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Thursday, December 29, 2016

satanists fear to making it clear for folks they're at war w. Christianity, humanity, etc....

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What?--Did Mr. Goody Finally Get A Clue?
(Apollonian, 29 Dec 16)

Mr. Goody writes, above:

"If it's Christians vs. Satanists, and....

"Please clarify - I'd like to know ... - and don't bring up Oswald Spengler." -Mr. Goody, Dec 29, 2016, 11:10:00 AM

Well, Mr. Goody, surely u understand u deserve credit for bringing up the basic idea and theme, "THE DIVISION AMERICA," also, "reconciliation," which I quoted and then tried to complete and detail for exposition.

And u well represent the satanistic side, don't u?--even much by ur own admission, even if this "admission" might be somewhat tacit, on certain points. As satanism is extreme subjectivism, and subjectivism is fundamental to "good-evil," I've often pt'd out u're perfect tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for the satanists.

Note Spengler is good for citation as he understands and exposits the CYCLIC theory of hist. Thus USA has become Jew S A, as I've often noted, USA having begun upon Christian principles, but now suffering great HUBRIS and consequently becoming such a force and engine for satanism.

Christianity of course, was and still is, great monument to TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) principle built and based necessarily upon the OBJECTIVE principle, opposing satanism, lies, and the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44).

Regarding Rivero (, I don't listen to his radio show, but I note fm his website, which I follow avidly, that he often lists stories and articles on problem of "chem-trails," among the other problems too.

So, and as I noted, I'd say u deserve a good deal of credit for some of what u write, as about "THE DIVISION AMERICA." I simply added details w. some emphasis.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Poor Jew S A, still firmly in grip of kike filth, things doomed to getting worse, necessarily....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mr Goody Continues To Fool Himself In Wishful Thinking
(Apollonian, 25 Dec 16)

Mr. Goody, above, asks, "What kind of a crappy system is this?"

But Mr. Goody, seriously, here u are, admitted anti-Christ, tolerant friend of the Jews, and u pretending as u do, golly, but what's gwine on?--u Mr. Goody, u, sir--u're what's going on, sucker--why the surprise?

Even if we aren't and weren't prejudiced against (admitted) anti-Christs like urself, surely u can grasp there's a lack of cultural cohesion and integrity given the putrid HUBRIS and anti-Christianity as urs (a), and then the (b) outright, avowed and deliberate satanism, as of our dear queers, led by Jews.

Ok?--so we continue in midst and motion of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, things falling apart, which must surely continue until the remnant survivors finally getting a clue to doing what's necessary--extermination of satanist element and cultural (such as they are) impulses. THINGS WOULD SEEM TO HAVE TO GETTING A LOT WORSE, YET STILL, eh? And we KNOW economy must take HUGE hit, currency-collapse, US Dollar loss of "reserve-currency" status, soon.

Mr. Goody asks, "So how crazy is Trump?"--at least he was wise enough to promise to the remnant of civilization that "nationalism, NOT GLOBALISM, will be our credo"--this is surely a step in the right direction, BUT we see there are still problems, Trump himself heavily invested in Jews (and vice-versa), his daughter and son married to the filth--his daughter even having apostatized, becoming an avowed Christ-killer, her husband pushing holohoax lies.

So u see, Mr. Goody, where we are--not out of proverbial "woods" yet, eh? For even though the satanists and Jews still have "upper-hand," at least there's some dissension within their ranks, there being "NO HONOR among thieves."

So I suggest u get ready for some rough going, Mr. Goody--US Dollar is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, buddy, general price rise is going to be at least 2, and probably 3 and 4 times what they are--we're all going to be a lot poorer, welfare system is going to collapse. People need to be armed, and we MUST exterminate Judaism and satanism--it's what's got to happen if there's to be any hope. Get a clue, sucker.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mastery of culture gives mastery of buzz-phrases and "trigger-words"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Trigger" Words And Buzz-Phrases: Typical Problems Of Culture/Civilization
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 16)

I agree w. above comment this blog's discussion of the issue of "twilight" lingo is amazingly extensive and evocative. But let me here strive to simplify things in productive manner.

So the question is are there "trigger" words?--surely. And we've learned nowadays about "triggering" liberals and progressives (subjectivists and moralists) who need their "safe-spaces." And aren't these trigger-words also well-known as "buzz-words" and -phrases?--and haven't we ALWAYS had those as cultural problems to be solved? Such is the problem of EQUIVOCATION, well-known in logic, for just one form.

Thus the proper Christian "faith" which is supposed to mean virtue of LOYALTY is now twisted to be "beleeeeeeeeevin'," by which one insists upon a made-up and contrived reality, most native to Pharisaist subjectivism and satanism, but absolutely abhorrent and anti-thetic to proper Christianity which worships TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all.

Regarding Mike A. Hoffman II, we know he's a mystic and a Pelagian who insists upon "good-evil"--which "good-evil" has NEVER been proven or demonstrated in all history, and which Bible rightly and wisely warns us against. For there's no "knowledge" of "good-evil" as there's no such thing as "good-evil."

We know also Hoffman makes use of another famous buzz-word, "usury," which is nowhere properly defined, least of all by Hoffman himself, only described, which comes to us all fm olden times of yore, but which Hoffman wants to insist means charging-of-interest, which I've explained it couldn't and doesn't (see comments at

So sure, there may be trigger-words, but I'd submit these arise in natural, determinist, and CYCLIC manner, actually well-described in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence society inevitably becomes so successful and "prosperous" that it eventually and inexorably degenerates in HUBRIS, hence in proliferation of gross mysticism, hence these trigger-words, and esp. the over-populated weaklings and inferiors of such corrupt, degenerate culture so pathetically subject to such "triggers," mysticism, and HUBRIS.

This deathly HUBRIS then takes form of the over-populated weaklings and inferiors affecting the society, esp. in way of Pelagianism and Pharisaism, insistence upon non-existent "good-evil," which all then results in great societal turmoil so much and well described in New Test. Book Of Revelations, for example, "end-times" in the historic and sociologic CYCLE described and exposited so well by Spengler.

Thus we have the absurd moralism which accuses Donald Trump, for example, of "racism" in effort to "trigger" the rabble against Trump, etc. And this Spenglerian "decline," always ultimately in that basic hubris of moralism (Pelagianism), has been going-on now in USA since at least the 1860s when a horrendous war took place which destroyed the US republic and its Constitution, a story and epic all its own.

And as this CYCLIC nature is deterministic and inevitable, the problem and issue is in MANAGEMENT, and thank goodness for our dear Christianity and Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, and integrity by which we navigate and cope.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Paine delivers most interesting critique of Christianity, somewhat in comparison to Nietzsche, but also Martin Luther, extremely instructive....

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Macro-Analysis Of Paine's Ironic Critique Of Christian Establishment, Dogma
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 16)

Considering Paine's critique of Christianity, we see he well upholds the Holy Spirit for reason, honesty, and integrity as he opposes the utterly corrupt, anti-Christ Vatican officialdom and mystic doctrine styled in Christianity, though Paine does make an egregious error as he totally overlooks the actual story-line to Christian literature, esp. for the dialectic of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Pharisaic satanism and lies (JOHN 8:44), Christian truth necessarily founded in Aristotelian objectivity vs. satanic (extreme) subjectivism. Thus Paine fails for the substance of Christian literature, entirely pre-occupied w. method (reason vs. mysticism/superstition).

Paine failed to see, as Martin Luther did not fail, the Vatican officialdom had become simply another and/or new Pharisaic establishment, mystic, subjectivistic, hence satanic, an enemy of Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, integrity, which reason, Paine upheld so nobly.

So regarding the full and proper philosophic task and analysis, Paine fell short, seeing only to method (reason vs. mysticism), failing for the basic substance, the metaphysical premise of objective reality vs. Pharisaic (extreme) subjectivism.

Most interesting then is that present culture and society continues for this complete failure, as of Paine's, for Christian philosophy and substance, so many people imagining that Christianity and Judaism are mere variations/versions of one another rather than ABSOLUTE OPPOSITES and Hegelian-style anti-theses.

Further, for Paine also the Christian lesson for ethics is lost, so many people believing, evidently, Christianity preaches surrender, passivity, even suicidal defeatism, as for example, Nietzsche--thus the horrific misconception of society which only benefits satanists who now so much control and dominate the society, the central-bankers who want to genocide the people and are quite well on their way to success by the looks of things.

But the real Christianity is still well capable of resurrection, though it will probably require a back-ground of horrendous tragedy to supply motivation for the people of USA if not inspiration.

So if we compare the two critics of establishment Christianity, Tom Paine and Martin Luther, we see Paine well upheld the Holy Spirit for Christian rationalist method, though he mistakenly imagined mysticism/subjectivism was part of the real, proper Christian substance. Luther saw further to the substance, how Christianity had become corrupt and Pharisaic. But Luther didn't see all the way for proper Christian substance and analysis, unfortunately.

Heidegger was yet another who strove for a great macro-analysis of Christianity in philosophic terms, and his failure was instructive, along similar lines to Nietzsche. But Paine surely did the best job, most useful and informative for humanity and society, so outstanding for method, even if failing for that basic substance.

I'm glad I studied Homer who provided the very best comparison for aesthetic literature by which to grasp and assess our dear Christianity. Thus Paine was a failure, everything considered, but instructive and informative nonetheless, much like Luther and Nietzsche, Nietzsche so entertaining.

Thomas Paine, a magnificent patriot, was surely inspired by Holy Spirit....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Paine Was Inspired By Holy Spirit, Surely
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 16)

Regarding the blog-author's summary, we observe it begins: "[e]ven if [Thomas] Paine’s argument succeeds, Christianity is not shown to be false." And the summary ends, far too condescendingly and smugly: "...I don’t see much for the Christian to worry about." For a true Christian, truly possessed of Holy Spirit, doesn't "worry."

