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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Heck, pain, agony: natural, necessary consequences of not heeding objective reality, God-given....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Heck: Natural, Necessary Result, Pain, Agony, Consequence Of Rejection Of Reality, Truth
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 16)

FM footnote 5: "Rather, hell is better understood as a complement to human freedom – in the sense that is “completes” human freedom. God does not eradicate those who reject Him. He sustains them in existence and thereby “honors” their request to be apart from Him. It’s simply that being apart from God is not at all nice, objectively, since God is the source of all good things."

"Human freedom"?--is non-existent except within the mind regarding truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), specifically btwn truth and lies (JOHN 8:44). For to accept God the Father, creator of the OBJECTIVE reality requires then rejection of satanic (extreme) subjectivism whence reality is mere emanation of one's own consciousness/mentality, making oneself God.

The Jews then are most practical and successful satanists as they feature a COLLECTIVE subjectivism, ruled by rabbis at the top (see Thus Jews are able to remain relatively clear-headed and down-to-earth for their conspiracies, plots, and criminal enterprises, no matter how far-flung, esp. regarding the top and master criminal enterprise, central-banking (see for expo) which funds and co-ordinates all other organized crime and even much of the un-organized criminal activity.

In contrast, the gentiles, due to cultural circumstances, have relative psychologic difficulty taking such subjectivism/satanism too seriously as they're so impractical, relatively egoistic, hence nihilistically dis-connected and esp. un-organized relative to Jews who are far more practical and highly organized, beginning in history w. the "FREE-MASONS," the original entry-point of Jew infiltration within gentile society, even before French Revolution, the masonic activity actually presaging and making way for the central-banking and revolutionary activity of 19th cent. and following.

And since heeding to objective reality is necessary for human life and activity, naturally ignorance and contempt for that reality will bring pain and agony--hell, including "hell on earth."

And of course, original pretext for satanism, even in all the irony, is the teaching of fallacious, delusionary, and hereticalist (Pelagianism), yet still quite effective, "good-evil" to the children by way of controlling the population, inducing guilt/inferiority -complex, most people failing for ever arising fm such childhood fallacies/delusions as "good-evil," founded totally upon subjectivism, "good" really meaning merely OBEDIENT, etc.

Note then the next step, psychologically, is the corruption of the word/concept "faith" fm proper LOYALTY, now to beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'. For note heeding the objective reality doesn't at all require any beleeeeeeeeeeeving; one merely observes and respects one's observation of God's reality.

But note the subjectivist reality absolutely requires beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'--even against one's perceptions, common-sense, and reason. And that's why the fallacious and actually foreign concept of "faith" as beleeeeeeeevin' is a Pharisaic intrusion upon Greek and Western culture/psychology. Thus note the supreme satanism of beleeeeeeeeeeving in lies, against truth, is counted to being "good." Heeding to truth and objective reality, even against such beleeeeeevin', is "racist" and "evil."

So one easily sees the nature and necessity of the hell of pain and agony which is naturally induced and rendered by means of the satanic/subjectivist ignoring of God-given objective reality and truth (= Christ) thereof. For human "freedom" is extremely limited, entirely to human conception, and reality itself cannot be changed by human will, only the human concept of reality, purely an internal affair of humanity.

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