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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Remember: case in theory is ALREADY clinched about Sandy hoax--it only needs sink-in w. circumstances grasped....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Case Is Already "Clinched" About Sandy Hoax--It Only Needs Dramatization, Circumstances Grasped
(Apollonian, 12 Dec 15)

No (see below-copied), Bushes are NOTHING but total flunkies--hard as it may be to believe. Do u realize that when Prescott Bush, granddad to W., and father to H.W., joined, worked-for, and then left (retired fm) the firm of Harriman and Brown, to become Senator fm Conn., of all places, I believe, he only was allowed to own ONE single share of the stock?--ho ho ho ho ho ho--total flunkies Bushes are, and nothing but.

U go "beyond Banks' control," and u will suddenly find urself assuming room temp.--it's what happened to JFK and many, many others. Don't forget banks can, at a moment's notice, print-up (or digitalize) oceans of currency (not money); they own and control EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, all politicians, judges, the mass-media, public edjumacation, all the large corp.s--EVERYTHING--such is the God-like power of legalized COUNTERFEITING. Even Ron Paul has to worry about engine-failure of a plane he's passenger in. Bankers have HAARP weapon, EMP weapon(s), Bio-weapons (like ebola) and God knows what else--and there've been strange explosions happening in Russia and China, don't forget.

Of course, any additional info u can use to couch the windows item, long as it doesn't distract, will help, BUT what u simply, merely need do is to present that info, poignant or dramatic as it is (or isn't) that demonstrates in convincing fashion that, "look, here it's un-damaged," this preferably w. a side-by-side photo of the window all shot-out. Fetzer says it, and writes it, but the stupid scum fails to SHOW it in the photos, preferably side-by-side w. contrasting photo. There's nothing more persuasive than sense-perception, don't forget.

And of course, also, the very photo itself of Carver, etc., on the 13th clinches it too, BUT it still might not be clear for a good many, though common sense tells anyone who thinks (very few, unfortunately) that IT MUST BE on the 13th, otherwise why the casual, relaxed Carver as there are supposedly 26 bloody, mangled, little bodies on the inside? And where are the regular ambulances?--they ought to be all around there--the place should be a regular bee-hive of frantic activity, the people all troubled and grief-stricken that so many cute little kidsoes had to bite proverbial dust, each one plugged 3-11 times, brains spattered everywhere--and there's Carver and the drill co-ordinator casually looking things over, getting ready for the big day coming-up.

Remember psycho schizoid and pathologic liar, "stevie," talking about "anomalies"?--well, it's ALL anomalies, a huge, tremendous pile of anomalies, all these anomalies adding-up, don't doubt, w. the inexorable inductive logic to NO OTHER possible conclusion, the "impossible" being necessarily ruled-out, according to Sherlock Holmes himself.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Dreadnought December 12, 2015 at 3:32 AM

I know the windows is the clincher, I found them, how do I hammer it home? I thought I had. I think the incidents I find have to be rolled into a sequence and blame for them attributed, as far as I go, I go only to FEMA, I have no proof of anything beyond that. I will try to see where it leads from there. Give me some factual connections if you have any. Anyway what about Malloy? ps I stopped practise because of the corruption and duplicity I found, I despised the Banking and Finance world. The ad hominem about ops is a clincher, they cannot give out personal detail like appearance.

Was it all the bankers? I saw the Bush family as a bunch of thugs who went beyond the Banks' control. Wrong?

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