For there's quite a bit to be concerned about, however, as we see establishment Christianity is thoroughly corrupt and literally OWNED by satanists, using Christianity for purpose, ultimately, of genocide in accord w. Agenda-21 pop. reduction. Just listen to the present Pope of Rome, for example.

Is Christianity "false"?--well, it merely depends upon which basic premise, in accord w. "first philosophy" one chooses (remember first premises can't be "proven"). If one chooses Aristotelian objectivity, our dear Christianity makes excellent sense.

But if one chooses non-objectivity, say subjectivism or full-out mysticism (Platonist "good," for example), then Christianity might be understandably (under the circumstances) rejected as false. And we remind the readers of people who are brought-up in the mentality of satanism and, for example, Judaism.

So Paine's complaints are quite reasonable, esp. in regard to his emphasis upon method and epistemology. Paine merely fails to see to the real substance of the Christian story, the dialectic of Christ vs. the satanists led by Pharisees.

Thus for over two hundred yrs now Paine's quandary, regarding mysticism, is valid for the capture of establishment Christianity. Luckily the Christians are warned fm Christian New Test. text itself of "false prophets," and further, we know simply fm history of establishment persecution of heroes like Martin Luther. And we see even this history regarding Luther is much mis-represented by the establishment figures of his own Church. Do people begin to realize it's nearly impossible to get a copy of Luther's work, "The Jews and their Lies"?

So what are the establishment churches good for?--they preserve the actual stories and that precious record of dialectic btwn Christ and the Pharisees--this is what Paine, and so many of humanity still, over-looked, that full record of that basic dialectic btwn truth and lies. For they cannot fail to admit the triumph of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as St. Paul reminds us, the resurrection of truth (= Christ), as truth is God and cannot be killed, no matter how hard the Pharisaics try--because even the Pharisees would admit (though they refuse) they can't kill God's (objective) reality. Hence truth ALWAYS comes-back to bite them.

So the true Christian shouldn't worry--as that's what is purpose of Holy Spirit (reason, honesty, integrity), to allay any such worry. But problem remains for the (earthly) fate of humanity who are still soooo complacent in face of satanic ferocity threatening w. such horrendous pop. reduction.

For satanism is real, practical problem, though it isn't complicated, being (a) rejection of objective reality, (b) extreme subjectivism, the subject making himself God, this actually the case of very clever people who make this satanism most practical as in way of collective subjectivism, a difficult thing for gentiles, but much easier, as we see, for Jews, some masons, and surely for a few others too. And even though Paine may overlook the full problem of satanism, yet he makes honest effort for Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thomas Paine didn't fully appreciate/grasp Christian literature/philosophy, though he tried his best....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Paine Overlooked Full Literary/Philosophic Significance/Appreciation Of Dear Christianity
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 16)

Christianity (New Test.) ought best be understood as rationalist literary dialectic to preceding Pharisaic anti-thesis, esp. regarding "midrash" and "Oral Law Tradition" subjectivism, hence satanism. Thus New Test. and Christ restates and clarifies Old Test.

So Christianity, in New Test., presented a perfectly rational philosophy embedded within the story-line text which Paine failed to entirely grasp, but probably most accurately understood was mis-represented by so many false Christians to being merely a sort/version of the same old Pharisaic MYSTICISM/subjectivism.

So Paine was quite justified to denouncing mysticism, including the Christian-styled sort. And his argument is quite good, far as it goes.

For in reason and logic, one cannot prove a universal negative, that there is no God.

Hence the great achievement of Christianity, beginning w. the literature (New Test.) is (a) it demonstrates the Godly quality of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), worthy of worship, the greatest value and virtue, this (b) against satanism and lies, in general (JOHN 8:44), and (c) specifically singling out and identifying Jews ("Jew" defined as followers of Pharisees/Talmud, distinct fm Judean, an error made by the author of this article) as foremost satanists, demonstrated by history and reality. (d) Dear Christianity further demonstrates a rational, practical, understandable ETHIC, following in perfect reason, by which to live and conduct one's life, far superior to the perpetual warfare and enmity of humanity of Pharisaism.

So in his striving to be rational and properly respectful of TRUTH, Paine actually follows Christian ideal and ethic; Paine just doesn't fully understand the Christian literary and philosophic dialectic as regarding Pharisaism, satanism, and objective nature of reality.

Mystic special pleading, in guise of "philosophy" (esp. Platonist), is massive for reification of non-existent "good"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Christian Worships TRUTH (= Christ) In Accord W. Holy Spirit (Reason, Honesty, Integrity)
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 16)

U say, above:

"To put it slightly differently, just as knowing that truth *exists* is one thing, but finding out what propositions are true is something else, so too, knowing that good exists is not the same thing as being correct about what things are good."

TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) exists given the ASSUMPTION (as all logic is necessarily founded) of objective (Aristotelian) reality. Particulars are then mere subsets, including non-existent, particular (even if abstract) "good-evil."

Subjectivism, never forget, is just another (the alternative) assumption which one can choose, but question is what practical good does it do? For subjectivism only fails by reduction-ad-absurdum, that's all, and that's why objectivity is more useful, practical choice.

Subjectivism is necessary premise to satanism and "good," "good" mere instrument of satanism--it's reason, for another example, Alex Jones ( is heavily promoted by Jews, satanists, including hitlery Clinton, Jones notorious pusher of such "good-evil" fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).

And all u do for "good" is, like typical Platonist, begging question repetitively, obsessively, continuously--as if to thus make such begging-question seemingly legitimate. Good is necessarily a particular, if it exists, which must be demonstrated and properly defined (regardless what u say about "definition") which we see u're incapable of doing.

Thus we see u continue to wiggle and squirm, begging the question, and special-pleading etc., for ur obsession for "good" (and hence "evil"), almost as if u want to reify this non-existent "good" by means of repetitively asserting it exists, even as u practically admit it can't be defined (and despite cavilling over meaning/use of the word, "definition").

So if "good" exists, given it's wide usage, it deserves a fairly simple, practical definition, "good" being mere PARTICULAR, though perhaps abstract, which neither u nor anyone else can do, period; admit the truth like proper Christian.

----------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------

Liberty Bell November 29, 2016 at 12:59 PM

Remember that there is a difference between metaphysics (the study of being or existence) and epistemology (the study of how we know). We should not confuse the two. A thing's metaphysical status is one thing; it's epistemic status is another.

The good and the true are an analogous positions, both with respect to metaphysics and epistemology. To put it slightly differently, just as knowing that truth *exists* is one thing, but finding out what propositions are true is something else, so too, knowing that good exists is not the same thing as being correct about what things are good.

I deny that any of the examples of moral confusion that you gesture towards - self-hatred, slavery, prohibition, seat-belt laws, fiat-money creation, and so on - are clearcut reasons to deny the existence of goodness. They give no better reason to deny the existence of goodness than they do to deny the existence of truth. After all, someone could say that the confusions that you highlight are primarily confusions over truth and over derivatively confusions over goodness.

But, presumably, you would want to say that racial self-hatred is not good and that it is true that one should not have racial self-hatred. And so on for each example.

For sure, your examples show that it is often difficult to come to know what propositions are true and what acts are good. And it is often contentious to advocate in favor of particular propositions or of particular acts. However, again, to draw metaphysical confusions from this epistemic quagmire just conflates metaphysics with epistemology.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

ZOG CANNOT allow Trump to taking office, suckers (a), and (b) ZOG MUST take-out I-net....

Why/How Trump Fails, Poor Stupid, Utterly Compromised Bastard
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 16)

Signs are very ominous ZOG WILL NOT allow Trump to take office. (a) Observe the ZOG maintains its imperialist impetus, including the propaganda, including the warfare, as in Syria, Turkey building a 2nd base in Syria: Then there's "pizza-gate." And the pt. is ZOG cannot allow Trump to take office, which now can ONLY be allowed to be occupied by one of ZOG's trust-worthy, dependable little puppets.

(b) Most of all, ZOG MUST remove the I-net which by itself is closing-in on too much truth for ZOG's purposes.

(c) Note how Trump is DESPERATELY trying to placate ZOG, promising to not prosecute hitlery, talking about putting in Romney as Sec. State. For Trump KNOWS he's still got to get past the Electoral College, and remember ZOG controlling trillions to be printed-up by US Federal Reserve Bank (see for expo on "fed") as necessary has their people at the ready.

The people urgently need UNIFICATION, direction, leadership, and this can be done, but Trump, the poor fool, led astray by his kike buddies, to whom he's sold his soul, will not allow it--which is invoking the Christian anti-satanic ideal and principle, Christ standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew/satanic lies.

SO IF TRUMP CAN'T DO IT (this Christian unification on anti-satanic principle), then someone else must. This anti-satanic (hence Christian) unification will happen sometime as it's inevitable, only question is when and how many stupid, brainless scum, puke, and filth must die fm among the people. Remember lots of otherwise "good" folks will perish too.

So if there are any of u stupid bastards out there who can read and unnastan', I suggest u brainless scum start getting a clue to saving ur scummy lives, speaking the simple truth about Christ = truth, and the satanists/Jews are exposed and freaking-out, presently, willing and capable of killing lots of u dumb, brainless puke, called "the people."

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Regardless all the abstract distractions, note Pelagianism, "good-evil" heresy, fallacy, has serious, distinct, practical, down-to-earth problems, consequences....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Good-Evil" Heresy (Pelagianism) Has Serious Implications, Consequences
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 16)

Hmmmmmmmmm, well, after reading through all ur text here, we see u still don't say what's criterion for this mythical "good-evil," but u seem to insist nonetheless that it's "good" and/or virtuous to believe in, or defend such "good-evil" notion or imagination, whatever it might be. Isn't this classic question-begging?

