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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Doesn't it bother u dumbasses how easily kike, satanic filth manipulate ur emotions, terrorizing u moronic fools?....

Jew Terrorists, satanists, Manipulating Their American Victims, Morons, And Goons Again, As Usual
(Apollonian, 9 May 17)

Well folks, just ck the news, like yesterday's Hannity show (see, in which the scummy lying prostitute, who works for kikes, comes on all breathlessly (again), and starts babbling about the latest--yes, the very latest--"scandal" over "surveillance," ho ho ho ho ho. So of course, it's a scandal, but what's behind and at bottom of it all?--Jews and satanists, Hannity being integral part of it.

And the pt. I'm trying to make for us here is how the stupid American morons are having their idiot emotions manipulated w. the "latest scandals," etc. For the large problem is the Jew strangle-hold upon American goons' attn., and their manipulation.

Ultimate target of all this activity and scandal-mongering is the free I-net and it's censorship and suppression, fools. For never forget Trump is a Jew and a criminal; see, and the scum illegally attacked Syria w. the "Tomahawks" upon his idiot lie about "chemical weapons," etc., Trump working for kike filth and Israel. Worst enemy of Jews is TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

And the thing to remember about Trump is his consistent, constant lying about "terrorism," which is the exclusive product of Israel, Jews, MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, NATO, etc. So sure, there's the fake-news media, all controlled and managed by kike filth, but Trump is their little stooge, telling their lies for them, no less. American morons better wake up to save their idiot lives, the stupid, brainless bastard scum.

So we see the usual formula, scare-mongering, terror, and hysteria, including N. Korea, don't forget, which suddenly we don't hear much of, eh?--at least for a day or two, now, ho oho ho ho ho ho ho. Always the same stupid crap by Jew liars, murderers, and criminals, manipulating their suckers and goons--the American people

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