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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anti-Christ pretender to being "American" analyzed for his evermore psychotic lying, schizoidism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR's Irrationality, Question-Begging, Noted, Detailed, Analyzed
(Apollonian, 30 Dec 15)

U continue to repeat urself (see below-copied), but let me pt.-out just a couple of theses of urs to which I object and consider to be miserably flawed.

(a) FM just above, "These have become intangibles which are further diluted by our propaganda machine which is at the heart of the destruction of what is good and right in the nation."

It isn't really so much the "prop. machine," for that could otherwise easily be counter-acted, but rather it's what underlies: that central-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING which makes the prop. machine so powerful, effective, un-rivaled, as by any competition.

Federal Reserve Bank is private corp. holding a legalist monopoly for "creating credit," thus currency, given to those criminals totally illegally and un-Constitutionally by their flunkies holding office, taking an illegal "vote." For if u removed the prop. machine, but not the central-bank, the bank would instantly create the credit/currency to setting up another "prop. machine."

And I explained this (foregoing) to u NUMEROUS times, but u are PSYCHOTICALLY dense and impervious to pertinent facts. I wouldn't say u were stupid--rather psychotic--the only proper term for what is the obvious fact.

(b) "I've explained to you that the way for people to get along is to agree on certain values then stick to them - that is law."

U're talking about "CIVIL" law, and that, including the Constitution, is merely what rides the SURFACE of the culture, merely reflecting MORE BASIC values of the people and their concepts of the natural law foundation to it all.

And I explained to u, in detail, NUMEROUS times how and why Christian culture affects people's basic philosophy and sense of natural law, thus and thereby giving rise to that surface, civil law tradition, following Greek logic, Roman law, Germanic and then English Common law, etc.

And these, foregoing, are all dependent upon the OBJECTIVE reality and people's concept thereof, as I noted--opposed then by satanist and Jew SUBJECTIVISM which they excuse on premise of false, non-existent "good-evil," destroying the Christian foundation, hence the civil law and general rule-of-law, as I pt'd out, numerous times.

"Does a Jew get a free pass for speeding on the interstate?"--answer is yes he does, evermore, and including, evermore, his masonic and associated buddies. For the Jew mentality, religion, and culture encourages SUBJECTIVISM, etc., as I noted numerous times, explaining how and why, giving the instances fm history, etc.

(c) "Are you going to point me to a book that says I shouldn't believe my own lying eyes like people I personally know try to tell me?"

Well, science is logic applied, by definition, by which the sense-perception is ultimately used as criterion and hence verifying agent of any theoretic propositions, and proper scholarly referencing is designed for precisely this sort of scientific verification. Proper scholarship = science, and is consistent therewith. But u're right about there being a lot of fraud involved in scholarship, a lot of trickery often attempted, BUT the basic principle remains, and it only demands one be learned and skilled for scholarship, as for science.

It isn't acceptable that one pt.s to an instance of fraudulent scholarship and then uses that as excuse for moronic assertion without substantiation--which is what u do far too often.

(d) "If Christianity is the answer why is this place so f'd up?

"You can only blame others for your problems.

"My issues are very temporary. It is the failings of Christians that is to blame for the woes of America - if indeed they are to thank for this mess we have.
Being "Christian" doesn't give anyone a free pass for anything."

And I've actually agreed w. parts of ur above quote here, surely dozens of times, by now, in all the blogs and all my entries and postings therein.

'Christianity the answer'?--I've mostly referenced dear Christianity for its philosophy, and I've noted also the problems. For u to say that I simplistically just insist without further comment or discussion that 'Christianity is the answer' IS A LIE. For I've taken pains to pt. out the problems and the relation of Christian people and Christian philosophy properly understood.

I could go on, BUT I ALREADY HAVE DONE SO (going on, about the Christian issue), and I'm tired of ur stupid, PSYCHOTIC, obsessive lying about the Christian issue, buddy.

What u complain about regarding Christianity I submit is no diff. fm logic in general. People profess to being logical, and understanding it, but do they always follow it properly, sufficiently?--well, same goes for Christian principles, which I've demonstrated, showing, for example, how the Christian differs RADICALLY fm the Jew, which difference u continue to ignore--but that's not my fault.

So again, I consider I'm quite well justified for my complaints and observations upon ur evermore insufferable question-begging and lying--to the pt. of actual psychosis, which is what I was referring to, having specific examples as proof and demonstration.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------

Anonymous Dec 30, 2015, 9:04:00 AM

And finally - I don't like to comment on whether or not I've visited certain sites or not that may have been referenced because I try to avoid many online traps I've fallen for - and I've fallen for just about every one there is.
I've explained to you that the way for people to get along is to agree on certain values then stick to them - that is law. You want me to study the Talmud and other materials - where I don't think that is the way to the answer.
If someone is breaking the law it doesn't matter what their belief system is. That goes especially for traffic court. Does a Jew get a free pass for speeding on the interstate? Does a Christian get a free pass for speeding on the interstate?

There are unproductive suggestions at times -and I think reading about the evil ideas of monsters is OK once in a while - but my focus is on the preservatioin of what it is that makes America great.

These have become intangibles which are further diluted by our propaganda machine which is at the heart of the destruction of what is good and right in the nation.

When your own law enforcement seems to be part of the means of destruction of rights - why go around in circles "studying it?"

Chemtrails are another perfect example. I have seen them - have you? Are you going to point me to a book that says I shouldn't believe my own lying eyes like people I personally know try to tell me? Think about what I am saying - WHAT IS THERE TO QUOTE ANYMORE?

So for now these rants are about all there is to do - the contradictions available are where the truth is under present highly limited circumstances.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Amazingly intricate, detailed discussion is actually quite useful useful, appropriate for present situation....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Intricate Discussion Quite Useful, Well-Founded
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 15)

This was incredibly intricate, detailed discussion on a fine pt. of what's properly understood as literature. The whole pt. of New Test. is to deliver a theologic lesson to Pharisees and Jews who'd ruined the original Torah, Christ figure now re-stating and clarifying for folks, but esp. the Judeans (NOT NOT NOT NOT merely and only "Jews," defined as followers of Pharisees, according to Hoffman,

Of course historical accuracy is necessary for good literature, but New Test. was not meant as history, except as precedent for New Test. theology. And the lesson of New Test. is to emphasize TRUTH (= Christ) IS ONLY WAY TO GOD, in accord w. most philosophic Gosp. JOHN 14:6. Equally important then is the philosophic lesson for emphasis upon OBJECTIVITY, hence Aristotle, as the necessary basis/premise/criterion for such truth.

Finally, the ethics follows fm truth and hence honesty, Christ teaching by example, showing the way, treating people as children, members of the flock, the leaders charged, as was St. Peter, w. "feeding" the "lambs" of Christ.

Hence the CORE of Christianity and its philosophy is that Christ = truth, and it's something anyone and everyone can easily agree upon. Presently we suffer fm "Tower of Babel" syndrome within a satanically hubristic society collapsing now among false prophets, the present Roman "Vatican" especially prominent among them. Thanks again for ur excellent discussion; it won't be lost for the many worthwhile pt.s u made and elucidated for us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happiness?--it's matter of management of emotions within CYCLIC history, also rhetoric for Christian vs. satanism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Happiness?--It's Matter Of Successful Management Of Spenglerian CYCLIC "Decline Of West," Rhetoric, Hence Christian Vs. Satanism
(Apollonian, 20 Dec 15)

It would seem ur conversation w. respondent has quite degenerated as predicted, respondent defending and justifying the murderous and disastrous aggression of the Northern states in the 1860s war--it's supposedly "justified" as it's MORAL.

And as predicted, the discussion of the 1860s war foundered on issues of slavery and morality, the southerners lacking "feeling" for their fellow humans, the simple issue of Constitutional contract just ignored. Lincoln successfully persuaded the people, enough of them, they were threatened by and attacked by southerners--it was a triumph of rhetoric by Lincoln, persuading the northern folk of their moral superiority.

So once again we see issues of simplest fact being trumped by "morality"--as they so often are. Thus the Spenglerian thesis about CYCLIC history is demonstrated, the culture being corrupted fm the original, initial honesty of the founders who had to work and fight, now betrayed by the effete, indulgent inheritors of following generations who super-impose moralism, trumping facts, indulging moralist hubris, pretending to "good."

And we thus observe continued expansion of world government/dictatorship idea founded upon moralism, ignoring the now emerging facts regarding deliberate creation of ISIS terror group by USA, NATO, Israel, and Saudi in illegal attempt to overthrow Syrian President Assad, none of this being discussed by present candidates running for office due to their dependence upon Jews and the money-power which just legally COUNTERFEITS-up all the money for practical purposes which they demand. See and for expo on central-banking.

Hence it's demonstrated once again the uselessness of arguing w. moralists, moralism always serving as their excuse for trumping logic and facts of reality. For it's truly a contest btwn the two versions of reality, (a) Aristotelian objectivity and thus determinism (absolute cause-effect), there being no "good-evil"; (b) The other Platonist-inspired idea being subjectivism and hubristic assumption of a "free" human will capable of creating reality in God-like fashion.