And think about this: what's a good dog?--a nice, good doggie-dog is one that's well-trained and obedient, right?--it does just what we want and expect, and we're sooooooo happy. And a bad dog is one not obedient and which fails to act in accord w. our wishes, right?--it's so doggone disappointing then. Doesn't same go for humans? When I was small, I remember how desperate I felt to be thought of as "good," ho ho ho ho.

And don't doubt there are practical, serious considerations for our subject-matter here, including the purpose of dear Christianity--combatting satanism which is extreme subjectivism.

Seems to me u rather fail for the practical consideration of this satanic problem--what's the source and motivation?--don't we see it most actively in our faces?--ever hrd of George Soros? Have u hrd of the "pizza-gate" child-trafficking of the Podesta bros.?--Agenda-21 genocide and "de-population"? Do u think Trump is in serious danger of assassination at hands of these absolutely psychopathic satanists?

And doesn't reason and rationality have to do w. REALITY? So I think I've faced, handled, and answered the pertinent issues in most practical manner, w. sufficient and not excessive ref. to abstractness--which abstractness, I submit, u rather seem to indulge in as something of an escape fm our issue, the reality, use, and application of "good-evil" myth, fallacy, and heresy. But of course, correct me if I'm wrong--give a clear, demonstrable criterion for such "good-evil" if u can, which no one in all history has ever done.

Thus the "freedom" of human will seems quite limited to resolution of emotions w. events of reality and then w. emotions of other humans who are our neighbors, family, and fellow-citizens. Thus we try to predict and calculate events and manage emotions based upon those predictions of ours. Thus there's successful management and incompetent management of such emotions, we valuing success ("pleasure") and seeking to avoid the bad management ("pain")--my philosophy is oriented towards such proper management and understanding.

Virtuous (or "good," but only in metaphoric sense) management then requires acknowledging the dis-utility (as "Austrian" economists would put it) of the childish "good-evil," despite its devilish attractions, esp. for political and psychologic manipulations. "Good-evil" is merely an attractive but dangerous metaphor--dangerous as it too easily is taken too seriously and then mis-used.

And honesty of Christian Holy Spirit requires admitting the truth regarding non-existence of any "good-evil"--it's mere metaphor at best w. no actual referent in reality, even if a lot of childish people want to insist upon it. And when such childish, hubristic people become too over-populated bad things happen as we see presently in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, imminent removal of US Dollar as world reserve currency, hyper-inflation, etc.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Good-evil" is mere fiction to control children, "ethical" just means logic btwn means, ends....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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What's "Good" Would Depend Upon What's Real, Hence Objective
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 16)

Good thing there are so many blogs on Socrates/Plato. "Socrates believed that nobody willingly chooses to do wrong[1]."

And the footnote [1] is: "[1] Read Plato’s Gorgias." So the quote evidently comes fm Platonic "Gorgias" Dialogue.

So to make sense of any of this about sin, we must realize that as reality must be objective (otherwise anything goes, in subjectivism), it's determined according to strict cause-effect (God's will). So there's no "good-evil," no perfectly "free" human will. "Sin" makes no sense except as dis-obedience, this applied to children to keeping them obedient, thus safe.

And "ethics" is simply logic btwn ends and means.

But since most people have difficulty w. logic and reason, they seek to follow leadership in the parental manner; this was especially true in olden days of yore.

So politically, it's most expedient and wise to follow the law, and to seem to people generally to being one who follows the law. And strictly speaking, ethics is actually an application of logic to choice (or observance) of means in respect to ends.

Regarding Christianity, remember it's necessary to cite a relevant passage fm Christ/Gospels who/which basically tells us to treat others as we'd want to be treated. It's wisest and best to keep everyone else thinking and knowing, much as possible, that we're reasonably looking out for their welfare as we want them to see to ours, etc.

Regarding the statement, fm above, "[o]ur will is capable of transcending our desires...," this doesn't really make sense: will is desire, by definition. And ultimately we must do as we will, it being impossible, indeed inhuman, not to so follow our will/desire.

Simplest precept to remember is the necessarily objective reality (subjectivism is absurd) is DETERMINED (absolute cause-effect); there's no "good-evil," no perfectly "free" human will, such absolute freedom reserved only for God.

Occam's razor is best ethics; simplest, easiest is best; objectivity = determinism. Sin is just dis-obedience which isn't necessarily wrong; it's mere tool by which to control children/most people.

Genius, true greatness, sublime perfection of New Test. cannot be surpassed, denied....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Genius, Perfection Of New Test.
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 16)

Note one great thing, among any others, about New Test. is it addresses an extremely significant philosophic/metaphysical problem which had been exploited by the Pharisees and their "Oral Tradition" "midrash"--SUBJECTIVISM, leading to satanism, noted by Christ, esp. at Gosp. JOHN 8:44 and other places too, as Gosp. MARK ch. 7, and MATT ch. 15.

Thus Christ so much and definitively affirms Aristotle and the objective reality in the Old Test. terms the Judean (NOT just "Jew") people, hence later the gentiles too, could understand. Thus we literally have philosophy--but taught in terms of literary story lines and DIALECTIC, using the Pharisees for the satanic anti-thesis.

Culmination of the New Test. drama is the triumph of Easter resurrection of truth (= Christ) WHICH CANNOT BE KILLED, no matter the satanic machinations of even the Pharisees, foremost satanists and liars. For the objective reality exists, PERIOD (necessary metaphysical assumption), such is the fundamental Christian truth and lesson, etc.

It's thus so sad and tragic this Christian lesson for the objective reality is so pathetically and miserably lost for all the so-called "Christians" of this day.

And then, given this (Aristotelian) metaphysical foundation, all ethics (and politics) follows which Christ demonstrates.

For note historically, there's serious implications for the great Christian vs. satanist/Pharisaic dialectic. For truly as humans are sinners, human life is war, as affirmed by Homer, Heraclitus ("War is general, and justice is strife...") Plato, and then later Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, et al.

And Pharisees had brilliantly defined and developed a great war-God who truly served the Pharisaic purposes--which Christ rightly and brilliantly criticized and exposed, by means of reason and Holy Spirit. Life isn't all warfare.

Thus Christ/Christianity was/is great affirmation of Greek-rationalist (hence objective) principle against the Pharisaic-subjectivist, which extreme subjectivism inevitably degenerates into purest satanism, Pharisees and Jews being masters as their satanism is most sublimely practical, gentile satanists being too individualist, nihilist, too susceptible to degeneration to outright psychosis, dis-organization and dis-integration. Jews are collectivist and highly organized, always emerging to rulership and overall mastery--as we see today, Jews the masters of that foremost central-banking criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, the pinnacle operation of organized crime which rules everything else.

Such then is the power of Christian literature and aesthetic, vehicle of the philosophy and lesson thereof. satanists thus attack the literary vehicle in hope of under-cutting the basic, necessarily preceding philosophy. And discussion of the literature is actually sublime, fitting, and convenient prelude and setting to the actual philosophy which is necessarily purpose of the literature. For New Test. literature was dialectic completion/perfection of Old Test., and now only question is WHAT was basic subject-matter of that dialectic which preceded even New Test.

When then we look at the other attempts at dialectic, the (Babylonian) Talmud and the Muslim Koran, we see the great virtue, integrity, and perfection of New Test. Amen.

Friday, November 18, 2016

satanists, Pharisaics, Jews always attack truth (= Christ) anyway they can, thus they attack the literature....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Which Came First?--Philosophy Or Literature?
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 16)

Ho ho ho--the "word of God"?--really?--so what's NOT the "word of God"? God, by definition, created everything, right? So everything that happens and is said is the product and word of God, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

But what we're really trying to talking about, I presume, is a definitive philosophy--and how complicated can it be? For it, this philosophy, must be "relevant," or pertinent, or significant for us, the people.

And we know the precursor of New Test., the Old Test., which strove to present a philosophy. Thus as religion presents and features an aesthetic, Christianity is a literary religion, like the Old Test. before it. Hence we have a dialectic, thesis and anti-thesis, Christ restating and clarifying things fm Old Test. in definitive manner, his main (philosophic) opponents being the Pharisees who later wrote the Talmud.

Thus Christ presents a (basic) philosophy and then defines therefrom an ethical principle/method so profoundly rationalistic that satanists (extreme subjectivists) and mystics have hated it ever since.

Thus Christ reassures us of the existence of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which exists necessarily and logically as product of an objective (Aristotelian) reality, God-given and -created for Christians and all humans.

Such then is the place and purpose of New Test., vehicle of the philosophy, the simplicity and efficacy of which is sooooooooo frustrating for satanists and Pharisaics.

So it's good to see the latest lies, written by the latest Pharisaics and satanists, are analyzed for fullest context once again in this article--it's much a question of chicken and egg--which came first, the philosophy or the literature? What now is the philosophy?--the satanists and Pharisees don't want the people to know, so they slander the literature.

Note satanic war is NOT letting-up, despite Trump's election, And Trump actually has great weakness against these satanic (hence Jew) filth....

In The Satanic (Jew) Assault, Trump Goes Along, Worrying Only About Israel
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 16)

Observe satanists, hence Jews, are doubling-down, and not receding or conceding diddly to Trump--who seems to be looking to doing everything for Israel first. So first, note Trump and Jew buddies fail for not calling the satanists what they are, satanists--this keeps the Jews covered, u see. For as soon as one identifies satanists, Jews are un-covered and exposed thereby.

