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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hoffman continues his idiot, Jew-friendly lying, desperate to pretending to being "good," etc....

Below-copied essay submitted, but probably not to be published, ho ho ho ho, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-all-cost.html

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Poor Hoffman: Continues His Lying, Treason, Cowardice
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Well, Hoffman, time again to take u to task for ur latest lies--even though u're surely right, so far as u go, at the end of ur piece, about the great divide being btwn truth and lies, but u don't and never give the WHY and how to this truth vs. lies, and hence, why and how u urself are such a lying liar who lies, as bad as any Jew--as in ur idiot book, "Usury...." For truth is necessarily premised upon the objective reality--whatever is reflected accurately by such reality is truth--truth is dependent and based upon that PRIOR objective (hence God-created) reality. U, Hoffman, are a SUBJECTIVIST as u pretend to "good-evil" Pelagianism, hence a liar.

So ur notes are interesting regarding English King, Charles II, beginning the large Jew immigration, but then u go astray, as usual, when u say Belloc was "usurer," but this is false, as "usury" could only be destructive under regime of central-banking (see and fiat-money, as I've noted over and again. And what actually do u know about "usury," as u fault Belloc?

For u don't understand basic economics, Hoffman, and less do u understand the subject of money. For a real (hence commodity-based) money system well and easily provides for lending at interest, and the Italians and Pope of the time are to be commended for revising and approving such lending at interest which greatly advanced Western civilization.

Next, u start to talking (writing) about Hitler, and u say Germans, "[t]hey lost the war mainly because they were burdened with the policies of obstinate and obtuse German generals." But fact is Germans were victims of a large conspiracy of Jew-bankers, along w. their suck-alongs among the goyim, naturally, who wanted, (a) Palestine, (b) League of Nations, (c) bolshevist Russia. And fact is Bolsheviks were heavily involved in Germany. So dear unc' Adolf is proven correct and justified once again, despite the lies of a filthy hereticalist, ignorant liar like u, Hoffman.

U say, "[b]ut of his [Hitler's] claim (and it was hardly his alone) that Germany had lost the war because of a Judaic “stab in the back,” there was almost no evidence." But fact is, Hoffman, u're just a Jew-serving liar, and u don't really look for the actual, real truth of things. Not only are u a liar, Hoffman, but u're a traitor to gentile humanity, desperately making excuses for ur Jewwy clients by whom u're intimidated so miserably, u cowardly scum--people see this cowardice on ur part, Hoffman, and it's what always works against u, rightfully so.

Hoffman mentions, "Talmud-despising German Judaics." But first there's obvious problem of presumption on part of the hereticalist, cowardly traitor and liar, Hoffman. And further, if they're soo "despising" of the filthy Talmud, then why do they still call themselves "Judaics," Hoffman? For no decent human being identifies with, and would call himself a Jew--may as well call himself a satanist, or psychopath, or child-molester. To say they're Jew is to show loyalty to the race, hence the culture, hence the Talmud, pure and simple.

So if u're for the truth, Hoffman, u'd withdraw ur stupid, lying book, "Usury...," but u won't, BECAUSE U'RE A LIAR. People see, eventually, the truth about u, Hoffman, a cowardly, ignorant, traitorous, willful, hereticalist liar, as in case of ur idiot book. And people are rightly disgusted by ur putrid, traitorous sucking-up to Jew monsters, Hoffman. I see little hope for u, buddy.

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  1. Incredible, but Hoffman actually published my msg to him, above-copied, ho ho ho ho ho