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Monday, May 29, 2017

Kikes continue to push establishment of their filthy, satanic state-religion, enforced by central bank....

Establishment Of State satanist Religion: Enforcement Of Holohoax Lies
(Apollonian, 29 May 17)

Observe the two recent stories, (a) kikes move to remove David Irving's books fm Manchester (UK) University library,, and (b) ADL op, Jon Vick, agitating for Google to censor holohoax exposers, like Irving, fm their search results,

So these kikes CONTINUE to work to making holohoax lies effective state religion forced upon the people, and don't doubt there's excellent chance kikes will succeed, at least to an extent, as they control the central bank, literally legalized counterfeiting (see for expo on central banking).

But of course, central bank is criminal enterprise and doomed to failure--no wonder Jews are associated w. lies and lying like holohoax. But it, this attempt by kikes, goes to show how the satanic state/empire works to ensconce itself, insinuating itself within people's minds and sentiment.

And the danger is in the attempt to establish the satanic state, the people and humanity will be exterminated--which is what would be deserved if such satanism was successfully established. The people's attn. then is stimulated and alerted by this satanic attempt as we see, Jew filth attempting to extort the Brits in Manchester and exhorting cooperation of their fellows at Jew-gle (Google)--which is surely an embarrassment for Jew-gle, though they'll go ahead and do it, thus losing business and respect as they do so--which is why they (Jew-gle) work to make themselves evermore monopolist cartel w. help of their friends in politics and banking.

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