Second, note the battle-cry for satanists and their flunkies--racism racism racism racism--it never stops, ho ho ho ho ho. Thus satanists work to throw the dumb brainless ****s--"the people"--on the defense, and it works soooo well, doesn't it? But note racism is virtue of 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," and further some kind of racism (loyalty) is axiomatic and obligatory, isn't it?--one can't get away fm it--one MUST be loyal to some race of some kind.

So the racism--or loyalty ideal--of the satanists is necessarily and evidently that of total rape and bastardization of all the races. And of course, the race the satanists (Jews) want to destroy most is the white race of Christians and Christianity, obviously. Whites and Christians are the obvious targets. Get a clue, morons. Perhaps someone needs to start speaking-up and -out.

And don't doubt TRUMP IS IN WITH THIS satanic program, and he will ROLL-OVER for them--how do u know?--because his closest advisors are the kikes, including Israel. Trump's kids, two of them, are married to these filthy Jew monsters, and one of these kikes, married to Trump's daughter, goes about loudly pushing holohoax lies.

So the dumb, brainless scum--the "people"--of Jew S A had better start to trying to begin to getting something going by way of substantial counter-play, and the way to doing this is EXPOSING THE KIKES, stupid!--call these scummy puke what they are--satanists, and pt. out how it's all designed to benefit Israel, and Trump is their flunkey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Poor Hoffman, a mystic who can't figure-out Christianity is all about TRUTH, TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ)....

Below-copied by ap first submitted, not (yet) published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman Yearns For National Audience, But Why?
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 16)

Yes Hoffman: I have to agree w. "Ted," above at 5:37 pm (see above citation). U ought to ck the Christian PHILOSOPHY at Gosp. JOHN 14:6: Christ is TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness. Thus Christianity is an instrument of reason and Holy Spirit, including especially HONESTY. Now in Trump vs. hitlery, it was good-Jew (Trump) vs. bad ("globalist") Jew, hitlery--we still get Jews and their satanism/subjectivism. Trump merely gives a slight reprieve, Trump explicitly rejecting globalism.

Evidently, the "good" Jews want to keep goyim around to continue working and slaving for Jews, whereas the "bad Jews" continue to work for Agenda-21 genocide. So the "good" Jews saw a way of taking-over leadership of goyim which leadership may now last a little while.

Problem w. u, Hoffman, is u're MYSTIC and hereticalist Pelagianist, pretending to "good-evil" subjectivism, which doesn't exist in this God-created objective reality in accord w. ABSOLUTE cause-effect.

U want a "national audience/market"?--u already have one, buddy, but it shouldn't be too extensive to really making too much money for u, as u say same old stuff, don't u?--mysticism and Pelagian moralism.

For the true Christian cause is only forwarded by means of the objective reality, hence reason, primary component of Holy Spirit, along w. honesty, objectivity being only basis for TRUTH (= Christ). But objective reality bothers u, doesn't it?--because u want to preserve hereticalist "good" vs. "evil" which only exists in subjectivism which subjectivism is what Jews and satanists feature and worship.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Heck, pain, agony: natural, necessary consequences of not heeding objective reality, God-given....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heck: Natural, Necessary Result, Pain, Agony, Consequence Of Rejection Of Reality, Truth
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 16)

FM footnote 5: "Rather, hell is better understood as a complement to human freedom – in the sense that is “completes” human freedom. God does not eradicate those who reject Him. He sustains them in existence and thereby “honors” their request to be apart from Him. It’s simply that being apart from God is not at all nice, objectively, since God is the source of all good things."

"Human freedom"?--is non-existent except within the mind regarding truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), specifically btwn truth and lies (JOHN 8:44). For to accept God the Father, creator of the OBJECTIVE reality requires then rejection of satanic (extreme) subjectivism whence reality is mere emanation of one's own consciousness/mentality, making oneself God.

The Jews then are most practical and successful satanists as they feature a COLLECTIVE subjectivism, ruled by rabbis at the top (see Thus Jews are able to remain relatively clear-headed and down-to-earth for their conspiracies, plots, and criminal enterprises, no matter how far-flung, esp. regarding the top and master criminal enterprise, central-banking (see for expo) which funds and co-ordinates all other organized crime and even much of the un-organized criminal activity.

In contrast, the gentiles, due to cultural circumstances, have relative psychologic difficulty taking such subjectivism/satanism too seriously as they're so impractical, relatively egoistic, hence nihilistically dis-connected and esp. un-organized relative to Jews who are far more practical and highly organized, beginning in history w. the "FREE-MASONS," the original entry-point of Jew infiltration within gentile society, even before French Revolution, the masonic activity actually presaging and making way for the central-banking and revolutionary activity of 19th cent. and following.

And since heeding to objective reality is necessary for human life and activity, naturally ignorance and contempt for that reality will bring pain and agony--hell, including "hell on earth."

And of course, original pretext for satanism, even in all the irony, is the teaching of fallacious, delusionary, and hereticalist (Pelagianism), yet still quite effective, "good-evil" to the children by way of controlling the population, inducing guilt/inferiority -complex, most people failing for ever arising fm such childhood fallacies/delusions as "good-evil," founded totally upon subjectivism, "good" really meaning merely OBEDIENT, etc.

Note then the next step, psychologically, is the corruption of the word/concept "faith" fm proper LOYALTY, now to beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'. For note heeding the objective reality doesn't at all require any beleeeeeeeeeeeving; one merely observes and respects one's observation of God's reality.

But note the subjectivist reality absolutely requires beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'--even against one's perceptions, common-sense, and reason. And that's why the fallacious and actually foreign concept of "faith" as beleeeeeeeevin' is a Pharisaic intrusion upon Greek and Western culture/psychology. Thus note the supreme satanism of beleeeeeeeeeeving in lies, against truth, is counted to being "good." Heeding to truth and objective reality, even against such beleeeeeevin', is "racist" and "evil."

So one easily sees the nature and necessity of the hell of pain and agony which is naturally induced and rendered by means of the satanic/subjectivist ignoring of God-given objective reality and truth (= Christ) thereof. For human "freedom" is extremely limited, entirely to human conception, and reality itself cannot be changed by human will, only the human concept of reality, purely an internal affair of humanity.

Friday, November 4, 2016

satanism/Jews take advantage of psychos and children who want both "good," built necessarily upon subjectivism, and rule-of-law which cannot abide such subjectivism....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rule-Of-Law Cannot Abide Subjectivism/Satanism
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 16)

Anonymous Nov 3, 2016, 10:42:00 PM

"...[W]hat is important is for it to be toward what is good." -Mr. Goody

Don't u see how u just keep presuming?--what is "good"?--and WHY is that "good"? For in truth there isn't and couldn't be "good" in an objective, hence determined reality of absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, humans deterministically seeking their interest (ultimately heaven), humans sinners, as St. Paul affirms.

And what is it to be "saved"?--we're obviously trying to save our republic of (a) freedom and (b) prosperity, both of which are built upon rule-of-law, republic going down the drain of satanism, satanism being extreme subjectivism, as urs, built upon fallacious, delusionary (and hereticalist) "good-evil."

For there's fatal contradiction btwn rule-of-law and ur satanic "good-evil," "good-evil" being pretext of subjectivism which subjectivism u deny yet practice and uphold insisting as u do upon child's "good-evil," hence inferiority/guilt -complex.

Subjectivism (hence "good-evil") cannot sustain rule-of-law, in fact, actually undercuts and destroys it.

And traitor as u are, aside fm being subjectivist/satanist, u insist upon saving, protecting, and up-holding satanism and foremost practitioners thereof, Jews and queers.

And u won't admit to treason as u're psychotic, insisting upon two conflicting, opposite principles, "good-evil," and rule-of-law. U don't seem to grasp "good-evil" is necessarily built upon subjectivism which u deny u uphold. U're psycho, psychotic, anti-Christ, SIGNIFICANT part of the problem.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous Nov 3, 2016, 10:42:00 PM


hopefully whatever it is it will be worthwhile -

in any case it isn't that important for Mike to run it - what is important is for it to be toward what is good.

Obviously Mike cannot advertise that weather modification is going on so he probably won't be able to run the next one. But that's OK.

The bigger question really is what are we all trying to save? That is the real struggle - if something is not worth saving...


Thursday, November 3, 2016

satanists are not much impressed, scared, intimidated by FBI re-opening "investigation" on hitlery, etc....

satanists Continue To Plow Ahead For 2016 Election
(Apollonian 3 Nov 16)

Notice the satanists and hitlery barely flinch fm the re-opened FBI investigation of hitlery Clinton e-mail/foundation scandal--why?--because the entire election effort is mere exercise in fraud and psychologic manipulation. Only small minorities on extreme ends of political spectrum are substantially informed or too seriously motivated, the mass of morons, goons, and suckers in the "middle" of political spectrum moved merely by fear and/or fashion. To be sure, lots of people are impressed w. the gross criminality of hitlery. But note also how the stupid puke in the "middle" are still so impressed w., intimidated by the queers.

And what's Trump's position?--he's in w. Jews, his greatest weakness, but he emphasizes he's not the criminal like hitlery obviously is. Trump is rather successful businessman who employs folks and pays taxes. Too bad Trump hasn't emphasized the satanic nature of hitlery and the movement she fronts, including then the basic nature of satanism which is extreme subjectivism.

So the satanists simply continue w. the fraud effort as so few are impressed or worried about the election integrity. And the Jews-media is integral part of this election fraud, seeing to the psychologic manipulation of the people, keeping the people receptive to the fraud, to the plausibility of hitlery being righteously elected, no less than the queers are plausible humans, citizens, etc.

So I suspect the "election," such as it is, is left in hands of criminals and the sort of arbiters as we have here in Tx. who don't seem to have done much for elections, for if they see fraud, which has happened, then they should make definite moves, but perhaps they don't if they think it's not substantial, massive enough fraud, or perhaps they're confident in their own frauds being in the necessary positions. In any case, hitlery and the other satanists don't seem too terribly worried.