And there's just not much to be done regarding these moralistic fools: they don't respect or recognize rules of logic or existence of facts; they just want to feel "good" about themselves as "good" people who "chose" wisely. And the inexorable proliferation of these moralistic sort are why/how cultures "decline" in CYCLIC fashion--over-population of fools. Thus human life is so much mere matter of management of this CYCLIC process described so well by Oswald Spengler.

Thus the CHRISTIAN solution to this problem of culture is in successfully characterizing the hubristic moralists as SATANISTS and thereupon making use of people's natural prejudice against this satanism founded in subjectivism and hereticalist "good-evil."

The cultural struggle against satanic hubris become one of rhetoric, and the satanists have the advantage of central-banking which legally COUNTERFEITS-up all the currency by which to buy-up all the organs of propaganda and dis-info. So Christian rhetoric cannot be too careful. In the end, Christian rhetoric must fit the circumstances as satanists are impelled to defeating themselves.

Knight's magnificent work on masonic murder, conspiracy: a window into politics and history....

Book Review: Stephen Knight's "Jack the Ripper: the Final Solution"
A Case-Study Of Masonic Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 21 Dec 15)

Stephen Knight's work, "Jack the Ripper: the Final Solution"; David McKay Co. Inc.; NY; 1975; 284 pp, 264 text, Bibliography, Index; is brilliant--a veritable masterpiece of--investigative journalism which well serves history as it tells the story of the mysterious "Ripper" murders of London's Whitechapel district in late 1888 fm the end August to early November, a period of just over two months. For it was strictly a masonic operation, and there were at least a couple of killers in collusion, who did the work, over-seen by free-masons, of five women who happened to be prostitutes. The prostitutes were killed by the masons for specific purpose of covering-up and responding to the attempted blackmail by the prostitutes over the secret marriage of, and birth of a daughter to, the son of the English Prince of Wales at the time, Prince Albert Victor, nick-named "Eddy," son of Albert Edward, who became King Edward VII after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria, in 1901.

Albert Victor himself, "Eddy," who was not involved in the murders, died fairly soon after the "ripper" killings, in 1892, of influenza and pneumonia. It is, however, quite possible, though not certain, that the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, did know of the murders as he was a member and highest ranking titular Freemason of England. After all, how stupid could the Prince of Wales have been?

Thus Eddy (Albert Victor) seems to have been un-distinguished, not an outstanding student in school, and also rather dis-liked by his father, evidently. So his mother, Alexandra, decided to rather apprenticing-out her son to an artist she had known fm Denmark, her place of birth and original family, the artist being one of the more notable and accomplished at the time in England, one Walter Sickert, absolutely central to this story, investigation, and book by Knight. Eddy then soon enough fell in love w. a girl who worked in a nearby shop to Sickert's studio, and who sat as model for the artist, named Annie Elizabeth Crook. Eddy and Annie, who was Catholic, got married in secret, and had a daughter, Alice Margaret.

The author, Stephen Knight, obtained the basic facts of the story, amazingly accurate, fm the son of the artist, Joseph Sickert, who had been told much of the story by his father, Walter, who had subsequently, after some years, married the royally-descended daughter, Alice Margaret, who was the mother of Joseph. The facts related to the author, Knight, by Joseph turned-out to be uncannily precise for all the details and verification when Knight thereupon investigated and discovered yet further info, amazing facts, including the un-covering by Knight of the masons and their plots regarding this "ripper" episode.

For not surprisingly, at the time in the later 1880s, word had gotten out about the business of the Duke of Clarence (Eddy), and the Queen herself called in the Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, to have the matter taken-care of, as there were quite serious political implications which the author, Knight explains for us. So Salisbury, who was a mason, the masons being extremely powerful in all truth, simply hired and/or commissioned a group of people, these being headed by other masons, evidently, to have Eddy and Annie kid-napped, Eddy to be thereupon placed under strict royal supervision, though Annie, quite cruelly was sequestered, at first in a hospital mental institute and later in various work-houses, perhaps even drugged and lobotomized, though it isn't clear, by the masonic surgeon who was placed in charge, Sir William Gull, physician to the Queen, and who'd done work for the royals in the way of otherwise illegal abortions. Gull was also adept at having un-cooperative people institutionalized in mental wards as Annie was. Poor, hapless Annie, who drifted in and out of various work-houses (similar, evidently to present-day homeless shelters) finally died in 1920, reputedly insane, but this wasn't the only tragedy of this sad and horrible episode.

Somehow, Walter Sickert said he never found-out exactly how, but evidently, the nanny and child, Alice Margaret, escaped the incident of the kid-napping of Eddy and Annie, and the nanny, a friend of Annie, named Mary Jane Kelly, also one (the final) of the victims of the "ripper," was able to return the child to Sickert who then placed the child in care of his relatives. Unfortunately, in the interim, Mary Jane had fallen-in w. some prostitutes prone to drinking who decided to try to blackmail the royals, or someone close thereto, according to Sickert, and their fate was sealed. For Dr. Gull as mason and practiced, though sublime, criminal soon enough contracted the help of fellow high-ranking masons of the London Police, and the prostitutes were ruthlessly located and hunted-down--so ruthlessly, in fact, that one of the Ripper victims, a woman named Catherine Eddowes, was not actually connected w. the others but was mistaken for Mary Kelly due to her calling herself by the last name of the man she lived-with, a man un-related but w. the same name of Kelly. It seems the prostitutes, w. two exceptions, were poisoned by Gull first, then mutilated later according to masonic ceremony which entails dis-embowelment in event forbidden secrets are divulged.

The great virtue of Knight's investigative work on this "Ripper" episode is his side-inquiry, but quite significant in itself, upon the masons and their sort of nefarious operations which extended fm the medical profession and the police, politicians, lawyers, and even to high-ranking members of the Church of England. For the cover-up for this "ripper" episode was extensive, but still not un-observed in various ways. The cover-up included not only the police process, but also the legally mandated medical inquests upon the murders themselves and the curious ways info was suppressed fm the public though still well-enough known among upper circles. For example, enough evidence was known about Dr. Gull that he was eventually removed fm his practice of medicine by his fellow physicians who, though many were masons themselves, were no doubt quite appalled at the grisly work done by Gull. When Gull died, his estate was positively stupendous, over 300,000 pounds (amounting to many millions of dollars in today's currency) and other properties.

And Knight is to be commended for his extensive research, not only upon the killings and the masons, but also on the other writing and work done upon the "ripper" episode, so lurid and notorious in the public mind. Knight goes into detail about the work, life, and paintings of the artist, Walter Sickert who was so terribly affected by the murders. The great wonder is the masons themselves have come away fm the episode w. so little publicity and notoriety when, obviously, they really deserve quite a bit more. And of course, the reason for such successful cover-up of the masons is it would have led to the royals and the rest of the ruling class society which so much depends upon and makes use of this nefarious and criminal network as Knight, the author, makes clear for us.

Knight's expositions make clear masonic notoriety and dis-repute is well-earned and -deserved. For once the mason reaches the Royal Arch degree we discover the mason's greatest loyalty shifts fm society and nation for the lower degrees, now only to fellow masons, keeping their secrets and covering for them, even if the secret involves criminal violations of law and national security. And the success of the masons can be judged by the confusion and ignorance of the public and the continuing respect held for the masons to this day, the "ripper" episode so much hidden in lurid rumor and legend, so few even beginning to suspect the masons for their responsibility, secretiveness, and criminal contempt for the public.

Another tragedy of this masonic "ripper" episode regarded the child of the secret marriage, little Alice Margaret, who was targeted by one of the accomplices to the masons, though perhaps not a mason himself, who had operated a coach service, at first for the young prince, Albert Victor when he made his forays into London to be with his mentor and artist friend, Sickert, then later for the murderer, Gull. Though escaping death, little Alice was twice struck down in the streets by this coach-driver, a man by name of John Netley, and once, the first time, she was nearly killed, taking months in the hospital to recover. The second time wasn't as bad, though she was knocked unconscious. Interestingly, Netley lived a few more years until 1903 when, at age 43, he died somewhat strangely, suffering a fractured skull fm a road accident. The author, Knight, wonders if it wasn't yet another masonic murder for purpose of removing a witness.

Finally, we learn the last secret of this horrific episode regarding masonic murder and conspiracy having to do w. the artist, Walter Sickert, who simply knew too much detail about the murders not to have been involved himself, according to the author, Knight, though of course it's impossible to completely verify, the details and reasoning, however, are related by Knight.

Thus when one applies this "ripper" episode to history and the yr. 1888, it's much less of a wonder, for example, when considering circumstances of the public murder of JFK (Pres. Kennedy) in 1963 and the other murders of the 1960s, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK, just for a few examples, there being many more and others. Thus history, historians, and sociologists owe a great debt to our journalistic investigator, Mr. Stephen Knight, who thereby helps us so tremendously for seeing how things really work and happen both then in 1888 and now. For note the only alternative to conspiracy theory is accident excuse--"coincidence," golly gee. For if a society loses the genuine Christian character, the only thing that gains is hubris and satanism by which one makes oneself God upon pretext of "good-evil" and perfectly "free" human will.

