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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Psycho schizoid shill instructed as to relation of sense to mind/reason/intellect....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Psycho Schizoid Stevie Continues To Lie
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

What?--"butt-hurt"? (see below-copied)--I simply invite anyone to go and ck the dialectic mighty apster had w. the psycho schizoid, stevie, shill and liar for Obola/ZOG, who pushes holohoax, "climate-change" lies, and ZOG lies about Sandy hoax, etc. See

Psycho stevie the schizoid shill wants to insist sense-perception is "un-reliable" and "interprets" the info fm reality which is then transmitted to mind/reason/intellect.

I simply stuck and stick, still, to necessary definitions, to effect mind/reason/intellect is ONLY entity which makes evaluations/judgments, senses INCAPABLE of this evaluation/judgment, incapable of affecting the info/data fm reality, to extent senses and whole organism are HEALTHY.

Psycho stevie, schizoid shill and liar, insists senses can fool the mind, mighty apster holding it's impossible for senses to do any such "fooling" of the mind, the mind only fooling itself when and as mind is fooled.

I also noted that the sense-perception of reality is necessary ultimate criterion for truth and knowledge, and if senses are "un-reliable," as psycho stevie the schizoid insists, then knowledge and science are rendered impossible.

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

Steve12 December 9, 2015 at 4:59 PM

Thank God I'm off that other thread. Appy's all butthurt because he got pwned making some stupid point about biology...

So dumb.

And when I check him out in his basement on my ZOG cam he's always goin' to town on himself - but it's really weird stuff, ya know?

Gray alien heads with granny bodies going ATM with Reptilians... I mean weird ****.

Too bad those aliens didn't teach him anything about biology.

Integrity Of Sense Necessary To All Science, Knowledge
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

This, above by stevie, psycho schizoid shill/liar for ZOG/Obola, is absurd presentation (mis-representation) of science which science is a process for achieving genuine info/knowledge: it all begins w. the necessary assumption of objective reality (Aristotle) and senses as adequate for observation of that reality--without these necessary assumptions no knowledge and no science is possible, PERIOD.

To prejudice things at the beginning as done above w. "We need to overcome the fact that we (our senses, our brains, our minds - however you want to divide it) are // **NOT**\\ accurate reflections of the physical world," aside fm being quite non-sensical, utterly destroys all science, PERIOD.

Stevie, psycho schizoid, etc., then lies as he tells us, "[t]his is controversial to no one in science." Stevie wants thus to pretend, evidently, all science and scientists are dominated by mysticism and mystics (skeptics, Platonists, subjectivists, etc.), and that original Aristotelian objectivity is missing or rejected which is obviously false, and which anyone can verify for himself.

Observe stevie himself admits application of LOGIC is integral part of the process he cites in his moronic, vague manner, logic necessarily founded upon the premise/assumption of objectivity.

Thus knowledge takes form of universals or concepts which are generals which include all the various particulars observed by sense-perception within.

There are further rules by which particulars are understood to fall within one class or genera or other, but the necessary capability of sense-perception, as for the particulars, is AXIOMATIC for all science and knowledge, consistent w. the necessary axiom of objective reality.

Human senses are that which grasps and apprehends reality in terms of particulars which is then transmitted to the reason/mind/intellect which then integrates the info and knowledge in form of concepts.

So we see the senses are concerned w. particulars and make the interface of the human consciousness w. reality, the senses then transmitting the basic info to the reason/intellect/mind which deals in terms of concepts, mind/reason applying such concepts then according to the judgment of mind/reason/intellect.

Stevie, psycho schizoid, shill and liar, wants to conflate the two different, even if necessarily connected parts, (a) sense, and (b) reason/mind/intellect. And sense performs a STRICT biologic function registering and then transmitting the basic info given by particulars--which is automatic and reflexive, not capable of any sort of evaluation at all, whatsoever--which evaluation is ONLY done by reason/mind/intellect, by definition.

If it were left up to psychotic schizoid Stevie, there'd be no meaning or distinction of senses fm the larger mind/reason/intellect apparatus. Sense-perception then, according to psycho stevie the schizoid, would only be a pretext and indistinguishable fm the rational apparatus as a whole, a mere figment of imagination.

The the pt. and issue for stevie, psycho schizoid, liar and shill, is to determine if there is distinction btwn sense and the reason/mind/intellect apparatus?--yes or no?--and if there is, then which does the evaluation as part of its necessary function? For sense-perception has no function for evaluation, impossible and incapable of it. Sense has its own function, apart fm reason/mind/intellect, apart fm evaluation.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Steve12 December 9, 2015 at 8:48 AM


"But note: u continue to evade the issue regarding KNOWLEDGE--for how is knowledge possible if senses fail to act as reliable transmitters of basic info?--explain it to us, pls."

What a dip****.

This is why we have science. We need to overcome the fact that we (our senses, our brains, our minds - however you want to divide it) are // **NOT**\\ accurate reflections of the physical world.

So we gather data (often w/ instruments to make up for our poor state in reflecting the physical world) + apply logic + go through peer review + replicate so that we can make up for our foibles.

One of those foibles is that our SENSEs (and higher levels of cognitions of course) are....

*******NOT RELIABLE********

This is controversial to no one in science.

This is only controversial to you.

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