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Thursday, October 27, 2016

State and local officials ought to arrest and jail the criminal vote officials who are running already obviously fraudulent and rigged polls/elections....

This satanic Moment In History
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 16)

I kept watching and listening to vid of "This Magic Moment" recording by the old Jay and the Americans song-group (a bunch of Jews, yech, but I used to listen to them when I was young and dumb), and I thought about this present historical moment in satanism. ZOG of course, is in beeeeeeeeeg trouble, the currency about to collapse, along w. bond market and whatever else.

The real horror for ZOG now is that it's all getting out of hand for them, they never realizing the I-net would become so powerful for the info of the people--w. a little help fm wikileaks, ho ho ho ho. So ZOG has to consider some really drastic measures. But what can they do?--exterminate a good deal of the population and reset and regress the economic standard of living?--can be done easily w. a few nukes, causing EMP destruction of the electric grids. But can ZOG bring it off for this EMP event?--perhaps not. For there's "no honor among thieves," never forget, and they surely cannot be too sure about getting away w. it all.

Observe further now, there are at least two explicit and cogent commentaries, by Lou Dobbs ( and Gary Franchi ( who pt. out hitlery's own top advisors decry her hubris for not resigning fm board(s) of organizations in consideration of obvious conflict-of-interest, and the keeping of the private e-mail server. But hitlery KNEW she had COG (continuity-of-gov.), "deep-state," "shadow-gov." working for her, as we now know fm e-mails, in all her hubris. So people better see the sheer SATANIC contempt for reality, which can't be denied--out there now for all to see for themselves, esp. on the I-net.

And note the dis-connect fm reality for ZOG higher-ups, running hitlery, who's surely dying of Parkinson's disease, or whatever else is obviously working, these "higher-ups" being such as George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller, among others, who are in 80s and even 90s now, as for Rockefeller. Hitlery is their "girl" to running things, evidently, none being more satanistically competent or proficient for the end-game they all have in mind now for the world dictatorship they want to continue to consolidate. For some reason, they HAVE to have hitlery, ho ho ho, their fingers crossed she doesn't suddenly croak on them, hoh o ho ho

So ZOG is really going to have to negotiate w. Trump, evidently, but even that won't guarantee they will survive, the people getting ever-better informed upon ZOG's infernal perfidy by means of mighty I-net.

Finally, what Trump and others ought to doing is to EXPLICITLY pt-ing out the satanic HUBRIS of hitlery and slick Willie going out and speaking for hundreds of thousands of ZOG-bux per speech--which no one else can do--which all happened as hitlery worked to approving lucrative business deals. For u see, there can be no question this speechifying for approval of deals was simply pay-for-play--everyone knows it, left and right, "conservative" and "liberal." Trump should say out-loud the word, "satanic," for effect upon the Christian volk--which will totally terrorize the ZOG powers and higher-ups, like COG, et al.

Otherwise folks merely need adopt gold/silver money and states-rights and nullification principles. Further, they need to grasp the Christian principle of anti-semitism, real essence of Christianity--rejection of Jew lies and subjectivism (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) in favor of truth, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), hence the objective reality.

And incidentally, here in Tex., we already have, for the "early voting," machines flipping votes for Trump, going for hitlery. Gov. and police ought to step right in and arrest the crooked officials, put them in jail, and order replacements to rectify the crooked machines, or removing them altogether. And Soros-owned machines ought to be immediately REMOVED, for obvious problems and reasons. Note there's ALREADY overwhelming evidence of fraud--it's PROVEN it was done against Bernie Sanders, aside fm the Project Veritas vids, Bernie rolling-over, probably threatened too. So there's stuff to be done, folks; get the word out.

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