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Saturday, October 22, 2016

NOW IS THE TIME to striking fatal blow to satanism, reduced as it is to the comical, as by means of Trump's defiance, refusal to credit obvious, blatant election fraud....

satanism: Reduced Now From Sadist To Comic Must Be Struck In Moment Of Weakness, Crushed By Legitimate Call To Arms Of Citizens Against Traitors, Arch-Criminals
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 16)

Now is the time for hero and true leader of the people, like Donald Trump, to smash and crush the heretofore and would-be sadistic, satanist juggernaut, hitlery Clinton, who is presently, at the moment, reduced to pathetic comedian who pretends to outrage for Trump's unwillingness to abide by gross, blatant election fraud which is on-going and building to placing traitor hitlery along w. criminal husband (whose license to practice law was removed for lying to a court of law) in position as President for destruction of the republic.

And the way to do this smashing is not only to refusing to credit the election, but to exhort the people to taking-up arms against placing of such satanist criminal and traitor, hitlery, as President. Hitlery must be arrested and jailed, immediately. This exhorting to citizen's taking-up arms is perfectly legitimate as hitlery wants to place "no-fly zone" in Syria and provoking war w. Russia which is liable to exterminating millions upon millions of people. Further, note treason advocated by hitlery regarding removal of borders of USA and registration of citizens' fire-arms, the virtual and effective overthrow of the Constitutional Republic. It's simply farcical that anyone would seriously vote for such satanic monster as hitlery--excepting ONLY fellow satanists.

Further still, note this now is after it's proven and admitted to defrauding of hitlery's previous competitor for candidacy of Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders--who thereupon rolled-over so conveniently for satanists and hitlery, showing the quality of character for such dedicated socialist, Sanders thus betraying his erstwhile supporters.

The time to strike this vile, lethal satanism which has already mass-murdered so many millions of humanity is now, especially when the Internet is still active and informing the people as by means of justly famous "wikileaks" materials, especially the e-mails btwn and among various "players" exposing, for example, hitlery's pay-for-play Clinton Foundation fraud and scam which engineered payments fm illegal foreign sources to hitlery, not to mention other high crimes against the nation, like collusion in arming, funding, and supplying ISIS/al-qaeda terrorists of the Middle East, through Saudis and Qatar, terrorists presently infiltrating Europe and even USA, yet another part of the traitorous plotting by hitlery the satanist, conspiring w. G. Soros.

It's time to get out the word for all the people, in style of Paul Revere, alerting to the catastrophic danger of placing such murderous, satanic psychopath as hitlery in position of such power as Presidency. Not only should Trump refuse to credit any election of hitlery, but her continued freedom to campaign for the office should be halted by means of immediate arrest and trial for murder, as of the late Libyan leader, Qadaffi, and mass-murder as done already by terrorists hitlery has guided and helped to arm, supply, and fund. Readers of this should copy and send to all their friends, collaborators, and allies.

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