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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Morons of Jew S A gotta face-up to reality, somehow, some way: the satanic disaster and the Jew problem; real Christian unity only comes after....

Trump Problem?--It's A Jew Problem, Suckers--FACE IT, Fools
(Apollonian, 20 May 17)

Well, here Jew S A is, utterly stymied, in the lull before proverbial "storm," the storm which will consist of horrendous economic disasters, an entire series, coming up, no doubt, and we get, as confirmation, a story now fm, "...Trump under attack fm own staff" (see

But of course, after all, didn't Trump sell his soul to kike filth of Israel, to whom he's beholden?--and isn't he utterly and totally compromised even by his own family, his own children?--like Ivanka and her treacherous husband, Trump's son-in-law, Kushner? And all this was Trump's own doing--it was, after all, the only way to beat the "globalists," evidently.

So hitlery was defeated at the cost of ever-greater prostitution of Jew S A to Israel. But the price is now Israel will preserve the "globalists," guilty of the Sandy-hoax ("Sandy Hook"), guilty of the Seth Rich murder--which is coming-out now even regardless Jews trying to cover it up.

See folks, Jew S A is doomed as they've also sold soul to kike filth, and until Americans realize what they're up against--SATANISM--they're going to continue to fail and flounder, flop and fizzle. For this is the next necessary step: facing-up to the satanic monster--the Jews, not just "Zionists," but Jews, suckers.

Only after Americans realize the satanic problem in its fullness will they have a chance to recover--(a) the satanic disaster, and (b) the Jew, esp. the Israeli problem--they all go together, naturally and necessarily.

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