Satanism/satanists, like Jews, are happy long as they're not direct subjects of attn.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Religion is philosophy put in aestheticalist terms, the fore-runner and vehicle of practical philosophy....

[Below-copied by ap first published at comments,]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Religion: Aestheticalist, Philosophic Reflection/Counterpart, Lesson, Way Of Living, Doing, Thinking
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Remember religion complements philosophy, philosophy understood as "hand-maid." In the beginning, philosophy was religion, philosophy contained therein, religion the larger, general vehicle, expressed in a liturgy/ceremony, provoking further thought/reflection.

Thus Christianity is dialectic anti-thesis to Pharisaist subjectivism, Christ being Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to Godly happiness. For truth is necessarily founded upon God-created, hence OBJECTIVE, reality. So Christian religion is actually just an aesthetical/literary expression of philosophy as Christ demonstrates for us, including the ethic, Christ teaching best RATIONAL way of human co-existence, contrasted w. thematic Pharisaic/Talmudic war against humanity, founded in lies and lying (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), including even lying to oneself--which always turns-out to being quite painful--heck.

Second, note Christianity must reflect human reality, human being naturally sinful, hence self-interested, so "heaven" is a reward/incentive for doing "right," while heck represents the dis-incentive, the pain and penalty for hubris/subjectivism. Thus burning is easily understood by the small child, and the child then easily relates w. the more adult understanding, even as the child grows and achieves evermore knowledge.

For subjectivism ultimately requires the human to being god unto himself (satanism), all reality mere subjectivist projection of one's own mind/consciousness, lying to oneself, which leads to insanity, and as it does so there's always necessarily pain--heck.

But remember, Jews are practical, ORGANIZED, COLLECTIVIST LIARS and subjectivists, always preaching, in beginning, delusionary/fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil," pretext to their large system of lying to oneself--it works on the very young and children and those who never fully grow-up in (Christian) honesty.

And the top liars and leaders (usually Jews, nearly always, most accomplished liars and haters of truth) of the organized liars club do their lying for specific, practical purpose: taking advantage of stupid, over-populated, dis-organized gentile suckers, Jews lying to themselves as necessary, top-level Jews lying to lower-level Jews, etc.

So as Christianity is truth vs. Jew/satanic lies, it perfectly parallels objectivity (hence determinism) vs. (extreme) subjectivism, Jews being most practical and organized/collectivists, most of the nihilist, un-organized suckers being gentiles (esp. homosexuals, but also including free-masons, and a few others, esp. moralists/petty-Pharisaics).

Thus as reality is determined, hence CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the Jews take advantage of the evermore over-populated, hubris-afflicted gentiles within evermore corrupt culture of false prosperity who begin and evermore believing genuinely in fallacious/delusionary and non-existent "good-evil" and develop the obligatory guilt/inferiority -complex, willing to follow orders of politically-correct elite, etc.--esp. and ultimately in way of CENTRAL-BANKING and "usury" (which has nothing to do w. charging-of-"interest"), central-banking the foremost CRIMINAL enterprise (see

Thus Jews and satanists should be seen not as "evil" (which doesn't exist), but rather as disease, like typhus, leprosy, and plague--insane--and they simply take advantage, like disease, upon insane, hubristic gentiles who like to think they have perfectly "free" God-like wills, capable of "good-evil," etc.

Religion was original way of expressing this sort of philosophy, and it still works for the great mass of human-kind who cannot/will not learn to think, to be honest, accepting the natural human condition of sin and self-interest which must and should be tempered in Christian reason and honesty (Holy Spirit) by which to grasping truth (Christ), only way to God, etc.

Christian religion then teaches, at most simple level of child, that subjectivism and hubris leads to heck and pain, that truth, reason, and honesty (hence Holy Spirit) are best way to Godly happiness and peace of mind and heart--plus u get to watch TV all night, and u can eat all u want and never get fat, etc.

Note satanic hitlery was/is exposed by criminals hacking and breaking law--says a lot for the stupid puke, called "the people," eh?....

If Not For Scum In-Fighting At Top, Puke Called "The People" Would Have Gone For It All
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Stop and ask urselves what's very greatest tragedy and crime of this 2016 election farce we've already arrived at, Oct 31, more than a week before the spoiled election. For it's spoiled election as it's so miserably fraudulent, in so many ways, what w. (a) the "electronic" vote fraud, which by itself totally discredits things, but then there are (b) the corrupt and traitorous judges who refuse the obvious vote-ID, and then (c) there's the illegal alien part. Could anything be more royally screwed-up?--at a Federal level, yet.

And note Republicans, like Paul Rino (Ryan), are in on it, too, they having done it, all the notorious vote-fraud, for Bush. Another element is the corrupt and lying Jews-media. If it wasn't for the scum of the NSA who illegally hacked things (and if not, they know who did it) w. the e-mails, hitlery, Soros, and co. would have brought it all off, surely. At least it's good to know there's still in-fighting going-on at the very top--our only hope now that the organized Christian establishment is totally destroyed by kike and kike-friendly filth--well, the scummy puke destroyed themselves, kikes now just taking advantage, like the disease they are. See for expo on Talmud.

Thus we see without the in-fighting among the very scum-of-the-earth at the top, the dumbass, stupid, brainless puke of the so-called "people" of Jew S A would have bought it all--that's the obvious tragedy. And of course, not all the people are such goddam stupid puke, but wayyyyyyyyyy too many are, that's for sure--over-population--allowing themselves to be led-by-the-noses by these satanic scum who back and uphold hitlery and the kike filth, defending that putrid cancer in the mid-east, Israel.

Note then it's now much a matter of in-fighting going on among the kikes, good kikes vs. bad kikes. For we KNOW Trump is all in w. those infernal lying monsters. So Trump getting in as Pres. will be no real solution, merely a reprieve.

For what about the slight fact Jew S A is only saved by CRIMINAL hacking by CRIMINALS who obviously violate the law, strictly understood?--notice no one talks much about that. Fine thing, Jew S A is given its "reprieve" by these criminal scum. See how far gone is Jew S A? And this all foregoing is beside fact we're in for currency collapse, up-coming.

So we need prosecution of these criminals. Examples have to be made of these puke--but it will only go as far as the Jews who control Trump will allow--which is to say not far at all, if at all. At least the vote fraud can be fixed. But we need more. We need states rights recognized, including nullification and secession, and we need real money, commodity-based, hence gold-silver being best--which will have to come, pretty soon now, I guess.

But the power of the I-net shows itself, at any rate, and the next thing for people to find-out is the rational meaning of Christianity, the real thing, which is objective reality, etc., hence anti-semitism.

So I think the crux to things, if there is to remain any hope, is the I-net; long as it remains, there's still great room for hope, as way of treating the horrific stupidity of these stupid scum called "the people," the stupid puke, though it's not sure thing, and there's still horror to come w. currency collapse. So keep praying, people.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Every crisis must/will benefit Jews, including latest regarding hitlery, even as she must go down in flames, ho ho ho ho....

Problems For Globalists, Hitlery To Lose, BUT Win (Still) For Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 16)

So it looks like hitlery must go down in flames, BUT Jews will still win, as globalists will negotiate through them, kikes, to get Trump to "make a deal"--as Jews are Trump's weak-pt. The FBI "dirty cop," Comey, announces ANOTHER investigation--which will again, eventually, exonerate hitlery w. maybe a slap on wrist, after a good interval. But meantime it's opportunity for hitlery to breathe easier now as to what to do, everything being "taken-care of" by COG (continuity-of-gov., "deep state," "shadow gov.") as they've been doing all along, after all, as we know through "wiki-leaks."

For it was COG who told hitlery it was ok for the private-server, and the phony charity, and doing "pay for play," ho o ho ho; hitlery is their special little "golden-girl," after all, foremost satanist. It's only the "wiki-leaks" that bothers these top powers, of Bilderberg, Tri-lateralists, and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and the pesky I-net.

Thus, if u notice, Soros's race-war continues along w. all the other distractions for the morons, including the vote-fraud, the votes "flipped" against Trump. For even if hitlery has to lose, ZOG and COG have to get some of their candidates in the other elections safely into office, right?--like Paul Rino (Ryan), ho ho ho oho. Another disaster that has to happen is currency-collapse, as of US Dollar--so there are lots of factors capable of distracting the mass of morons that can be useful for ZOG-COG.

Hence ZOG-COG will work through Jews to getting Trump to "compromise," Jews benefitting as always, but otherwise, the people will have to defend the I-net and consolidate upon the REAL Christianity which is anti-semitism, Christian truth vs. Jew lies (a), then (b) states-rights principle, including 10th Amendment and nullification, (c) not leastly, REAL money, gold/silver, and abolition of legalized counterfeiting (US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo).

Thus u see, Trump will HAVE to "play ball" w. ZOG-COG to avoid assassination, all this brokered by kikes. The real leadership of the people will have to be provided through I-net, for obvious reasons, as it has already. And u can be sure ZOG-COG is looking for way to remove I-net, like through a EMP event, likely to be blamed on N. Korea or other "terrorists," ho ho ho.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

State and local officials ought to arrest and jail the criminal vote officials who are running already obviously fraudulent and rigged polls/elections....

This satanic Moment In History
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 16)

I kept watching and listening to vid of "This Magic Moment" recording by the old Jay and the Americans song-group (a bunch of Jews, yech, but I used to listen to them when I was young and dumb), and I thought about this present historical moment in satanism. ZOG of course, is in beeeeeeeeeg trouble, the currency about to collapse, along w. bond market and whatever else.