Despite all the psycho-babble, the greatest error in thinking is fallacious Pharisaism and "good-evil"....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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By Far, Without Doubt, Greatest Fallacy Is Pharisaist "Good-Evil"; Non-Existent "Good" Greatest Enemy Of Truth
(Apollonian, 22 Dec 15)

Hohoho ho ho ho--what a brainless bunch of psycho-babble and idiotic twaddle, ho ho ho ho.  See article at above link.

Greatest problem is what it's always been, HUBRIS: the idea one has a perfectly "free," God-like will capable of changing reality, and this obtains especially in the way of moralism and "good-evil," Pharisaism, and known to Christian theology as Pelagianism (see St. Augustine).

And of course, hubris follows fm idea that reality is subjective, non-objective--they go together, actually, hubris and subjectivism. Following objectivity, fm Aristotle, we find reality is determined, in accord w. absolute cause-effect--what Christians call "God's will"--there's no perfectly "free" human will.

Thus the fascists, following Plato, cleverly put-over the idea of "good-evil" which so many stupid people become so absolutely addicted to, thus becoming the obedient soldiers and drones of fascists. And masses of stupid folks arise naturally as society "succeeds" and "prospers," ho ho ho ho ho. The trick is to get the fools addicted to "good-evil" at early age; they're perfect slaves ever after.

Thus the way to taking-over and ruling is persuading the masses of morons it's "good" to institute central-banking--legalized COUNTERFEITING (see Once u have this central-banking, u rule--which proceeded in West slowly, but became definitive w. Rothschild dominance of banking after Napoleonic wars which USA failed to resist, becoming captive definitively soon after war of 1860s, properly known as War of Northern Aggression, definitive destruction of original Constitutional system.

Finally, by way of demonstrating my thesis, note aforementioned War of Northern Aggression can NEVER be discussed for obvious destruction of Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, as the moralistic issue is ALWAYS intruded, specifically slavery, which totally hijacks EVERY discussion without fail. Such is the horror of fallacious, delusionary, non-existent "good-evil."

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trump is attractive for his style which stands-out fm the rest, even though they all suck-along w. Jews....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Trump Is Throw-Back To National Sovereignty Idea, Don't Doubt
(Apollonian, 17 Dec 15)

They (the powers) actually hiked int. rates today by whopping .25 of a percentage--but that is enough, many say, to POP the bubble blown-up by mad money-printing that's been going-on.

It's got to pop at some time anyway, they say; if not then we're just going to get HYPER-inflation which is worst of all.

Original Constitutional USA is long dead--has been since 1865. We're now well into CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, see, the original heroes now long GONE--who never had it good, only wanted freedom.

But people nowadays, have had it "good" ("prosperous," ho hoho), they think, and that's all they want--they don't care about freedom--they don't even know what it is, really. "Rule-of-law"?--HUH?--they say.

See JR, real freedom is built upon serious rule-of-law, right?--and that means u can't just print money (actually "currency," not real money), but the scum who predominate nowadays think that's what u need for "prosperity"--"money-printing."

We just have a basically dis-honest culture full of dis-honest people willing to fool themselves--way too many of them. The scum today who pre-dominate imagine that "good" was justified for destroying the original Constitutional republic--it's associated w. slavery and "freeing the slaves" which they insist was "good," justification for instituting the absolute state, destruction of local gov.

And now what do we see?--this absolute state now wants to metastasize yet another level into world-dictatorship. And it was "good" thing for them, they think, to literally create ISIS which is now forcing refugees into the West, including Jew S A.

And so u see, JR, reason we the people love Trump, and his style, at least, is he harkens back to national sovereignty of the old CHRISTIAN state, willing to discriminate and say NO Mooooslims--at least for a while till we figure-out some stuff, eh?

And did u hear in the debate yest., Trump told off Bush and how the Bin Laden family-members were flown out of the country in a sweetheart deal--W. Bush knew quite enough about what was really going on.

So people like Trump as he seems to be his own man, willing to say what he really thinks (at least somewhat--he still sucks-up to Israel, if u notice)--and that all by itself sets him apart fm all the other suck-alongs.

Look at Ted Cruz: he's not even vaguely a "natural-born" citizen, born in Canada to naturalized Canadian citizens--what a joke. See

So u see, JR?--what a joke things are, culturally--rule-of-law so pathetically forgotten--even for what it basically is, people just making stuff up as they go-along, like Cruz.

That's how Trump is different, esp. for his style--Jews still have the country and people by the short-hairs, otherwise, and it's still a sad situation, truth be told.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Remember: case in theory is ALREADY clinched about Sandy hoax--it only needs sink-in w. circumstances grasped....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Case Is Already "Clinched" About Sandy Hoax--It Only Needs Dramatization, Circumstances Grasped
(Apollonian, 12 Dec 15)

No (see below-copied), Bushes are NOTHING but total flunkies--hard as it may be to believe. Do u realize that when Prescott Bush, granddad to W., and father to H.W., joined, worked-for, and then left (retired fm) the firm of Harriman and Brown, to become Senator fm Conn., of all places, I believe, he only was allowed to own ONE single share of the stock?--ho ho ho ho ho ho--total flunkies Bushes are, and nothing but.

U go "beyond Banks' control," and u will suddenly find urself assuming room temp.--it's what happened to JFK and many, many others. Don't forget banks can, at a moment's notice, print-up (or digitalize) oceans of currency (not money); they own and control EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, all politicians, judges, the mass-media, public edjumacation, all the large corp.s--EVERYTHING--such is the God-like power of legalized COUNTERFEITING. Even Ron Paul has to worry about engine-failure of a plane he's passenger in. Bankers have HAARP weapon, EMP weapon(s), Bio-weapons (like ebola) and God knows what else--and there've been strange explosions happening in Russia and China, don't forget.

Of course, any additional info u can use to couch the windows item, long as it doesn't distract, will help, BUT what u simply, merely need do is to present that info, poignant or dramatic as it is (or isn't) that demonstrates in convincing fashion that, "look, here it's un-damaged," this preferably w. a side-by-side photo of the window all shot-out. Fetzer says it, and writes it, but the stupid scum fails to SHOW it in the photos, preferably side-by-side w. contrasting photo. There's nothing more persuasive than sense-perception, don't forget.

And of course, also, the very photo itself of Carver, etc., on the 13th clinches it too, BUT it still might not be clear for a good many, though common sense tells anyone who thinks (very few, unfortunately) that IT MUST BE on the 13th, otherwise why the casual, relaxed Carver as there are supposedly 26 bloody, mangled, little bodies on the inside? And where are the regular ambulances?--they ought to be all around there--the place should be a regular bee-hive of frantic activity, the people all troubled and grief-stricken that so many cute little kidsoes had to bite proverbial dust, each one plugged 3-11 times, brains spattered everywhere--and there's Carver and the drill co-ordinator casually looking things over, getting ready for the big day coming-up.

Remember psycho schizoid and pathologic liar, "stevie," talking about "anomalies"?--well, it's ALL anomalies, a huge, tremendous pile of anomalies, all these anomalies adding-up, don't doubt, w. the inexorable inductive logic to NO OTHER possible conclusion, the "impossible" being necessarily ruled-out, according to Sherlock Holmes himself.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Dreadnought December 12, 2015 at 3:32 AM

I know the windows is the clincher, I found them, how do I hammer it home? I thought I had. I think the incidents I find have to be rolled into a sequence and blame for them attributed, as far as I go, I go only to FEMA, I have no proof of anything beyond that. I will try to see where it leads from there. Give me some factual connections if you have any. Anyway what about Malloy? ps I stopped practise because of the corruption and duplicity I found, I despised the Banking and Finance world. The ad hominem about ops is a clincher, they cannot give out personal detail like appearance.

Was it all the bankers? I saw the Bush family as a bunch of thugs who went beyond the Banks' control. Wrong?

Powell needs to heed to substance for criticism of Rebekah Roth, not get diverted on personality, etc....

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Powell Needs To Improve Argumentation In Way Of Substance
(Apollonian, 12 Dec 15)

Fetzer SUCKS when it comes to placing ANY of the ZOG incidents, assassinations, false-flags in context--which is PRECISELY the job of a philosophic, placing things in context/perspective. On the contrary, Fetzer REMOVES CONTEXT fm these otherwise isolated incidents, and this is aside fm my other criticisms already given, this blog, just above.

Central-banking conspiracy is what provides that necessary CONTEXT for all the particulars, fm JFK (and even before) to 9/11, to Sandy hoax, to latest San Bernardino incidents. Just imagine the incredible financial resources required--just for Sandy hoax alone.

And again, consider ISIS, a TOTAL creation/product of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6, etc., working so brilliantly, itself creating the masses of invading "refugees" now into EU and Jew S A too, ISIS a joint product of the "neo-con" kikes for Israel, on pretended "right," AND the leftist kikes behind Obola and world gov.

Look at how WEAK is ur criticism of Rebekah (see below-copied) in ur above entry: "graphics" coming on fm 5 am?--what are u talking about? U're simply not giving a coherent, pertinent argument.

