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Monday, October 31, 2016

Religion is philosophy put in aestheticalist terms, the fore-runner and vehicle of practical philosophy....

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Religion: Aestheticalist, Philosophic Reflection/Counterpart, Lesson, Way Of Living, Doing, Thinking
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Remember religion complements philosophy, philosophy understood as "hand-maid." In the beginning, philosophy was religion, philosophy contained therein, religion the larger, general vehicle, expressed in a liturgy/ceremony, provoking further thought/reflection.

Thus Christianity is dialectic anti-thesis to Pharisaist subjectivism, Christ being Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to Godly happiness. For truth is necessarily founded upon God-created, hence OBJECTIVE, reality. So Christian religion is actually just an aesthetical/literary expression of philosophy as Christ demonstrates for us, including the ethic, Christ teaching best RATIONAL way of human co-existence, contrasted w. thematic Pharisaic/Talmudic war against humanity, founded in lies and lying (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), including even lying to oneself--which always turns-out to being quite painful--heck.

Second, note Christianity must reflect human reality, human being naturally sinful, hence self-interested, so "heaven" is a reward/incentive for doing "right," while heck represents the dis-incentive, the pain and penalty for hubris/subjectivism. Thus burning is easily understood by the small child, and the child then easily relates w. the more adult understanding, even as the child grows and achieves evermore knowledge.

For subjectivism ultimately requires the human to being god unto himself (satanism), all reality mere subjectivist projection of one's own mind/consciousness, lying to oneself, which leads to insanity, and as it does so there's always necessarily pain--heck.

But remember, Jews are practical, ORGANIZED, COLLECTIVIST LIARS and subjectivists, always preaching, in beginning, delusionary/fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil," pretext to their large system of lying to oneself--it works on the very young and children and those who never fully grow-up in (Christian) honesty.

And the top liars and leaders (usually Jews, nearly always, most accomplished liars and haters of truth) of the organized liars club do their lying for specific, practical purpose: taking advantage of stupid, over-populated, dis-organized gentile suckers, Jews lying to themselves as necessary, top-level Jews lying to lower-level Jews, etc.

So as Christianity is truth vs. Jew/satanic lies, it perfectly parallels objectivity (hence determinism) vs. (extreme) subjectivism, Jews being most practical and organized/collectivists, most of the nihilist, un-organized suckers being gentiles (esp. homosexuals, but also including free-masons, and a few others, esp. moralists/petty-Pharisaics).

Thus as reality is determined, hence CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the Jews take advantage of the evermore over-populated, hubris-afflicted gentiles within evermore corrupt culture of false prosperity who begin and evermore believing genuinely in fallacious/delusionary and non-existent "good-evil" and develop the obligatory guilt/inferiority -complex, willing to follow orders of politically-correct elite, etc.--esp. and ultimately in way of CENTRAL-BANKING and "usury" (which has nothing to do w. charging-of-"interest"), central-banking the foremost CRIMINAL enterprise (see

Thus Jews and satanists should be seen not as "evil" (which doesn't exist), but rather as disease, like typhus, leprosy, and plague--insane--and they simply take advantage, like disease, upon insane, hubristic gentiles who like to think they have perfectly "free" God-like wills, capable of "good-evil," etc.

Religion was original way of expressing this sort of philosophy, and it still works for the great mass of human-kind who cannot/will not learn to think, to be honest, accepting the natural human condition of sin and self-interest which must and should be tempered in Christian reason and honesty (Holy Spirit) by which to grasping truth (Christ), only way to God, etc.

Christian religion then teaches, at most simple level of child, that subjectivism and hubris leads to heck and pain, that truth, reason, and honesty (hence Holy Spirit) are best way to Godly happiness and peace of mind and heart--plus u get to watch TV all night, and u can eat all u want and never get fat, etc.

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