The real horror for ZOG now is that it's all getting out of hand for them, they never realizing the I-net would become so powerful for the info of the people--w. a little help fm wikileaks, ho ho ho ho. So ZOG has to consider some really drastic measures. But what can they do?--exterminate a good deal of the population and reset and regress the economic standard of living?--can be done easily w. a few nukes, causing EMP destruction of the electric grids. But can ZOG bring it off for this EMP event?--perhaps not. For there's "no honor among thieves," never forget, and they surely cannot be too sure about getting away w. it all.

Observe further now, there are at least two explicit and cogent commentaries, by Lou Dobbs ( and Gary Franchi ( who pt. out hitlery's own top advisors decry her hubris for not resigning fm board(s) of organizations in consideration of obvious conflict-of-interest, and the keeping of the private e-mail server. But hitlery KNEW she had COG (continuity-of-gov.), "deep-state," "shadow-gov." working for her, as we now know fm e-mails, in all her hubris. So people better see the sheer SATANIC contempt for reality, which can't be denied--out there now for all to see for themselves, esp. on the I-net.

And note the dis-connect fm reality for ZOG higher-ups, running hitlery, who's surely dying of Parkinson's disease, or whatever else is obviously working, these "higher-ups" being such as George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller, among others, who are in 80s and even 90s now, as for Rockefeller. Hitlery is their "girl" to running things, evidently, none being more satanistically competent or proficient for the end-game they all have in mind now for the world dictatorship they want to continue to consolidate. For some reason, they HAVE to have hitlery, ho ho ho, their fingers crossed she doesn't suddenly croak on them, hoh o ho ho

So ZOG is really going to have to negotiate w. Trump, evidently, but even that won't guarantee they will survive, the people getting ever-better informed upon ZOG's infernal perfidy by means of mighty I-net.

Finally, what Trump and others ought to doing is to EXPLICITLY pt-ing out the satanic HUBRIS of hitlery and slick Willie going out and speaking for hundreds of thousands of ZOG-bux per speech--which no one else can do--which all happened as hitlery worked to approving lucrative business deals. For u see, there can be no question this speechifying for approval of deals was simply pay-for-play--everyone knows it, left and right, "conservative" and "liberal." Trump should say out-loud the word, "satanic," for effect upon the Christian volk--which will totally terrorize the ZOG powers and higher-ups, like COG, et al.

Otherwise folks merely need adopt gold/silver money and states-rights and nullification principles. Further, they need to grasp the Christian principle of anti-semitism, real essence of Christianity--rejection of Jew lies and subjectivism (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) in favor of truth, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), hence the objective reality.

And incidentally, here in Tex., we already have, for the "early voting," machines flipping votes for Trump, going for hitlery. Gov. and police ought to step right in and arrest the crooked officials, put them in jail, and order replacements to rectify the crooked machines, or removing them altogether. And Soros-owned machines ought to be immediately REMOVED, for obvious problems and reasons. Note there's ALREADY overwhelming evidence of fraud--it's PROVEN it was done against Bernie Sanders, aside fm the Project Veritas vids, Bernie rolling-over, probably threatened too. So there's stuff to be done, folks; get the word out.

Monday, October 24, 2016

As dust settles, we see ZOG, Obola, hitlery all looking very poorly and bad, Trump sitting "pretty"....

ZOG, Hitlery, And Obola Scrambling To Recover For Comedy Of Errors In Gross Fraud, Treason
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 16)

Observe the gross fraud, including election fraud that surrounds both Obola administration and hitlery election campaign. First, we have Obola, not a nat. -born citizen, w. a fake Soc. Sec. card, who was given the Nobel Peace Prize for no apparent reason, who lied about Obola-care, which is now literally collapsing, who murdered Qadaffi, leader of Libya, who's threatening illegal war in Syria, has now been caught involved rather heavily in hitlery's illegal e-mail server scandal, hitlery wanting to keep her e-mails secret as she was running pay-for-play w. her illegal and fraudulent "charity foundation."

And of course, we're supposed to be distracted by the fraudulent claims of the group of females coming-out lately accusing Trump of indiscretions, etc., ho ho ho ho--it only adds to the fraudulent airs given-off by the Democrats. It now rather looks like ZOG is so desperate to have hitlery succeed Obola that Obola comes-off as mere flunkey to hitlery. And the election is gross, miserable mess of fraud compounded in so many ways. What will ZOG do? Note ZOG lately has done some major work to crashing some computer systems on relatively large scale over last couple days, this aside fm the threatened war w. Russia.

Thus ZOG would have looked much better if they had a more tractable candidate fm the other side, the Republicans, than Trump who stands fast and doesn't allow himself to be pushed into endorsing-in-advance the attempted election fraud. And now w. wikileaks revelations, and James O'Keefe investigations, ZOG looks quite embarrassed--they're exposed for the frauds and gross criminals they really are. And at this pt. Trump doesn't have to do anything, he already having stood fast for what he told folks fm the beginning. All Trump needs do is to just continue standing fast as he has, and it really looks like ZOG must negotiate w. Trump fm a weak position, though of course, they could simply threaten to kill him or his family--looks like that's all ZOG has left, war w. Russia having been mere bluff.

So it looks bad for ZOG, Obola, and hitlery, and good for Trump. There's still going to be a horrible economic/currency collapse, but ZOG probably figures they can let Trump into office and then blame it all on him. But it will still be bad for ZOG, long as mighty Internet continues. And the US Federal Reserve Bank is key and cause to all the disasters; it was and, so far, still is the engine to everything. So ZOG has simply dug itself a great big hole. USA, West, and Americans can survive and repair itself w. real money, gold/silver, and states-rights concept.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

NOW IS THE TIME to striking fatal blow to satanism, reduced as it is to the comical, as by means of Trump's defiance, refusal to credit obvious, blatant election fraud....

satanism: Reduced Now From Sadist To Comic Must Be Struck In Moment Of Weakness, Crushed By Legitimate Call To Arms Of Citizens Against Traitors, Arch-Criminals
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 16)

Now is the time for hero and true leader of the people, like Donald Trump, to smash and crush the heretofore and would-be sadistic, satanist juggernaut, hitlery Clinton, who is presently, at the moment, reduced to pathetic comedian who pretends to outrage for Trump's unwillingness to abide by gross, blatant election fraud which is on-going and building to placing traitor hitlery along w. criminal husband (whose license to practice law was removed for lying to a court of law) in position as President for destruction of the republic.

And the way to do this smashing is not only to refusing to credit the election, but to exhort the people to taking-up arms against placing of such satanist criminal and traitor, hitlery, as President. Hitlery must be arrested and jailed, immediately. This exhorting to citizen's taking-up arms is perfectly legitimate as hitlery wants to place "no-fly zone" in Syria and provoking war w. Russia which is liable to exterminating millions upon millions of people. Further, note treason advocated by hitlery regarding removal of borders of USA and registration of citizens' fire-arms, the virtual and effective overthrow of the Constitutional Republic. It's simply farcical that anyone would seriously vote for such satanic monster as hitlery--excepting ONLY fellow satanists.

Further still, note this now is after it's proven and admitted to defrauding of hitlery's previous competitor for candidacy of Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders--who thereupon rolled-over so conveniently for satanists and hitlery, showing the quality of character for such dedicated socialist, Sanders thus betraying his erstwhile supporters.

The time to strike this vile, lethal satanism which has already mass-murdered so many millions of humanity is now, especially when the Internet is still active and informing the people as by means of justly famous "wikileaks" materials, especially the e-mails btwn and among various "players" exposing, for example, hitlery's pay-for-play Clinton Foundation fraud and scam which engineered payments fm illegal foreign sources to hitlery, not to mention other high crimes against the nation, like collusion in arming, funding, and supplying ISIS/al-qaeda terrorists of the Middle East, through Saudis and Qatar, terrorists presently infiltrating Europe and even USA, yet another part of the traitorous plotting by hitlery the satanist, conspiring w. G. Soros.

It's time to get out the word for all the people, in style of Paul Revere, alerting to the catastrophic danger of placing such murderous, satanic psychopath as hitlery in position of such power as Presidency. Not only should Trump refuse to credit any election of hitlery, but her continued freedom to campaign for the office should be halted by means of immediate arrest and trial for murder, as of the late Libyan leader, Qadaffi, and mass-murder as done already by terrorists hitlery has guided and helped to arm, supply, and fund. Readers of this should copy and send to all their friends, collaborators, and allies.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Anti-Christ sociopathy, satanism masked, justified by moralism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody's Sociopathy Masked By Moralism
(Apollonian, 26 Sep 16)

"We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Mr. Goody, Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM

Thus we see Mr. Goody lying and slandering the people, presumably the Christian people of USA, the "'faithful' being most easily aroused to murder," according to Mr. Goody WHO PRETENDS HE'S "PATRIOT."

But Mr. Goody, u don't tell us how u arrived at this conclusion about the "faithful"--is it wishful thinking? What are ur facts?--can u give a ref.?

"Faith," of course is quite a buzz-word, but basically meaning LOYALTY, but it's true--as we see in Mr. Goody's case--it seems to stand as a form of knowledge in place of reason, which then Mr. Goody takes as pretext for pretending he's smarter than these "faithful," or that he's better in his typical moralistic manner as he imagines he thinks whereas these other poor people merely have "faith."

Mr. Goody can't figure-out "faith" might be legitimate thing IF it merely meant LOYALTY--yet he imagines he's smart and rational, not to mention sooooo "moral."

Mr. Goody doesn't consider that if there really are these people incapable of reason, as Mr. Goody IS capable of such reason, they'd rather be quite passive and un-willing to act unless they had leadership and encouragement.

And note Mr. Goody's typical passive-aggressive trait shows as he's presently incapable of comment, despite his pretending he's so smart and better than these "faithful."