All ur material, interesting as it might be, about the pineal gland and "snake oil" is irrelevant to the 9/11 material. U don't like "snake-oil"?--that's ur opinion and ur own inclinations, comrade--has NOTHING to do w. the 9/11 material.

U have a sad and un-fortunate tendency to removing fm the substance of an issue or discussion and trying rather classic ad-hominem, esp. w. this moronic hair-color and Christian-name business--Lord knows what u're about w. that. U must heed to the substance.

U and Fetzer have a good opportunity--still, and anytime--to clinch the case regarding Sandy hoax by fixing on the un-damaged class-room windows. I told the dumb old fool to put the photos side-by-side for the un-damaged vs. the shot-out windows, but--nothing doing, the moron. Don't u realize that item (windows) is what ABSOLUTELY clinches the case? Of course, fact that the photos were taken on the 13th also clinches it absolutely, but the confirmation for that still awaits, I guess.

So u have lots to do for improvement for ur case(s) to be presented. And I can well see how/why u were such a failure for ur legal career--very poor argumentation and arrangement of actual facts and substance, preferring this ad-hominem crap regarding personality. Pls say three Hail Marys and five Our Fathers for ur penance and vow to try to improve.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

Dreadnought December 12, 2015 at 1:17 AM

She says graphics for the air controller screens come from 5 am. If so where are the planes? She has both Christian and Surnames Jewish and has claimed to be both Jewish and Christian. We all know about the central bank, we all know who controls them. The planes didn't go anywhere near the towers. She has them hijacked and ......more roundabout.....Poppy Bush, In this case it's not feasible that the Mossad did anything without the connivance of the Administration, The Administration turned off the air defences. If I want my information about the banks and the Fed, I don't want it from the snake oil lady. Look at the Mossad involvement Jim puts up after my hour. What sort of proram do you want to see give me information and I will do a program, you find important things, tell me so I can expose them. But I would say Bekky is poison. Allan Powell

-----------------above in response to below-------------------------

apsterian December 11, 2015 at 10:39 PM

I listened to that int-view (on Rebekah Roth,, but u gotta deal w. her 9/11 theories on their own merits. I think she does good work, everything considered. Rebekah is telling us how Jews own/control Jew S A, and she knows about the central-bank--so she's doing most excellent work compared w. anyone else, including numb-nuts Fetzer, I say.

James Tracy?--not worth too much pity, tears....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Don't Waste Time Crying For Tracy
(Apollonian, 11 Dec 15)

Why bother w. "helping" Tracy or putting in a word for him?--it's all a losing, failing effort in futility.

For if ZOG decides they're gonna get rid of him, he's going to be gone, just as soon as ZOG determines. U may be sure FAU gets lots of funding fm ZOG. And ZOG remains all-powerful given its great central-banking instrument, never doubt.

Tracy has to have known his position at FAU was shaky fm the beginning (as of Sandy hoax issue) and that one speaks against ZOG only at one's peril.

And besides FAU is mere inst. of thought-control, never forget; all Tracy does, at best, is to legitimizing this thought-control purpose.

And don't forget either that there's lots worse things that are happening and going to happen very soon--like the total collapse of economy and society in Jew S A and the out-break of even more serious warfare, even here in Jew S A too when economy collapses and we get serious food-shortages.

So in the large scheme of things don't doubt the Sandy hoax incident is actually quite small part. ZOG surely just wants to see Tracy doesn't remain a cause celebre'--something which should be expected fm ZOG, knowing what it's all about.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Metro-sexual satanist dupes love to fiddle w. being soooo "clever" on the eve of cataclysmic cultural/economic collapse--brought about due to moralistic stupidity as theirs....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stop Fighting, Stop Breathing, Stop Living: Just Stop--Metro-Sexuals Have Commanded
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

Determinism, absolute cause-effect, is impossible to deny in reason, and it doesn't matter where one was born to arrive at this determinist-rationalist conclusion.

And determinism depends on nothing but the objective reality premise/assumption.

Where one is born is where the various cultural-sociologic premises exist with which one deals throughout life, at least for a while as one grows and develops.

Stop fighting?--impossible, as humans are sinners and must fight--it's determined. And what's right, or truthful, depends only upon the objective standard.

Of course, we should all stop fighting over what's "right" as the author of the thesis diatribe and ethical formulaic has determined it for us, another triumph in the age of touchy-feely, artsy-craftsy, fuzzy-wuzzy just prior to world-wide economic collapse which was brought about by just such clever philosophizing. Being clever is end-all and be-all for the ruling metro-sexuals.

Psycho schizoid shill instructed as to relation of sense to mind/reason/intellect....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Psycho Schizoid Stevie Continues To Lie
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

What?--"butt-hurt"? (see below-copied)--I simply invite anyone to go and ck the dialectic mighty apster had w. the psycho schizoid, stevie, shill and liar for Obola/ZOG, who pushes holohoax, "climate-change" lies, and ZOG lies about Sandy hoax, etc. See

Psycho stevie the schizoid shill wants to insist sense-perception is "un-reliable" and "interprets" the info fm reality which is then transmitted to mind/reason/intellect.

I simply stuck and stick, still, to necessary definitions, to effect mind/reason/intellect is ONLY entity which makes evaluations/judgments, senses INCAPABLE of this evaluation/judgment, incapable of affecting the info/data fm reality, to extent senses and whole organism are HEALTHY.

Psycho stevie, schizoid shill and liar, insists senses can fool the mind, mighty apster holding it's impossible for senses to do any such "fooling" of the mind, the mind only fooling itself when and as mind is fooled.

I also noted that the sense-perception of reality is necessary ultimate criterion for truth and knowledge, and if senses are "un-reliable," as psycho stevie the schizoid insists, then knowledge and science are rendered impossible.

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

Steve12 December 9, 2015 at 4:59 PM

Thank God I'm off that other thread. Appy's all butthurt because he got pwned making some stupid point about biology...

So dumb.

And when I check him out in his basement on my ZOG cam he's always goin' to town on himself - but it's really weird stuff, ya know?

Gray alien heads with granny bodies going ATM with Reptilians... I mean weird ****.

Too bad those aliens didn't teach him anything about biology.

Integrity Of Sense Necessary To All Science, Knowledge
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

This, above by stevie, psycho schizoid shill/liar for ZOG/Obola, is absurd presentation (mis-representation) of science which science is a process for achieving genuine info/knowledge: it all begins w. the necessary assumption of objective reality (Aristotle) and senses as adequate for observation of that reality--without these necessary assumptions no knowledge and no science is possible, PERIOD.

To prejudice things at the beginning as done above w. "We need to overcome the fact that we (our senses, our brains, our minds - however you want to divide it) are // **NOT**\\ accurate reflections of the physical world," aside fm being quite non-sensical, utterly destroys all science, PERIOD.

Stevie, psycho schizoid, etc., then lies as he tells us, "[t]his is controversial to no one in science." Stevie wants thus to pretend, evidently, all science and scientists are dominated by mysticism and mystics (skeptics, Platonists, subjectivists, etc.), and that original Aristotelian objectivity is missing or rejected which is obviously false, and which anyone can verify for himself.

Observe stevie himself admits application of LOGIC is integral part of the process he cites in his moronic, vague manner, logic necessarily founded upon the premise/assumption of objectivity.

Thus knowledge takes form of universals or concepts which are generals which include all the various particulars observed by sense-perception within.

There are further rules by which particulars are understood to fall within one class or genera or other, but the necessary capability of sense-perception, as for the particulars, is AXIOMATIC for all science and knowledge, consistent w. the necessary axiom of objective reality.

Human senses are that which grasps and apprehends reality in terms of particulars which is then transmitted to the reason/mind/intellect which then integrates the info and knowledge in form of concepts.

So we see the senses are concerned w. particulars and make the interface of the human consciousness w. reality, the senses then transmitting the basic info to the reason/intellect/mind which deals in terms of concepts, mind/reason applying such concepts then according to the judgment of mind/reason/intellect.

Stevie, psycho schizoid, shill and liar, wants to conflate the two different, even if necessarily connected parts, (a) sense, and (b) reason/mind/intellect. And sense performs a STRICT biologic function registering and then transmitting the basic info given by particulars--which is automatic and reflexive, not capable of any sort of evaluation at all, whatsoever--which evaluation is ONLY done by reason/mind/intellect, by definition.

If it were left up to psychotic schizoid Stevie, there'd be no meaning or distinction of senses fm the larger mind/reason/intellect apparatus. Sense-perception then, according to psycho stevie the schizoid, would only be a pretext and indistinguishable fm the rational apparatus as a whole, a mere figment of imagination.

The the pt. and issue for stevie, psycho schizoid, liar and shill, is to determine if there is distinction btwn sense and the reason/mind/intellect apparatus?--yes or no?--and if there is, then which does the evaluation as part of its necessary function? For sense-perception has no function for evaluation, impossible and incapable of it. Sense has its own function, apart fm reason/mind/intellect, apart fm evaluation.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Steve12 December 9, 2015 at 8:48 AM


"But note: u continue to evade the issue regarding KNOWLEDGE--for how is knowledge possible if senses fail to act as reliable transmitters of basic info?--explain it to us, pls."

What a dip****.

