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Thursday, November 3, 2016

satanists are not much impressed, scared, intimidated by FBI re-opening "investigation" on hitlery, etc....

satanists Continue To Plow Ahead For 2016 Election
(Apollonian 3 Nov 16)

Notice the satanists and hitlery barely flinch fm the re-opened FBI investigation of hitlery Clinton e-mail/foundation scandal--why?--because the entire election effort is mere exercise in fraud and psychologic manipulation. Only small minorities on extreme ends of political spectrum are substantially informed or too seriously motivated, the mass of morons, goons, and suckers in the "middle" of political spectrum moved merely by fear and/or fashion. To be sure, lots of people are impressed w. the gross criminality of hitlery. But note also how the stupid puke in the "middle" are still so impressed w., intimidated by the queers.

And what's Trump's position?--he's in w. Jews, his greatest weakness, but he emphasizes he's not the criminal like hitlery obviously is. Trump is rather successful businessman who employs folks and pays taxes. Too bad Trump hasn't emphasized the satanic nature of hitlery and the movement she fronts, including then the basic nature of satanism which is extreme subjectivism.

So the satanists simply continue w. the fraud effort as so few are impressed or worried about the election integrity. And the Jews-media is integral part of this election fraud, seeing to the psychologic manipulation of the people, keeping the people receptive to the fraud, to the plausibility of hitlery being righteously elected, no less than the queers are plausible humans, citizens, etc.

So I suspect the "election," such as it is, is left in hands of criminals and the sort of arbiters as we have here in Tx. who don't seem to have done much for elections, for if they see fraud, which has happened, then they should make definite moves, but perhaps they don't if they think it's not substantial, massive enough fraud, or perhaps they're confident in their own frauds being in the necessary positions. In any case, hitlery and the other satanists don't seem too terribly worried.

Satanism/satanists, like Jews, are happy long as they're not direct subjects of attn.

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