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Monday, October 24, 2016

As dust settles, we see ZOG, Obola, hitlery all looking very poorly and bad, Trump sitting "pretty"....

ZOG, Hitlery, And Obola Scrambling To Recover For Comedy Of Errors In Gross Fraud, Treason
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 16)

Observe the gross fraud, including election fraud that surrounds both Obola administration and hitlery election campaign. First, we have Obola, not a nat. -born citizen, w. a fake Soc. Sec. card, who was given the Nobel Peace Prize for no apparent reason, who lied about Obola-care, which is now literally collapsing, who murdered Qadaffi, leader of Libya, who's threatening illegal war in Syria, has now been caught involved rather heavily in hitlery's illegal e-mail server scandal, hitlery wanting to keep her e-mails secret as she was running pay-for-play w. her illegal and fraudulent "charity foundation."

And of course, we're supposed to be distracted by the fraudulent claims of the group of females coming-out lately accusing Trump of indiscretions, etc., ho ho ho ho--it only adds to the fraudulent airs given-off by the Democrats. It now rather looks like ZOG is so desperate to have hitlery succeed Obola that Obola comes-off as mere flunkey to hitlery. And the election is gross, miserable mess of fraud compounded in so many ways. What will ZOG do? Note ZOG lately has done some major work to crashing some computer systems on relatively large scale over last couple days, this aside fm the threatened war w. Russia.

Thus ZOG would have looked much better if they had a more tractable candidate fm the other side, the Republicans, than Trump who stands fast and doesn't allow himself to be pushed into endorsing-in-advance the attempted election fraud. And now w. wikileaks revelations, and James O'Keefe investigations, ZOG looks quite embarrassed--they're exposed for the frauds and gross criminals they really are. And at this pt. Trump doesn't have to do anything, he already having stood fast for what he told folks fm the beginning. All Trump needs do is to just continue standing fast as he has, and it really looks like ZOG must negotiate w. Trump fm a weak position, though of course, they could simply threaten to kill him or his family--looks like that's all ZOG has left, war w. Russia having been mere bluff.

So it looks bad for ZOG, Obola, and hitlery, and good for Trump. There's still going to be a horrible economic/currency collapse, but ZOG probably figures they can let Trump into office and then blame it all on him. But it will still be bad for ZOG, long as mighty Internet continues. And the US Federal Reserve Bank is key and cause to all the disasters; it was and, so far, still is the engine to everything. So ZOG has simply dug itself a great big hole. USA, West, and Americans can survive and repair itself w. real money, gold/silver, and states-rights concept.

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