This is why we have science. We need to overcome the fact that we (our senses, our brains, our minds - however you want to divide it) are // **NOT**\\ accurate reflections of the physical world.

So we gather data (often w/ instruments to make up for our poor state in reflecting the physical world) + apply logic + go through peer review + replicate so that we can make up for our foibles.

One of those foibles is that our SENSEs (and higher levels of cognitions of course) are....

*******NOT RELIABLE********

This is controversial to no one in science.

This is only controversial to you.

Christianity is divine religion of reason, appealing to reason--in contrast to Islam or Judaism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Most Sublime Christianity Most Compatible With Divine Reason
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

It's actually true that Christianity is magnificent religion of worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts, hence dear Christianity being most rational religion, appealing to one's reason.

Islam, on the other hand is reactionary throw-back to a form of the earlier Abrahamic idea, evidently, Allah simply commanding, the adherents simply obeying and submitting to superior will, assured they will benefit thereby. There's really no reason to Islam; one must simply OBEY, sucker, or bad things gonna happen.

Christians are given a reason that Christianity is best as truth is the ONLY way to Godly happiness. Further, Christians are given an insight upon satanism (extreme subjectivism) and satan's foremost henchmen, the Jews, who make themselves God w. their filthy midrash and Talmud based upon "Oral Law Tradition" by which they interpret ("midrash") the original, basic thing, the Torah law of Moses.

Thus Christianity upholds the Aristotelian objective, determined reality against Jew lies and subjectivism (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Note then how mystic "faith" of beleeeeeeeeeeevin' is NECESSARILY upheld by Jews and Muslims, whereas reason is ideal of Christianity, reason and honesty (opposed to Jew dis-honesty) constituting the Holy Spirit, means by which truth (= Christ) is apprehended.

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Dreadnought December 9, 2015 at 9:42 AM

These issues you raise are distinct from each other. Bad, well it's bad in relation to the Quakers, the Jehovah's Witnesses etc. It wants to dominate me and the world and I despise that idea, the Christian method gives you free will, the Muslim doesn't.

I don't see any Muslims blamed for Sandy Hook, nor the reporter shooting nor the black church shooting. They are added in the mix, they are handy for the powers to resort to but that doesn't mean I otherwise agree with their ideals. I don't and I think Ibn Wariq is pretty much on the money with his view that Islam is simply all made up as is the prophet Mohammed. Yes I am saying Kevin is part of a bad Religion. It's delusional and dangerous and is fostered in countries where ignorance and superstition are lauded over science and female equality to name but two aspects. I didn't know he was Muslim and frankly didn't care one way or the other. The day he tries to convince me that Mohammed on a flying horse actually happened and that I must believe it too, I might have some concern about him. If until then he comes out with rational stuff, his religion is irrelevant. I really don't like all this Muslims are victims nonsense either. If you wander around claiming your religious views outweigh everyone else's, you would surely expect to be shunned. You can find my comment how you wish, that's part of my informed post enlightenment view of the world. If it is irrational, by your attitude, on the example of Kevin's belief and his entitlement to his irrational religious belief, I should be allowed it in any case, shouldn't I? Allan Powell

One must grasp (a) process of CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West," and (b) satanism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People Must Awaken To Threat Of ZOG And Jew World Order Brought About By Criminal Central Banking, Root Of Everything Else
(Apollonian, 8 Dec 15)

Who's behind it all?--wouldn't it be same people behind all the other false-flags and psy-ops, the powers behind the central-banking continuing criminal enterprise, as we've noted? See and for expo on central-banking fraud.

Isn't it also further demonstrated and shown NATO powers, including Jew S A, are behind ISIS, having built it up fm the ground, as was done also for preceding "al Qaeda"?

So we know and we see what's going on, and continuing to go on, but Americans, too many of them, are trans-fixed and paralyzed ("learned helplessness") for any meaningful, productive activity, addicted to cheap entertainment and their welfare payments--"bread and circuses," as during Roman times, evidently.

So what's going to happen?--just continued disaster after disaster, more false-flags combined w. psy-ops, as ZOG continues its murderous ways and reduces population of the world as it's foretold in "Agenda-21" plan.

Otherwise, the states must enforce the US Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, and nullify laws and secede fm the Union if necessary. Only commodity money must be used by citizenry, and criminal enterprise of central-banking must be suppressed immediately, the criminals prosecuted and publically executed. We have the example of the original Christian-inspired revolution of St. Constantine the Great as one useful hist. precedent, original US revolution of 1776 as another.

But it looks like ZOG and ISIS sister-state will continue until further, more disastrous, catastrophic turns of events arise, the people only shaken-out fm their delusions by such disasters and catastrophes--all visited upon them by those they were taught to believe were their "friends."

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

Dreadnought December 8, 2015 at 6:29 PM

and I forgot to say how would the media find out the address before the police and get there to ransack the apartment and would real press do that anyway? Wouldn't the landlord say go away until the police get here? How did the big blood stain get to be there after the small bloodstain and the moving of the corpse. This now means we have three different images of the "scene" and it appears the scene is three different places. How incompetent are these FEMA morons? This is the least realistic even less so than Boston: are they having trouble getting qualified traitors to hoax the American? public. All the fakery shows the cops can't get there in time in any case so don't you need to have a firearm if there is a genuine threat of a Sandy Hook or San Bernadino? It is all corrupt nonsense and I will leave it to Apsterian to tell you who is or are behind it all

--------------------below-copied in response to above, top, by ap---------------

Dreadnought December 9, 2015 at 3:02 AM

Yes, I was there when the wall came down and it was an amazing thing to see small scale capitalism on the streets of Moscow. I think America is different in that the very simple rules of society are very clear from the Constitution but the Constitution has been shat upon. I dislike the idea of a world government entirely. I want my children to grow up in a world where the least interference there can be from government in their lives, the better for them. There is obviously a world power that seeks to dominate all of humanity. I have no better name or description of it than Apsterian. He is an extreme Christian but the fight against evil creates strange bed fellows. It plays on the undercurrent of terrorising the American people through false incidents and convinces them they they are powerless to protect themselves. Whatever it is it is pure evil and I would simply term it fascism wherever it comes from. I think the Russians and Chinese are actually an example of how not to allow it to do so. I believe the best I can do is to show how it presents false incidents to Americans to hound them and cause them to forget the rights and freedoms they have. If anyone wants to use those falsities I expose, I haven't any objection to that. Allan Powell

------------------below-copied by ap in response to above-------------------

One Must Grasp satanism And Process Of Spenglerian "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

Powell: U're making a huge mistake w. the "evil" crap--there is no such thing. For there's no perfectly "free" human will (we're all sinners, always have been, always will be)--which assumption of perfect "freedom" is HUBRIS, by definition, and satanic as it makes humans equal w. God, God that presumptive being of perfect freedom of will, by definition.

For what u're missing is the inexorable CYCLE of hist. in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence a culture/society becomes corrupt and perverted by means of this hubris and, specifically, subjectivism, the corrupt culture rejecting the strict determinism and objectivity of the original founder/conqueror generation(s).

So what happens is, simply, a huge mass of inferiors and weaklings is generated who all now go in for hubris, subjectivism, etc., all upon pretext of fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil" Pharisaism, known in Christian theology as Pelagianism (St. Augustine).

So it isn't "good-evil," but rather something like a great catastrophic storm or disease--satanic hubris borne of extreme subjectivism.

Thus under such cultural/psychologic conditions of subjectivism, including extreme subjectivism, the Jews naturally dominate as they're most COLLECTIVIST subjectivists, most organized and "connected," enabled thus to controlling/manipulating even greater numbers of such-like subjectivistic gentiles, which gentiles are typically "individualist" and isolated fm one another.

Thus as subjectivism is basis of lies and fraud, satanists, esp. Jews gain control of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, thus practically the entirety of the culture/society.

So it's this satanism, hubris, and extreme subjectivism we're up against--which is a wholly naturalistic phenomenon, mostly like a disease--a mental disease, led by the Jews who naturally dominate, under the circumstances, as I note. Ck ref.s for this Jew satanism as at, etc.

Necessary counter-action to this hubris/satanism, etc., is reason in general, hence Christian worship of TRUTH above all, hence the objective reality, this entailing obligatory anti-pathy to satanists, subjectivists, et al., these ALWAYS led by Jews, this afore-mentioned anti-pathy to satanism well understood as anti-semitism.

People must not fear anti-semitism as it's obedience to God, so to speak. And u must learn confidence in anti-semitism, for no decent person calls himself Jew, Judaism/Talmudism properly understood. And we gentiles and Christians must adopt more effective, WHOLE-SALE methods against Jews and their accomplices, esp. the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics who say Christ was Jew and support Israeli terror-state.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Purpose of New Test. is LITERATURE, first and most, telling a story, about a certain thing, for certain purpose....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Test. Literature About Travails Of Truth On satan-Dominated Earth
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 15)

Yes, I agree w. the analysis of this exposition, but always remember, the article in question, by Frisk, was OBVIOUSLY designed for pleasure/entertainment of those foremost enemies of humanity, Christ, God, reason, logic, etc., THE JEWS--so anything goes, long as enough Jews think it's plausible, amusing, entertaining, or practical for their anti-human and satanic purposes.

