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Thursday, November 24, 2016

ZOG CANNOT allow Trump to taking office, suckers (a), and (b) ZOG MUST take-out I-net....

Why/How Trump Fails, Poor Stupid, Utterly Compromised Bastard
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 16)

Signs are very ominous ZOG WILL NOT allow Trump to take office. (a) Observe the ZOG maintains its imperialist impetus, including the propaganda, including the warfare, as in Syria, Turkey building a 2nd base in Syria: Then there's "pizza-gate." And the pt. is ZOG cannot allow Trump to take office, which now can ONLY be allowed to be occupied by one of ZOG's trust-worthy, dependable little puppets.

(b) Most of all, ZOG MUST remove the I-net which by itself is closing-in on too much truth for ZOG's purposes.

(c) Note how Trump is DESPERATELY trying to placate ZOG, promising to not prosecute hitlery, talking about putting in Romney as Sec. State. For Trump KNOWS he's still got to get past the Electoral College, and remember ZOG controlling trillions to be printed-up by US Federal Reserve Bank (see for expo on "fed") as necessary has their people at the ready.

The people urgently need UNIFICATION, direction, leadership, and this can be done, but Trump, the poor fool, led astray by his kike buddies, to whom he's sold his soul, will not allow it--which is invoking the Christian anti-satanic ideal and principle, Christ standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew/satanic lies.

SO IF TRUMP CAN'T DO IT (this Christian unification on anti-satanic principle), then someone else must. This anti-satanic (hence Christian) unification will happen sometime as it's inevitable, only question is when and how many stupid, brainless scum, puke, and filth must die fm among the people. Remember lots of otherwise "good" folks will perish too.

So if there are any of u stupid bastards out there who can read and unnastan', I suggest u brainless scum start getting a clue to saving ur scummy lives, speaking the simple truth about Christ = truth, and the satanists/Jews are exposed and freaking-out, presently, willing and capable of killing lots of u dumb, brainless puke, called "the people."

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