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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jew filth knows perfectly what's going on, including basic precepts, suckers--here's proof....

Jews Are Watching, Never Doubt, Understand PERFECTLY Basic Precepts, Suckers
(Apollonian, 6 May 17)

Perfect example of the "good Jew" (in present "good-Jew ("rightist"/nationalist) vs. bad Jew" (leftist/"globalist")) machinations for the political-economic debate/discussion is at, who play "good Jews," which sedulously and intensively censors their discussions, making sure to suppress the real, anti-Semitic Christianity. Interesting, and deserving note is the actual censors at are much probably gentile suck-ups like McMaken and Diest, a couple of flunkeys there; there are no doubt others too.

These censors WILL NOT ALLOW any reference to Jews' filthy Talmud. I know, as I left a simple little entry there, consisting of the statement, "ck," and they (censors) promptly, within a few mins, removed it. These censors understand the damage done to kike filth by simple ref. to their putrid Talmud.

And these censoring scum at are clever, for observe another entry (below-copied) I made which was quickly removed. This entry was a little more elaborate for reasoning, and u'll note I don't directly accuse kikes explicitly, I merely referred to underlying philosophy, Christianity defending the objective reality, kike filth (a redundancy, of course) and Talmud pushing lies and subjectivism:

Particular thread is at,

Christian Philosophic Ideal Within Aesthetic, Dramatic Context
(Apollonian, 3 May 17)
Austrian: what u need to realize is Christianity IS Greek culture, all of it, in essence, literally, only now placed within a more perfect mythologic context, streamlined fm the preceding Homeric. Now, New Test., esp. the Gospels, and esp. the "Passion" narrative, replace(d) Illiad and Oddysey, for examples, w. more substantial dramatization of conflicting ideals, featuring the Greek, Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, the heroic ideal and character of Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. the satanic SUBJECTIVE, who/which insisted and pretended they determine what "truth" is, imagining they're the arbiters thereof--as their co-religionists to this day do also--thinking they can kill truth and the objective reality, at least within the minds of humans, but which truth triumphantly resurrects, as on Easter, greatest of the Christian Holy days. And thus, the Christian metaphysic, OBJECTIVITY, hence truth (= Christ), leads naturally and logically to the Christian ethic, treating others as u'd be treated, etc., giving the examples of the Gospels as in the text. This, foregoing, is the long and short of it. Amen.
So I wrote up another entry by way of assessing their ( half-baked exposition, which of course was also removed:

Thread is found at

There's Reason Christian Culture Against Central-Bank Criminality Is Defeated
Apollonian, 5 May 17
The obvious problem for this weak accounting of the recent problems of Venezuela by Nino is failure to pt. out the presence of a central-bank establishment which is what finally determines and destroys the general culture, including the political institutions. For there's nothing said here about the central-bank, a criminal enterprise entailing legalized counterfeiting, and which always prevails due to the population's gross ignorance regarding an abstract subject-matter, MONEY--what is and why it must be that way.

It used to be Christianity was sufficient for keeping the ideal of HONESTY alive among the people, but nowadays, in this modern age, we find the otherwise simple issue of money to be so confused, Christianity defeated, and that's the problem--what happened to the Christian culture?--why can't it defend the people and culture fm the liars and criminals of central-banking? For it looks like the Christian establishment itself is bought and controlled--as we observe it was also in soviet Russia--HOW did that happen?

Hence we see the people here at are responsible as any for this issue of obfuscation of the real history of things and how that precious Christian culture was and is defeated to allowing the criminals of the world ruling and running their satanic organized crime and criminal empire of lies, liars, and lying.

For Christianity is something real and significant, and the ruling criminals of central-banking cannot and will not allow for the successful expression of that Christian culture, and the people at are in FULL ACCORD w. this policy of obfuscation, suppression, and deliberate confusion by means of their practice of INTENSIVE censorship, for one thing.

So continue on w. ur (truly) devilish policies, McMaken and Diest, among the others here at satanic Pay-backs are known as harsh, and they will be applied, never doubt, suckers.

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