And never forget, the purpose of the Gospels and New Test. is literary, telling a story, no diff. fm the preceding Homeric literature which New Test. so much replaced. Thus Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and was opposed by Jews and their lies and lying (JOHN 8:44), which Jews finally determined to kill truth (= Christ), but which truth CANNOT be killed, and always must resurrect, the joke being upon the satanists, always led by Jews, who insist they're God (hubris), capable of creating reality, etc.

And let's not forget a recent and justly famous fraud, "The Da Vinci Code," now all but forgotten, which also attempted to detract fm the strict literary purpose and intent of New Test. by means of the pretended progeny of Christ.

So u see, the lies of the Jews/satanists are ENDLESS, and they're thriving now as Spenglerian "Decline of the West" becomes "critical," preparing to explode cataclysmically as the fiat currencies and economies collapse.

Thus New Test. keeps alive within the mind and spirit the idea of TRUTH (= Christ), founded upon that necessary objective reality, which cannot be gain-said, regardless the devilish subtlety of lies, liars, and lying, truth being that "bread" by which we live and sometimes thrive in midst of earthly travails.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fetzer: perfect case in pt. for Spenglerian "Decline of the West," gross failure of establishment edjumacation, philosophy, etc.....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fetzer: Philosophic Charlatan Continues To Fail, Distract, Bleating And Squealing--About Alex Jones, Amazon, Etc.
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 15)

This is now Fetzer's FOURTH straight blog, since 20 Nov., on the banning of his book, but the wonder is he FAILS (again) to generalize and to grasping and identifying the larger genus for the various differentia which includes these false-flag and psy-ops "shootings" and other events, like 9/11, the OKC bombing before that, and even the JFK assassination over 50 yrs ago.

That larger generalization entailing these particular incidents then is the evermore overt satanic (subjectivistic) society dominated by that criminal enterprise known as central-banking and specifically the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "fed"), legalized COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo on the Fed).

satanism of course is the ultra-hubristic, extreme subjectivism, and making oneself to being God w. ability to creating reality ex nihilo and the perfectly "free," God-like will, capable of "good-evil."

Note then it's this fallacious "good-evil" which is pretext of the more elaborate satanism and Pharisaism which is now working for Agenda-21 and "population-reduction" genocide--AND SUCCEEDING, the genocide going-on now merely on a slower-motion process w. GMO poisoned foods and additives, toxic vaccines, poison chem-trails, electro-magnetic toxicity, etc.

So the false-flag psy-ops, fake "shootings," and other events will continue long as the central-banking holds up, financing literally everything about the culture, economy, and society, including the larger corp.s and such as Amazon books, etc.

And there's NOTHING that can possibly stop this absolute control of the evermore satanic society but for the inevitable ultimate collapse when and only when the currency itself collapses as is inevitable in fiat-currency systems.

But even then w. currency collapse the top satanic master-minds will, as we see they're doing, steer the society into warfare by which the top criminals will make their escape as the large culture is destroyed in a kind of "gotterdammerung."

So even though such as Fetzer complains about Alex Jones ( and Amazon, Fetzer FAILS no less, especially for Fetzer's chosen, pretended craft of philosophizing which is supposed to help humanity for perspective and context as for particular events like Sandy hoax, 9/11, JFK, etc.

Thus Fetzer merely effectively continues the charade for satanic pretexts for subjectivism, Pharisaist moralism of non-existent "good-evil," and legitimacy of that criminal enterprise over-arching all the particular incidents, central-banking, that banking making everything else possible--which Fetzer deliberately ignores.

------------------below-copied in response to above--------------------

David Norton December 2, 2015 at 10:12 PM

Basically you could just say to Fetzer: What's the end game and it goes beyond gun confiscation?

-------------------------below-copied by ap in response to above---------------

Amazing, Pathetic Nature Of Fetzer's Gross Failure--Mirrors General Cultural "Decline"
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 15)

Fetzer is such a pathetic half-baked weakling--and now u understand why public edjumacation is such a fraud--u get weaklings and inferiors like Fetzer now glorified w. certifications and degrees, ho ho ho oho.

(a) For the very basic, first purpose and function of philosophy is placing things in context/perspective, differentia within genera, particulars within the general sets and subsets. Fetzer just wants to recite lists of details, if u notice.

Fetzer suffers gross, miserable failure for seeing the whole forest, he's so obsessed and fixated upon the various trees.

(b) And note Fetzer and his ilk cannot grasp the absolute revolutionary, overt and explicit satanism (extreme subjectivism) evermore taking-over the entire culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. What's his goddam problem?

How stupid can one possibly get?--a stupidity, one must admit, shared by the great mass of the rest of the population, one must concede. But it's Fetzer's particular job, as philosophic, to analyze and be capable of pt-ing out such cultural developments and anomalies--he literally doesn't have a clue.

(c) Observe the crass, pathetic, pure COWARDICE of this establishment hack, Fetzer, for defense of the formerly Christian culture which had served as bulwark of the people against this putrid, advancing satanism.

(d) And observe Fetzer's AMAZING, moronic impotence in the face of criminal enterprise known as central-banking which is palpable, verifiable foundation to all the particular criminal instances, like JFK, 9/11, Sandy hoax, etc.

So u see, Fetzer is actually instructive spectacle for the present, on-going cultural failure and Spenglerian "Decline of the West," for all his horrific, pathetic incompetence, including this latest interlude of mindless, crippling fascination over banning/suppression of his book, "Nobody Died...." Fetzer needs to try to attempting to starting to getting a life--it's never too late, u know.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Numerology: glorified fascination of Jews, masons, satanists, pretended idiomatic meant to intimidate....

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Numerology: Evermore satanic Diversion, Pretended Idiomatic
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 15)

Numerology is fascination w. numbers, and fascination is a kind of addiction or obsession. Thus one is addicted (or not) to drugs, drink, and other things, but would one say numerology is "addiction"? I know for myself I'm easily fascinated w. chess, as are others too, but is it same as addiction?

Thus these fascinations and addictions so often threaten to taking-over fm the consciousness and intellect, and the struggle is always to stay the master of one's pleasures, fascinations, vices, pastimes, etc., this mastery known as philosophy.

And what then is life itself but an addiction?--for WHY do we bother to living?--answer: well, we're addicted basically and fundamentally. Philosophy then takes this addiction into best consideration. Wisest living then is the management of these addictions, fascinations, etc.

Thus numerology is to mathematics as astrology is to astronomy, math and astronomy being the most philosophic treatments. So it's okay to be fascinated, even addicted, but best to be philosophical and thus to managing things wisely and best.

And it's surely true numerology is exploited, no less than is sex-appeal in advertisement and the ad industry.

Thus sociologically we observe WHO is so much fascinated w. this numerology--Jews and masons--hence criminals. And we see Jews and masons making a kind of idiom out of this numerologic fascination of theirs--it all means something to them, including additionally, at the lower-levels of the criminal culture, their idiotic sign-language they like to flash and and motion w. their hands and bodily postures, even in dances they like to do. Numerology blends-in w. symbology in general.

Thus numerology is distinct mystic idiom of criminals--others too, perhaps, but especially criminals and gangsters, these always led by the masterminds, especially Jews.

So if u have a numerologic fascination it may mean u're mathematically inclined, mathematics then the way of wisdom, but if u can't become organized and cannot manage such fascination, then that's not a good sign--as bad as being incapable of managing one's taste for drink, for example.

And people incapable of managing fascinations are no ultimately better than those who fail for addictions, like to drinking and drugs, though drinking and drugs are more immediately fatal in the scheme of things.

Thus as we observe our present society continue to degenerate in CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West," we'll surely continue to see this numerologic fascination evermore emphasized as way of consuming and intimidating, even hypnotizing the poor survivors of ever worsening cultural tumult and disaster.

Numerology thus is revealed as glorified distraction and pretended idiomatic pushed by satanists and Jews by way of diversion and intimidation--a fascination over the long-term as destructive as any addiction as to drink or drugs--they all go together, actually.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Determinist nature of reality, how it works, MUST be understood--it's not kikes', or anyone elses, fault for this reality....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CYCLIC, Determined, Objective Nature Of Reality, Understood, But Then Lost In Corruption Of Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 15)

I listened to the entire show, all 2 and a half hrs, and I think there's some serious, important stuff left-out, which is the CYCLIC nature of reality, history, etc., how civilizations rise and fall, and the determinist nature of things--absolute cause-effect, NO perfectly "free" human will. And this CYCLIC course of things, esp. historic, was Oswald Spengler's great thesis in "Decline of the West."

Thus if one looks, for example, at US "Civil War," or more accurately, War of Northern Aggression, one sees whites totally dominated and were doing quite fine in so many ways, and then what happened?--they decided to kill one another--it couldn't be blamed on blacks or Indians, or Mexicans, or Asians. Jews were un-questionably in the back-ground, but one has to admit it was whites who literally decided to commit suicide, destroying their own Constitution, states-rights, etc.

