Under the Ryan proposal, if you don't have health care, once you do get it, your insurance carrier can bill you 3,000 dollars a year over and above your premiums for each year you didn't have it."

Huh? Wonder how and why they came up with $3k as a magic number for.... what's that for, exactly?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Doesn't it bother u dumbasses how easily kike, satanic filth manipulate ur emotions, terrorizing u moronic fools?....

Jew Terrorists, satanists, Manipulating Their American Victims, Morons, And Goons Again, As Usual
(Apollonian, 9 May 17)

Well folks, just ck the news, like yesterday's Hannity show (see, in which the scummy lying prostitute, who works for kikes, comes on all breathlessly (again), and starts babbling about the latest--yes, the very latest--"scandal" over "surveillance," ho ho ho ho ho. So of course, it's a scandal, but what's behind and at bottom of it all?--Jews and satanists, Hannity being integral part of it.

And the pt. I'm trying to make for us here is how the stupid American morons are having their idiot emotions manipulated w. the "latest scandals," etc. For the large problem is the Jew strangle-hold upon American goons' attn., and their manipulation.

Ultimate target of all this activity and scandal-mongering is the free I-net and it's censorship and suppression, fools. For never forget Trump is a Jew and a criminal; see, and the scum illegally attacked Syria w. the "Tomahawks" upon his idiot lie about "chemical weapons," etc., Trump working for kike filth and Israel. Worst enemy of Jews is TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

And the thing to remember about Trump is his consistent, constant lying about "terrorism," which is the exclusive product of Israel, Jews, MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, NATO, etc. So sure, there's the fake-news media, all controlled and managed by kike filth, but Trump is their little stooge, telling their lies for them, no less. American morons better wake up to save their idiot lives, the stupid, brainless bastard scum.

So we see the usual formula, scare-mongering, terror, and hysteria, including N. Korea, don't forget, which suddenly we don't hear much of, eh?--at least for a day or two, now, ho oho ho ho ho ho ho. Always the same stupid crap by Jew liars, murderers, and criminals, manipulating their suckers and goons--the American people

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jew filth knows perfectly what's going on, including basic precepts, suckers--here's proof....

Jews Are Watching, Never Doubt, Understand PERFECTLY Basic Precepts, Suckers
(Apollonian, 6 May 17)

Perfect example of the "good Jew" (in present "good-Jew ("rightist"/nationalist) vs. bad Jew" (leftist/"globalist")) machinations for the political-economic debate/discussion is at, who play "good Jews," which sedulously and intensively censors their discussions, making sure to suppress the real, anti-Semitic Christianity. Interesting, and deserving note is the actual censors at are much probably gentile suck-ups like McMaken and Diest, a couple of flunkeys there; there are no doubt others too.

These censors WILL NOT ALLOW any reference to Jews' filthy Talmud. I know, as I left a simple little entry there, consisting of the statement, "ck," and they (censors) promptly, within a few mins, removed it. These censors understand the damage done to kike filth by simple ref. to their putrid Talmud.

And these censoring scum at are clever, for observe another entry (below-copied) I made which was quickly removed. This entry was a little more elaborate for reasoning, and u'll note I don't directly accuse kikes explicitly, I merely referred to underlying philosophy, Christianity defending the objective reality, kike filth (a redundancy, of course) and Talmud pushing lies and subjectivism:

Particular thread is at,

Christian Philosophic Ideal Within Aesthetic, Dramatic Context
(Apollonian, 3 May 17)
Austrian: what u need to realize is Christianity IS Greek culture, all of it, in essence, literally, only now placed within a more perfect mythologic context, streamlined fm the preceding Homeric. Now, New Test., esp. the Gospels, and esp. the "Passion" narrative, replace(d) Illiad and Oddysey, for examples, w. more substantial dramatization of conflicting ideals, featuring the Greek, Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, the heroic ideal and character of Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. the satanic SUBJECTIVE, who/which insisted and pretended they determine what "truth" is, imagining they're the arbiters thereof--as their co-religionists to this day do also--thinking they can kill truth and the objective reality, at least within the minds of humans, but which truth triumphantly resurrects, as on Easter, greatest of the Christian Holy days. And thus, the Christian metaphysic, OBJECTIVITY, hence truth (= Christ), leads naturally and logically to the Christian ethic, treating others as u'd be treated, etc., giving the examples of the Gospels as in the text. This, foregoing, is the long and short of it. Amen.
So I wrote up another entry by way of assessing their ( half-baked exposition, which of course was also removed:

Thread is found at

There's Reason Christian Culture Against Central-Bank Criminality Is Defeated
Apollonian, 5 May 17
The obvious problem for this weak accounting of the recent problems of Venezuela by Nino is failure to pt. out the presence of a central-bank establishment which is what finally determines and destroys the general culture, including the political institutions. For there's nothing said here about the central-bank, a criminal enterprise entailing legalized counterfeiting, and which always prevails due to the population's gross ignorance regarding an abstract subject-matter, MONEY--what is and why it must be that way.

It used to be Christianity was sufficient for keeping the ideal of HONESTY alive among the people, but nowadays, in this modern age, we find the otherwise simple issue of money to be so confused, Christianity defeated, and that's the problem--what happened to the Christian culture?--why can't it defend the people and culture fm the liars and criminals of central-banking? For it looks like the Christian establishment itself is bought and controlled--as we observe it was also in soviet Russia--HOW did that happen?

