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Friday, November 18, 2016

Note satanic war is NOT letting-up, despite Trump's election, And Trump actually has great weakness against these satanic (hence Jew) filth....

In The Satanic (Jew) Assault, Trump Goes Along, Worrying Only About Israel
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 16)

Observe satanists, hence Jews, are doubling-down, and not receding or conceding diddly to Trump--who seems to be looking to doing everything for Israel first. So first, note Trump and Jew buddies fail for not calling the satanists what they are, satanists--this keeps the Jews covered, u see. For as soon as one identifies satanists, Jews are un-covered and exposed thereby.

Second, note the battle-cry for satanists and their flunkies--racism racism racism racism--it never stops, ho ho ho ho ho. Thus satanists work to throw the dumb brainless ****s--"the people"--on the defense, and it works soooo well, doesn't it? But note racism is virtue of 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," and further some kind of racism (loyalty) is axiomatic and obligatory, isn't it?--one can't get away fm it--one MUST be loyal to some race of some kind.

So the racism--or loyalty ideal--of the satanists is necessarily and evidently that of total rape and bastardization of all the races. And of course, the race the satanists (Jews) want to destroy most is the white race of Christians and Christianity, obviously. Whites and Christians are the obvious targets. Get a clue, morons. Perhaps someone needs to start speaking-up and -out.

And don't doubt TRUMP IS IN WITH THIS satanic program, and he will ROLL-OVER for them--how do u know?--because his closest advisors are the kikes, including Israel. Trump's kids, two of them, are married to these filthy Jew monsters, and one of these kikes, married to Trump's daughter, goes about loudly pushing holohoax lies.

So the dumb, brainless scum--the "people"--of Jew S A had better start to trying to begin to getting something going by way of substantial counter-play, and the way to doing this is EXPOSING THE KIKES, stupid!--call these scummy puke what they are--satanists, and pt. out how it's all designed to benefit Israel, and Trump is their flunkey.

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