And if u ck history, u see the horrific "Civil" war was pre-saged in 1830 when S. Carolina nullified the "Tariff of Abominations," refusing to pay, and Pres. Andrew Jackson threatened to invade the state, actually gathering an army which was duly paid-for by the US Congress of the time. USA was then only 42 yrs old (since 1788 origin), barely 15 yrs after War of 1812, and already it was falling-apart.

What happens is humans, including whites, are basically stupid, scummy, stinking filth--they're sinners according to both old and New Testaments, Christianity affirming that determinist nature--absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will. But humans suffer that HUBRIS by which they pretend to such "free" will and MAKE THEMSELVES GOD--satanism. And this satanism always begins for pretext by the fallacious, non-existent "good-evil" delusion, Pharisaism being the idea one is "good," when truth is humans are scummy puke--SINNERS, always have been and always will be.

So it isn't kikes CAUSE white genocide--no, they just help it along. It's stupid, scummy, over-populated, HUBRISTIC whites who commit suicide like they did during American "Civil War"--it wasn't anyone else's fault, not blacks, or Indians, or Mexicans, but stupid, scummy, stinking, moronic OVER-POPULATED white trash and puke--and I don't enjoy having to admit these difficult facts, believe me.

Thus especially, this CYCLIC course of events can be observed and further confirmed fm Roman empire. Romans were always able to handle the barbarians, but in 3rd cent. we see the "crisis" era whence it was various rival Roman generals fighting one another, making themselves emperor, getting overthrown by other generals who made themselves briefly emperors, etc.

What now must happen in Jew S A is it must, like Roman empire, BREAK-UP back into the state entities, based on local-gov. principle--the on-going "Decline of the West." Surely then white folk can re-generate their once glorious civilization and opulent life-styles.

For here's what works for Jew-supremacy: (a) the white founder generation is/was truly heroic, the people UNITED, helping one another--as happened in Revolutionary war period. (b) BUT once victory and then "prosperity" is achieved, the following generations begin to "decline" for that basic culture, pretending they're "moral" and "good"--FILLED W. HUBRIS and thus, Pharisaism.

For the founder generations followed that determinist cultural motif or principle, not suffering HUBRIS, not pretending to "good" or "moral virtue" based on hubristic pretense of perfectly "free," God-like will--THEY KNEW THEY WERE SINNERS, all in accord w. basic Christian principles. For Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other principle(s), in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

Jews, defined as followers of Pharisees/Talmud (see imagine God serves them, that they have Godly powers, that God does miracles for them, and they can be "good" and morally virtuous--PHARISAISM. For Jews "interpret" ("midrash") the Torah in accord w. their "Oral Law Tradition" which Christ condemned and repudiated--see entire ch. 23 of Gosp. MATT.

TRUTH (= Christ) is necessarily founded on the OBJECTIVE reality, God-created and -given. Jews insist upon their SUBJECTIVIST midrash, reality and truth being merely what they (or their rabbis) say it is.

So u see: WHEN the civilization/culture "DECLINES" into subjectivism, it inevitably become SATANISTIC, reality being merely what the corrupt people say it is in accord w. their mentality/consciousness view or wish as to what reality is--THEY LOSE THAT OBJECTIVITY of the original founders, along w. Christian HONESTY and commitment to truth (= Christ).

Thus satanism is simply extreme subjectivism, the pretext always being fallacious, non-existent "good-evil," this founded upon HUBRISTIC "free" will, the scum always pretending they're "good."

And in such SUBJECTIVIST conditions (like presently in Jew S A), Jews dominate, Jews being far more COLLECTIVISTIC than the individualist, isolated, dis-connected and dis-organized gentiles, even though gentiles far out-number kikes.

I could go on for the cultural/historic/psychologic analysis, but it's this basic dichotomy and contrast in view/understanding of reality that's at work, the Jew subjectivism vs. native white/Western objectivity, but which objectivity the corrupt and now over-populated white population loses once it achieves victory/"prosperity" as we see now and further confirmed fm previous, ancient Roman example.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fetzer, establishment hack, has lots to answer for, so miserably overlooking the rise of in-ur-face satanism right under his nose....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Simple Philosophic Cultural Implications Put In Dramatic, Poignant Manner--Should Be Heeded By Fetzer, Philosophics

"I agree with apsterian, but I don't think it's the best idea to hate a Jew, although fully justified." -Anonymous November 28, 2015 at 1:55 PM, above

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks much for ur kind words (see below-copied), comrade, especially for taking note of my choice of propaganda, text, and style thereto, ho ho ho ho. One of the things I like to do is to getting folks to examine and consider the basic meaning and definitions of the words and concepts they use--and including the circumstances, esp. historic.

For it's important to grasp simple, VERIFIABLE truth that a completely NEW, over only last few yrs and decades or so, thing in way of cultural development has arisen, showing it's putrid face--outright, blatant, in-ur-face satanism (extreme subjectivism)--this is absolutely REVOLUTIONARY, un-seen before in our history of Western (hence Christian) civilization over a couple of millennia now. HOW HAS FETZER FAILED TO TAKE NOTE?--isn't this an amazing and significant question and issue to consider?

Note: first the Jews were legitimized around time of French Rev.--this was bad and horrible enough, but now note the rise of explicit satanism (extreme subjectivism), as in "hip-hop" music, not to mention in other areas too.

Thus this literal, blatant satanism has arisen right under Fetzer's very nose, during the very time Fetzer held his job as "instructor" and "teacher," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--within the so-called institutes of "higher edjumacation," ho ho ho ho ho--and Fetzer has nary a word to say about all this satanic activity--what are the reasons and circumstances for this GROSS IGNORANCE and incompetence on part of Fetzer?--isn't it actually amazing when u consider the enormity of it all?--and isn't it not only legitimate, but imperative to pt. out this amazing, horrific, and tragic state of affairs?

And the joke is Fetzer goes about telling people about the books he's written, etc.--as if he's someone to actually listen to for his monumental IGNORANCE of such an amazing new cultural development as I've described and noted, easily confirmed and verified by anyone.

Another thing I like to emphasize regards meaning and implications of our dear Christianity, formerly the great bulwark of people and culture against such horrific satanism, for if Christianity is love, reverence, and worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts, then isn't the obvious and necessary logical reciprocal and corollary of that love for truth hatred of lies and satanism (extreme subjectivism) whence truth is destroyed for any objective basis, premise, or criterion, hence meaning?

And I think it's important to remind folks as Christianity is about love of truth, it's legitimate also to be understood reciprocally and logically as hatred of satanism, lies, and hence hatred of foremost organized and dedicated satanists and liars, Jew filth (see for expo on Talmud).

Thus Christianity is most virtuously and accurately understood and simplified as anti-satanism and ANTI-SEMITISM, it being impossible to be Christian without being anti-semitic, as there's no good Jew, satanist, Christ-killer, or psychopath. Christianity is simply most effective such anti-satanism as it so well demonstrates and expounds love of truth (= Christ) and following implications.

So I think it's important, topical, relevant, prudent, instructive, informative, and imperative to pt.-up these simplified themes and ideas for people in general, but also including Fetzer himself for circumstances of philosophy and the cultural situation, both in general, regarding satanism (extreme subjectivism), and then specifically regarding Sandy hoax and the treasonous attempt of satanists to overthrow US Constitution and commit literal genocide ("pop.-reduction" in accord w. "Agenda-21")--it all goes together, don't doubt. Fetzer well-needs to having these ideas made clear for him for his own good and info.

---------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous November 28, 2015 at 1:55 PM

I'm new in here and I found it quite interesting to follow the debate about good Jew-bad Jew. One practical question might be that has anyone ever heard a Jew to say in public, that I'm not a bad Jew, the bad Jew is the high ranked Rabbi who teached me to hate everything except our own racial cult and chain of command inside it, or even worse the man in the FED with money printer, whose artificially made million casualties mess I'm only covering up? Quess it's no but on the other hand it's almost necessity for a so called Christian to take the side of the weaker, in this case the so called weaker. But just almost, the Truth is above everything and it's the light in the darkness that shows whos in need of helping hand and who just want their dirty laundry whitewashed.

I agree with apsterian, but I don't think it's the best idea to hate a Jew, although fully justified. A Jewish individual don't exist, only the Jewish chain of command for outsider gentile, but inside the cult it does exist while individual Jews do the best they can to advance their position at the cult hierarchy.

They have kept monitoring and lying and laughing to us for the past 2000 years, now it's our turn to monitor and lie and laugh to them next 2000 years. Especially those when a Jew is licking another Jews ass for promotion.

Mere book banning minor manifestation of latest satanic trends in view of Turk shoot-down of Russian jet, aiming for war....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Book Suppression, Banning Just Minor Manifestation Of Latest satanic Trends Now Aiming At War
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 15)

Well Fetzer, once again we see the TREMENDOUS and overwhelming power of the financial might of central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank--see and for expo) in the way it can control things cultural and sociologic, as for the mass-corp. Jews-media, ownership and control of the large corp.s, politicians, judges, public edjumacation, etc.--practically everything and everybody.

U need to do a show on the power and implications of this central-banking scam, how it works, some of the history, etc., this entire scam built upon people's simple ignorance regarding money, what it is and must be, and why.