Hence we see the people here at are responsible as any for this issue of obfuscation of the real history of things and how that precious Christian culture was and is defeated to allowing the criminals of the world ruling and running their satanic organized crime and criminal empire of lies, liars, and lying.

For Christianity is something real and significant, and the ruling criminals of central-banking cannot and will not allow for the successful expression of that Christian culture, and the people at are in FULL ACCORD w. this policy of obfuscation, suppression, and deliberate confusion by means of their practice of INTENSIVE censorship, for one thing.

So continue on w. ur (truly) devilish policies, McMaken and Diest, among the others here at satanic Pay-backs are known as harsh, and they will be applied, never doubt, suckers.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Observe: Trump is kike, traitor, terrorist, enforcer for kikes, Israel--and he just breezes along, Jews-media just a side-show, the stupid puke ("people") of Jew S A befuddled as always....

Trump: Traitor, Terrorist, Enforcer For Kikes, Israel
(Apollonian, 2 May 17)

Is there a BIGGER lie than Trump's "America-first"?

What's Trump's function and purpose?--he works for kikes. "America first," was/is just the most brilliant lie, and it continues to serve a excellent smoke-screen for all his doings and machinations designed to secure kikes and Israel.

Don't forget: Trump is kike himself; see Jews-media and even the "alt-right" media (which is yet ANOTHER instrument of kike filth) keeps silent about Trump's being Jew, no less than Jews-media was and still is silent about Obola, his tranny, so-called "wife," and not to mention Obola's other problems, his real father being F. Marshall Davis, etc.

Now, after his illegal strike on Syria w. the 59 "Tomahawks," Trump has stirred trouble w. N. Korea, but it looks like his great effort now is against Iran.

For the purpose is to secure Jews and Israel, and hence the Internet MUST be absolutely censored, and this censorship is the Jews' foremost purpose and end--the truth, after all, is always Jews' worst enemy.

Next little parts of the plan for Trump will be civil un-rest, which is coming anyway w. currency-collapse, on-going, but will be further aggravated by means of Trump's buddy and partner, George Soros, and his "antifa" gangs, which all will provide for police-state here in Jew S A and the censored I-net--isn't it all plain as day?

Surely, the "alt-right" press, libertarians, and JC (Judeo-Christian--see and for expo) have not emphasized Trump's partnership w. Soros, these all Jew instruments and instrumentalities.

For everything must serve Jews and Israel, and this is Trump's job and function, the reason why he's in as Pres. And don't fail to take due note of Trump's typical chutzpah, asserting as he does, there's such thing as "terrorism"--for all of it (terror) is done by CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and then Saudi and Paki satellites--all of it, including the fake-terror.

Trump is a typical Jew w. the typical chutzpah, absolutely shameless liar, talking about the "fake-news," when he himself is just as fake. But the fakey Jew-media stays silent about Trump's lies and working for Israel, for the obvious reasons.

Monday, May 1, 2017

US Constitution was FAILURE--face facts....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but deleted by kikes, at comments,

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US Constitution: Sorry, Horrible FAILURE
(Apollonian, 1 May 17)

No Tex, buddy (see below-copied), the US Const. was a failure, overall, though I agree w. u about the economics, but that came before, fm the Articles of Confederation and general advance of Western Civ., the "enlightenment," which produced an incredible general economic explosion in wealth, as u say, but which was doomed, and finally began to flicker-out in the 30s of the 20th cent., though there was yet more to be squeezed before present satanic times of Agenda-21 and -30 addendum population-reduction and genocide, US gov. pushing poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison GMO foods, poison, fluoridated water, poison "chem-trails," slow-kill genocide--still the program to this day.

US Const. was corrupted quite early in 1832 when Andrew Jackson threatened state of S. Carolina w. the infamous "Force" bill and bloody invasion, barely 44 yrs after institution, the consolidation of the union of formerly free states. U're right that economic advance was sooooo dramatic, the other states refused to support S. Carolina. The TOTAL, absolute destruction of US Const. was in 1861-5, and it's amazing u can't simply acknowledge this simple fact. Mass-murder of a million white people of the South, and probably another million slaves was barely felt as the tremendous US economic machine breezed along to developing the virgin western territories and California.

In 1898, mere 33 yrs after Confederate defeat, there was the outright imperialist war w. Spain, taking of Philippines as colony and suppression of their independence movement, the rest is sorry history, though again u're right about economic advancement. But don't forget, Japan advance economically, under purest fascism in the late 19th cent. to winning the brief Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5. And Germany of late 19th cent. was another instance of authoritarian state which also yet advanced economically. US Constitution was HORRIFIC FAILURE, overall, regardless the economic advancement which happened anyway, for Constitution FAILED to guard states-rights, the foremost defender of individual rights and freedom. And Constitution was NOT "excellent," as u pretend, but rather a decisive step-DOWN, fm previous Articles of Conf., as I noted--certainly INFERIOR to the Confederate Constitution of 1861.

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

BornAgainSouthernPride • an hour ago

I don't believe so. 100 years ago men like Spooner already knew the country and the Constitution was a failed experiment where liberty had lost its meaning and elites were running amok, with no regard for those they stole both money and freedom from.

Texas Chris BornAgainSouthernPride • 7 hours ago

A failed experiment? It proved with astounding success that the more liberty a society has (and guards), the more prosperous that society tends to be. Was it perfect? No. Was it excellent (compared to the rest of human history)? Yes.