Mr. Goody seems to have same passive-aggressive difficulty resolving subjectivism w. his moralism as above at Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM.

So u see Mr. Goody: it's difficult to see how u're really "patriot" when u're so willing and quick to call folks murderers, and when u're obviously anti-Christ sociopath--all covered and masked by ur moralism which u seem to prize above all.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How could Mr. Goody be "patriot" if he's anti-Christ?--and this is aside fm other things, like treason and lies....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Common Ground" With Mr. Goody
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 16)

Mr. Goody (rightly, actually) looks for "common ground," but we can go back to the basic problem of 9/11 (a). (b) And we can, additionally now, examine his statement, "We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM, above.

And we note Mr. Goody pretends he's "patriot," But Mr. Goody is anti-Christ, liar, and slanderer, as we see. Mr. Goody often makes remarks as the above lie regarding "faithful" whom he indicates are murderers.

See, Mr. Goody, USA has become Jew S A, and that's part of the problem regarding 9/11, done by satanists, satanists led by Jews, there being PLENTY of evidence, as noted by Chris Bollyn (

And as the real, orginal USA is Christian country, made by and for Christians, we see, as anyone can see, U COULDN'T BE "PATRIOT"--it's impossible, u being anti-Christ and liar prone to lying and making the anti-American sort of statements as we have fm u.

We see further, Mr. Goody: u haven't resolved ur (other) statement fm above, Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM, regarding subjectivism. U seem to indicate u're not subjectivist, but we see u claim to "good-evil."

So we see some things, Mr. Goody: (a) we see ur FUNDAMENTAL HOSTILITY to USA, a Christian country, for ur lie to effect u're "patriot"--u're actually an anti-Christ who lies (in numerous ways), who pretends u understand anything about Christianity, mis-representing it as u do and have done.

(b) And we see now, more specifically and additionally, u slander the people of USA saying "there's no respect for human life," and further, regarding the "faithful" being prone to "murder."

So u see, Mr. Goody: it's impossible that u're "patriot," buddy--U'RE AN ENEMY, why don't u admit it? And I mean u're an outright, avowed enemy of the real, original USA as it was meant to be, a Christian country for the Christian people.

Not only are u outright, anti-Christ ENEMY, but u're traitor too, holding with, sympathizing with, and lying for the real perpetrators of 9/11, satanists and Jews.

Further still, u lie about ur subjectivism and pretensions to "good-evil," which "good-evil" could ONLY be product of subjectivism and subjectivistic premises in the basic logic of it all.

Of course, I've already analyzed ur lying for the Jews who are established and proven to being CONSPIRATORS by their very religion and war against humanity as demonstrated fm their Talmud. This lying and covering for Jews is YET ANOTHER instance and facet of ur enmity and treason regarding USA and ur pretended "patriotism."

So I contend and submit there's excellent and quite sufficient "common ground" for the discussion here, Mr. Goody, though u don't want to admit it, in ur usual and typical girl-like, passive-aggressive manner.

Thus I reiterate u're integral part of the problem of present Jew S A and also 9/11, Mr. Goody, given ur sort of "philosophy" as I've noted, u being perfect willing dupe and useful idiot for the satanic complex responsible for 9/11. And there's actually excellent "common ground" by which to observe and confirm ur status and circumstances in the large scheme of things. U're certainly no "patriot"; on the contrary.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What is purpose of Christianity if not for defense against satanists and Jews--what has happened that suddenly there's no effective organized Christianity?....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not (yet) published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What Happened To Christian Militance, Culture, And Unity?
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 16)

Golly gee, Mr. Pinay, but I DO sympathize w. u (and Ms. Haverbeck) and ur problem w. these satanists and Jews. For satanism is the larger problem in which some, even many, gentiles are involved no less. Here in USA nowadays, males are steadily being encouraged to invade female bathrooms, etc. Even the tax-payer funded American military is now subsidizing medical facilities for sex-change operations.

But then how is it Jews are allowed to collectivistically--Jews unified as Jews, and not only in Israel--wage war most effective and successful against gentiles, including whites and Germans, but by some magical, mystic dispensation, there's no reciprocal, wholesale, collectivist war allowed against Jews by united humanity desperately attempting, as we see, to defending themselves?

Sure there are some Jews not directly involved in the legalized counterfeiting known as central-banking (see and closely associated lying in the mass-corporate Jews-media--which "media" is steadily losing influence, by the way. But Jews are yet united and unified for their lies regarding "persecution" and holohoax religion. And if there's a Jew who disagrees w. establishment Jews and their lies, then the other Jews see to threatening and intimidation of this renegade Jew, and Jews are notoriously reticent to talk about this sort of unity of Jews. So the effective unity of Jews for their waging of this war is un-deniable, given the facts quite easily grasped and observed.

Why aren't gentiles allowed the same sort of unity and whole-sale, collectivistic kind of action in reciprocation? Isn't that sort of collective, united, whole-sale kind of organization what is required and necessary for effective warfare and defense? Didn't Christianity formerly provide that sort of cultural protection against Jews and satanists?--isn't that the very purpose of Christianity?

So somehow Jews are allowed to wage this war, but gentiles aren't, and gentiles suffer. Say what u will about unc' Adolf Hitler, but he yet organized his people, and they were doing pretty well till Hitler prematurely declared war against USA only a few days after Pearl Harbor, but that's another story.

So I'd say there's a slight cultural/ethical problem which isn't impossible to analyze, but which allows Jews the cultural/psychologic advantage they have, and dis-allowing the gentiles effective defense--isn't this easily observed and verifiable? Hitler solved that cultural/ethical problem, but of course, there were some special conditions which allowed for that--like lots of the fiat-currency fm the West which went into Germany for purpose of starting another world war, specifically w. the Bolsheviks, as we know fm such as Antony C. Sutton and other sources. And Hitler nearly, almost won that war, but again, that's another story.

So therefore, Mr. Pinay, isn't it incumbent upon u to explore the conditions/circumstances of this cultural war?--isn't that ur avowed purpose? Isn't it Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. satanic lies (JOHN 8:44)? And isn't it true nowadays, unlike earlier in our history, that Christian militance and unity of culture has been horribly, even fatally, lost?--how did that happen?--tell us about it, by all means.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ZOG's "narrative" about the ISIS "narrative," ho ho ho ho

ZOG's "Battle Of Narrative(s)"
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 16)

ZOG (see now wants to persuade the people it's life-or-death matter to consider the "narrative" of ISIS. But ISIS was created by ZOG, so the ISIS "narrative" is ZOG's "narrative."

ZOG says then Jew S A must not "discriminate" against Muslims, etc., as this would "play into" their (ISIS) "narrative," ho oh ho ho ho.

So observe now that ZOG has created ISIS, ZOG further wants to demand the various political parties and players must fashion rhetoric in accord w. the "narrative" (and "narrative" regarding narrative, ho ho ho).

And "Muslim" immigration is simply invasion, and thus ZOG wants to protect this invasion; that's why they're afraid of "discrimination," the whole purpose then for the new ZOG-ISIS narrative about the "narrative," ho ho ho ho ho ho.

Don't forget it was ZOG and Israel which did 9/11 (see, starting the "war on terror" (hence war on Muslims and Muslim nations, not to mention the enhanced police-state in the West), which led to the refugees, and now the Muslim refugee invasion of West.

So this "narrative" narrative (ho ho ho ho) is just more idiot ZOG lies on top of ZOG lies aimed at the stupid leftists and metro-sexuals to blame and discredit the nationalists and "deplorables," ho ho ho ho. Thus the "narrative" narrative seems quite moronic and desperate on part of psychopaths. There's un-questionably a big false-flag, psy-ops coming--they're starting to going to proverbial "well" a little often now, it seems.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Long as there are over-populated goons, suckers, willing dupes, and useful idiots like Mr. Goody, Jews/satanists will continue to ravage....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody, Subjectivist, Moralist, Having Fun As satanism Advances
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 16)

Get a load of what Mr. Goody writes for us, above: "CONCLUSION
" We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war. Keep fighting.
" I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well."

"Keep fighting" he says, so patronizingly, like a cheer-leader at a pep-rally. Then he gives us words he's sure will "inspire"; after all, it inspired him, and it's soooo good and important (evidently) to be "inspired." Mr. Goody doesn't really care about accomplishing anything of substance regarding 9/11--he just wants people to be inspired as he is.

But whatever u do, don't u dare bother those dear, precious Jews, says Mr. Goody. After all, there's Alan Sabrosky, and he's a "good" Jew, like there are good psychopaths, according to Mr. Goody who's sooo "inspired" and looking-out for everyone's welfare and morality in general, evidently--except he cares about Jews more than anyone else, we see.

"We lost a battle," he says, but who's "we"? For don't forget Mr. Goody is an avowed anti-Christ who lies about Christianity and Christians (pretending he knows anything about them) and says Christians are hypocrites spouting "religious psychobabble" (see above note, Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM).

Cui Bono (who benefits) regarding 9/11?--answer: Jews, satanists (who are extreme subjectivists), homosexuals (as we see lately), Israel, and the Jew world order, though their currency system is faltering now, pretty badly, and they'll need a war to cover things pretty soon, hence another false-flag, surely.

So I'd say Mr. Goody demonstrates pretty well how the Jews and satanists operate and succeed, so far, as they did regarding 9/11: they've got willing dupes and useful idiots--like Mr. Goody, the moralist, who runs interference for them and defends them, lying for them, pretending sociopathy (Judaism) is ok, and there are "good" sociopaths, after all--look at Alan Sabrosky, ho ho ho ho.