But it looks like ZOG has gone yet a step further in the satanic process of hubris and death-worship (as Agenda-21 and "population-reduction") w. Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian jet, the other day. Greg Mannarino, noted stock-market analyst, now explains how ZOG most seriously wants war--as way of ginning-up yet more funds and gov. spending to prop their "devivatives" investments. See his 12 min vid at

The only other pt. to be made is the distinct SATANIC nature of the general culture, as in "hip-hop" music, which has arisen before our very eyes. Remember satanism is hubristic making oneself God, specifically then by means of extreme subjectivism, all-time pretext for this subjectivism given by moralism of non-existent "good-evil."

Who controls this satanism/subjectivism?--the most COLLECTIVISTIC, "organized," and "connected" among subjectivists, gentiles typically being too individualistic and isolated, even though these stupid goyim so much presently out-number Jews.

So would ZOG have deliberately staged Sandy hoax?--why wouldn't they as we see they deliberately built-up ISIS to create masses of refugees by which to invade formerly sovereign states to bring in world dictatorship, the "rightist"-seeming and neo-con Jews behind Israel working hand-in-hand w. the leftist Jews behind Obola and the United Nations?--just like they did on 9/11.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tragic failure of academic "philosophy" is pathetic, but also instructive, revealing, if one only looks....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Does His Best, But It's So Tragically Little And Late In The Game
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 15)

Yes Fetzer is not un-deserving of some credit (see below-copied). I'm not so sure he deliberately adds dis-info, but he certainly FAILS to do the full job philosophically, which is what he has degree in and is supposed to knowing something about.

For WHAT is the very essence of the philosophic's job and functioning?--to place things in context/perspective, as for genera and differentia, which Fetzer fails to do, as Sandy hoax, 9/11, and JFK assassinations are all specific instances falling under a veritable criminal regime and era of central-banking which central-banking Fetzer ignores and overlooks--how?--why?--it's nothing less than amazing and baffling.

Fetzer never hrd of Christian philosophy or philosophic implications of Christian literature, New Test.

And Fetzer seems to be speechless in face of overt, in-ur-face, blatant SATANISM (extreme subjectivism) which we have evermore being pushed in our faces as especially in "hip-hop" music--absolutely un-precedented in Western history. Fetzer gives no commentary for this satanism which is nothing less than revolutionary if not frightening.

So Fetzer does well enough as journalist and analyst, which analysis surely requires some philosophic/scientific art and skill, no doubt, but still Fetzer fails significantly for proper demonstration and application of his supposed speciality in philosophy.

For Fetzer seems to be quite PARALYZED in face of the Judaic Regime which has Fetzer so well-trained for such passive obeisance--it's inconceivable Fetzer would even imagine to offending his Jew-masters--perish the thought. Fetzer cannot even begin to grasping the abject reverential deference he so religiously pays to his Jew-masters.

And to think Fetzer was instructing students, surely thousands and thousands, for so many yrs in public institute(s) of edjumacation, should say something about our present culture in general, now so horribly, miserably blind-sided by these filthy, stinking satanic scum bringing-in "world gov." and "agenda-21" de-population (genocide)--it's enough to make a good citizen cry.

But such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, demonstrating once again that grim truth taught by those wise old Greeks about human TRAGEDY--life sucks, for sure, and we've only found-out part of it yet, as US Dollar and economy continue to collapse horrendously and most definitively. Lord save us; we need another St. Constantine the Great to revive and resuscitate the culture melting-down and dribbling into the sewer.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous November 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Kudos to Fetzer for telling the truth about Sandy Hook. It is true that no died there. The fact remains that he's a psyop operator who earns trust with some truth and then adds disinformation.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Observe, satanism evermore blatant, pushy, in-ur-face allows gentiles & Christians to unite against this horrific negative, easier to find agreement for basic Christian principle(s)....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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New Christian-Led Revolution In Face Of Gross satanism Evermore Possible, Feasible
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 15)

Thanks much for ur kind words (see below-copied). We gentiles and Christians are presently faced w. amazing, blatant, in-ur-face eruption of out-and-out satanism, esp. in way of "hip-hop" music, just for one thing, aside fm all the other areas and sectors of the culture, absolutely un-precedented in history for such explicit satanism, the people's traditional Christianity having served as bulwark against such gross satanism in the past, but no more.

For establishment Christian churches are now all sold-out to u-know-who. Regardless, Christian and gentile volk can at least agree and rally against an undeniable NEGATIVE, this horrific satanism now rampant and raging. And it's amazing the psychopaths at top imagined they could get-away w. (a) funding, training, arming, supplying ISIS, (b) causing refugee flood, (c) for purpose of invading nation-states and bringing-in Jew world order and World gov. It all then rather goes to show how Jew neo-cons and Israeli "rightists" work so willingly w. leftist Jews behind United Nations world dictatorship.

Thus the Christian and gentile people rallying AGAINST this satanism led by Jews can at least agree upon Christian ideal of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) founded necessarily upon God-given objective reality against satanic subjectivism, the basis for Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Otherwise, Americans see better now virtue of states-rights and 10th Amendment of US Constitution, nullification, secession, and necessity of hard-money, commodity-based, these natural, easily understood remedies against evermore satanic ZOG.

And never forget the original Christian-inspired revolution led by St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. which revived and resuscitated, at least briefly, the otherwise moribund Roman emp. of the time.

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

Jim Fetzer November 21, 2015 at 7:44 AM

Dennis Cimino asked me to post this for him:

Well, Apsterian, I have to hand it to you, you summed it up better than I could have. Most morons who think these hapless jooz are affable laughable boobs who only seek to entertain us goyim, are deluded and in-fact, in such DENIAL about what is really going on, that as I told Jim Fetzer today on the phone, this gig in France was to usher in a 'global' MARTIAL LAW declaration by all of the jooo puppet governments except Russia, India, Pakistan and maybe China perhaps.

All of the rest work for these filthy BAUER scum who think they are a red shield. In fact, they're a red blob of dying brain and lung protoplasm blasted out by bolshevik khazarian filth who eat children for breakfast and gloat about their 'humanity' as they listen to N.P.R. (national purim radio).

Apsterian, don't expect these jackasses to get a clue. They're too busy deluding themselves that singing cumbaya and having 'Co-exist' bumper stickers will keep them safe in their bubble as the jooz exterminate all life on the planet in their quest for the almighty shekel grub.

Most goyim are morons. They haven't taken the time to look at the real translated speeches given by Adolph Hitler, or for that matter, by Charles
Lindbergh, or Louis T. McFadden, or one enlightened catholic clergyman, father Francis Coughlin, all tried to warn the populations of every nation about the nature of this scum we call 'jew' when in fact, it should be called 'neanderthalian throwback' more than anything, from the 12 centuries of inbreeding, essentially freezing evolution in their sick tribe.

Mileikowski has a warrant out for his polack ass, as does his turd FM, from of all people, a spaniard judge.there is a glimmer of hope, Apsterian. just not enough to save humankind from the hubris of these filthy khazarian scum. it's way too late for that, I'm afraid.

Good post, my friend. Your exemplary summary judgment here is very hard to upstage.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Problem now for West and Jew S A is anti-Christ religion of satanism; solution then must be religious too--the REAL Christianity....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Cultural Problem Is satanic "Religion"; Necessary Answer/Solution MUST Be Anti-satanic, Hence The Real, Original Christianity--There's Really No Other Way
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 15)

Yes JR, it's truly getting stranger and stranger, but then again, that's natural, CYCLIC course of things according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

And again, don't forget to note the absolutely un-precedented, explicit, in-ur-face satanism, as in "hip-hop" music.

Thus, u see, it's a DEATH CULTURE, worship of death--it's no coincidence about United Nations (UN) "Agenda-21" serious plan for de-population.

Thus the oligarchs, having now milked the economy, as in Jew S A and West, even Germany now suffering horrendous waves of invaders, having essentially destroyed the currency, about to collapse, they need a war by which to "muddy the waters" and to make their get-away.

But the main pt. now I want to make is the tremendous, amazing "religious" satanism which has taken-control lately in Jew S A--this satanic reign of lawlessness in which top criminals get away w. practically anything, including mass-murder (e.g., Libya and Iraq) and child prostitution, as especially in UK, goes along w. rise of "world gov."--dictatorship--which needs war and terrorism as excuse/pretext for being/existence.

So u see the simultaneous rise of world gov. dictatorship and satanism and suppression of peoples' rights along w. collapse of economies and impoverishment of the population, making them more subject to extortion, starving people more willing to accept despotism.

Thus we need the REAL Christianity, anti-satanism, as the volk don't too easily understand strict philosophy--this is the traditional place and purpose of proper "religion," u see, consistent w. origins of original USA.

Meantime, present Jew S A empire, now essentially bankrupt, must break down, back into the original states w. all the rights, the economy necessarily reverting to the original "hard-money," commodity-based, hence gold/silver. And it will be difficult to prevent war fm breaking-out; we must pray that such warfare isn't too pro-longed or destructive.

And as the problem is the anti-Christ, satanic "religion," so the answer and counter-measure must be religious in style too--the REAL (anti-satanic) Christianity--what else?