So who did 9/11?--Jews and satanists, obviously (see But HOW do these Jews and satanists get away w. it?--would it be by means of allies, cohorts, willing dupes, useful idiots, moralists, and subjectivists like Mr. Goody? Thus we see there are simply too many (over-populated) goons and idiots like Mr. Goody who are manipulated and used by Jew and satanist masterminds. Such is the satanic problem within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nature of 9/11 crime is that it's specific part of larger satanic conspiracy, and Trump surely provides fundamental thematic contrast in principle to hitlery, "Americanism" vs. globalism....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody Is Problem, As I've Demonstrated Extensively, In Detail
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

"There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person." -fm 5th para., above, by Mr. Goody (see link, above, top).

Here's (above quote) just another lie of urs, Mr. Goody, for hitlery represents the Jew world order, following Jew, George Soros, hitlery the colleague and successor to Obola, Trump, on the contrary, who says, "Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo." This, foregoing, contrast is THEMATIC, Mr. Goody; didn't u know? But u can cover ur lie in this instance by means of ur moronic ignorance, right? Then again, Trump is wildly popular for serious number of people, even among significant portion of minorities.

For it is true, on other hand, Trump remains big fan of kikes of Israel, both of them competing to pretend who's more for mass-murdering Israeli terror-state.

But all throughout ur LONG blog article on 9/11 we are consistently peppered w. ur assertion of "good-evil," right?

At same time, u want to pretend to invoking science, even recommending vids on the bldg. demolitions. So what about simple logic and induction: "Once u eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" -Sherlock Holmes.

So can Jews be "eliminated"?--of course not, but u won't go there, eh, Mr. Goody?

For then u'll say, but golly, surely not all kikes are involved? But then look at their religion ( which is collectivistic for ideal--the ideal of WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. So kikes will NEVER finger kikes, unless it's a particular Jew (like Bernie Madoff, eh?), and then they'll always add, "but Jews in general are ok"--which is a lie (again, just ck their Talmud).

And u can't face-up to essence of Jew and satanism which is subjectivism--why?--and it's because subjectivism is also the essence of ur sort of righteousness. And it's precisely that righteousness and subjectivism u want to cover-up as it's root of ur moralistic pretence to virtue.

And of course, ur enemy and target is Christians/Christianity, hypocrite like u calling them "hypocrites," when u know nothing about Christianity--or "good."

So, U'RE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Goody, traitor, liar, hypocrite, Pharisaic anti-Christ pretending to "good," etc., and I've made this clear for u, Mr. Goody--just ck my numerous expositions over last dozen or so comments in ur last dozen blogs, buddy. Do u really think u fool anyone? Ho ho ho ho

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mr. Goody shows how/why 9/11 had to happen in such hubristic times and circumstances, Mr. Goody making things safe for Jews and satanists....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Goody Provides Hubristic Conditions For Criminals, satanists, And Crimes Like 9/11
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

Once again we get Mr. Goody babbling and yammering about non-existent "good-evil" at work in 9/11 which happened 15 yrs ago, was done by satanists and Jews (see behind the master fraud at the very top, the central-banking institute, featuring legalized counterfeiting, the US Federal Reserve Bank, who are working for world gov. dictatorship, and who've continued along w. all the latest in Ukraine and Syria, Korea, and S. China Sea. Mr. Goody doesn't have the intelligence to putting 9/11 in full context--but that isn't his purpose.

What is Mr. Goody's object?--to get featured on Mike Rivero's by which he'd get a few people to read and some to ck-in telling him what a wonderful, good, "moral" person he, Mr. Goody, is, but who won't stick around too long when they find-out what an empty, utterly worthless wind-bag Mr. Goody really is, ho ho hoho ho.

So now u see the purpose of 9/11 and how it happened when u realize so many people are such stupid, hubris-filled liars like Mr. Goody who just wants to pretend he's all for what's "good"--it's why he's called and known as Mr. Goody, who also likes to denigrate Christians and Christianity, calling others "hypocrites," thus making Jews and satanists feel so comfortable and confident for perpetrating their crimes, like 9/11.

Thus when a country is full of such scummy hypocrites, liars, and flunkies for Jews and satanists like Mr. Goody, one begins to see how 9/11 is successfully perpetrated. Mr. Goody keeps things safe for Jews and satanists, the perpetrators of 9/11, Jew S A immersed in hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For Jews and satanists THRIVE in a culture dominated by such hypocrites, liars, and scum as Mr. Goody, folks, never doubt. Mr. Goody is INTEGRAL part of the general problem, including 9/11, which couldn't have happened without people like Mr. Goody.

Long as there are hypocrites and traitorous, satanistic scum like Mr. Goody, u're going to have more 9/11s, folks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Can such invincible seeming satanism (as hitlery and Jews) possibly, conceivably be stopped or successfully resisted?--maybe, but it won't be easy....

Why Is satanism So . . . Inexorable, Irresistible, Ominous And Terrifying?
(Apollonian, 6 Sep 16)

Satanism: can it be stopped?--perhaps not, even probably not, but why and how? For truly satanism is unquestionably threatening and ominous--why else would a major party like Democrats nominate in such blatant criminal and corrupt fashion such a satanic, psychopathic monster like hitlery Clinton? And note the man fm whom the nomination was stolen, Bernie the Jew Sanders, is now even out stumping for hitlery.

And prospects are not helped when we think of Donald Trump whose daughter not only married a Jew who pushes holohoax, but who actually converted to the filthy religion of Christ-killers (see So we see Jews have become the arbiters of the election as they're arbiters of politics, economics and culture, which has been the case for a horribly long time now, since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson who was extorted to placing the first Jew, Brandeis, on US Sup. ct.

So since Jews rule, we see satanic destruction and perdition, absolute catastrophe in prospect and offing--how did this all come about? Well, the immediate cause and condition is the "money-power" of central-banking (see for expo) which is simply legalized counterfeiting, literally, run by the Jews, their invincible tool and instrument by which these Jews now completely own and control politics, politicians, judges, lawyers, business and industry, the economy, established religion, and hence everything else. It's why Trump's daughter was so willing to marry the kike and convert to the satanic, Talmudic religion, and why Trump himself was willing too.

So how did this satanic horror come about?--simple: over-population of scum, fools, weaklings, inferiors, goons, morons, queers, and retards. For such is the hubris of culture now degenerate after the original and founding generation has succeeded for victory and "prosperity," in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, featuring the CYCLIC theory of history. Thus the following generations didn't have to work and suffer like the original founders; things are too easy, and the result is HUBRIS, the suckers and weakling generations bringing-in the Jews, the Jews now inexorably taking-over, successfully duping the fools and scum of the degenerate inheritor generations. Now the Jews rule even in contempt of the fools and suckers who allowed Jews in.

So we see the biological function of Jews is not only that of parasite, but as the sociologic disease that extinguishes the weaklings, Jews no more "evil" than diseases like leprosy, typhus, or plague--merely feeding on the natural food source provided by stupid, decadent, complacent, and corrupt gentiles, as we see, the hubris-filled inheritor generations of original founders of the American revolution against imperial England.

Thus the hubris of these corrupt scum of present generation is entailed in the putrid moralism of mysticism, Pelagian heresy, and satanism which disguises itself in nominal, ostensive "Christian" style, but really just a hollow shell now, satanism consisting of SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is product of mentality/consciousness, not objective as the original, Christ being TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). For only by the OBJECTIVE reality can there be real truth (= Christ). By means of subjectivism and satanism the fools imagine they're God, creator of reality.

But further, the people, those who can still think independently, must grasp and understand that practical satanism, which derives its power fm stupidity of the masses, consists of a COLLECTIVE, organized satanism--why the Jews are natural leaders as they're always so organized, cohesive, and hence prepared and capable within the degenerate cultural/social circumstances. Jews flatter and deceive the people by means of subjectivism, specifically the child's "good-evil" delusion/fallacy, including especially the perfectly "free" will delusion. Thus the Jews induce and capitalize upon "INFERIORITY complex."

And the masses of weaklings are too easy for the Jews and satanists, including gentile associates (like "free-masons"), to lead by the noses, for as soon as the Jews have instituted central-banking they immediately control the mass-media, education, and entertainment by which to control the minds of the mass legions of goons, suckers, and inferiors.

Ultimately, there's no easy way to solve the satanic and Jew problem. And the only way things can become better for the gentile people, economically and politically, is by means of the reduction-in-numbers of the masses of inferiors among gentiles. Additionally, after the Jews and satanists have taken control of the culture, as we see is the case presently, only a falling-out among the masterminds will afford chances of successful rebellion of the remnant population of gentile survivors.

So that's the way to see Trump, simply as a dissident, leading a minority faction against the dominant faction of Jews and satanists who want "globalist" world gov. w. the goal of "population-reduction" in accord w. the horrific and fearsome "Agenda-21." Thus Trump will perhaps not defeat the dominant faction, but will afford some hope for continued gentile resistance and survival.

Hence the Christian msg to the people must be for their proper education for substance of satanism in way of (extreme) subjectivism given pretext by means of Pelagian heresy ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy), the objective reality of Christ and truth requiring determinist, absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" will but for God's will, and hence no "good-evil." For the root of hubris, esp. for fools and inferiors, is idea one is or can be "good" (Pharisaism, Pelagianism). And unfortunately too many weaklings, fools, suckers, and inferiors are too easily and readily addicted to this obsession w. "good"; many if not most can't entirely get over it.

Such then is the horrific cultural conditions and thus necessity for the prevailing satanism and mysticism, given the condition of over-population of fools, morons, and scum. And the central-banking instrument then is oriented to mental conditioning of these over-populated scum by means of the Jews-media and "education." So Christian patriots and heroes have their work cut-out, but at least the essence of the problem is understood, (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, root of satanism, given pretext by means of child's fallacious "good-evil" and inferiority-complex.